Inside Report From the Censorship Traitors

Link to the full report here:

The writers of this report are the people whose job is to shut down all discussions about Voter Fraud.  Or, to rephrase that, the people whose job is to promote Voter Fraud by targeting anyone who doesn’t like Voter Fraud.

Here’s an example of how they simply cannot comprehend the natural concerns over the destruction of our voting system, and then our lives.


The wording of this document is an example of how they speak with forked tongues:


”One way that we analyzed the interconnectedness of accounts was by investigating the accounts involved in pushing Voter Fraud over the last 12 months.”

[These people are not at all concerned about the fact of Voter Fraud.  They want only to shut down those of us who are aware of it.]

The report states:

“Delving further into the individual profiles and tweet history of the accounts tweeting about Voter Fraud, we noticed that the majority of these accounts exhibited a surge in activity at one point of their life cycle. The surge pattern describes the moment in an account’s history when it goes…to a high volume of tweets, retweets and mentions, unexplained by the status of the account (ie. the account is not a verified Twitter user or public figure)”…

[Notice how they exempt their own coordinated influence efforts from this study by excluding celebrities and verified accounts, all controlled.]

“The fact that such a significant majority of the accounts talking about Voter Fraud were tweeting at the same time, mentioning each other and displaying similar surge patterns further indicated the possibility of a coordinated influence campaign.”

[ The authors identify themselves and encourage us to contact them and become part of (([infiltrate])) their efforts to destroy our lives.]

“SHARE and USE this report if you care about Voting Rights, Election Integrity, and believe that America deserves to have better conversations and laws rooted in data. America has seen a dramatic increase in voterID laws, voter suppression tactics, and tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of voters kicked off the voting rolls. The justifications for these policies were built on the kind of Voter Fraud narratives amplified by the accounts that we have just shown you. There is a tragically ironic relationship between the perception that large groups of people are voting illegally, and a small group of suspicious accounts on Twitter wielding massive influence to spread disinformation, affecting the public’s understanding of Voter Fraud.”

“The next batch of election laws and policies amplified by these type of accounts could disenfranchise large groups of Americans, undermining the core pillars of our democratic society. This group of accounts will likely be amplifying Voter Fraud related disinformation up until Election Day and beyond. Americans can’t protect each other’s rights without understanding the influence driving the conversations and laws that affect us.”

“If you find that you or someone you know is having their voting rights violated in any way, contact the Election Protection Coalition by calling 866-OUR-VOTE or visit their website at”

“Reach out us to if you’re a researcher working to mitigate disinformation’s effect on Democracy. We hope you can use these new patterns of influence and incorporate them into your own work. We’re open to collaborating on how to help the public, journalists, and pro-democracy groups catch up to the evolving disinformation tactics used by bad actors.”

“Who We Are

🙏🇺🇸🦅 The project could not have happened without the hard work and brilliant insights of these individuals and organizations — we are so grateful for their contributions to this research that we all felt was important to share.”

“George King, Michele Graphieti, IV.AI, San Diego Supercomputer Center’s Data Science Hub at the University of California San Diego, and Dave Krafstow.“

“The primary authors of this report are Zach Verdin, Brett Horvath, and Alicia Serrani.“

”To go deeper, below you’ll find further analysis and multi-dimensional visualizations of VoterFraud networks in “Evolving Influence”, and a detailed exploration of our methodology in “The Report.”


End Quote

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