The Many Faces of Treason

Bob Hoffman is General Steiner. Looking up Bob Hoffman on Wikipedia leads to his connections to anabolic steroids, and his military career in Europe.

From the book “Gideon’s Spies”, The History of the Mossad”:

”Purges had ruined careers…loss of morale [morals probably]…increased with the appointment of Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel’s youngest prime minister, [and with] an intelligence background…”

“Matters had become alarming when not only the PM but also his wife wanted” what is described is more information than even a PM normally would want.

Page 1-4 says that Sarah Netanyahu “had especially asked for details about President Clinton’s sexual activities.”  The book also mentioned that the assistant chef at the Ritz Hotel also acted as chauffeur to it’s celebrity guests, which made him a target for recruitment as a spy.

“To obtain the agent, they find his weaknesses. They target someone with essential access and a position of f high trust. After plying him with drugs and alcohol, waiting until his life is falling apart as a result, waiting to move in for the kill.”

The book informs us that “Spies are trained in deception, disinformation, corruption, blackmail, assasination, use and abuse of friendships and even marriage.  They’ll read your mail, dig in your purse and cause trouble between you and your best friends in order to isolate and control you.”

Bill Casey revealed that the “Lebanese Christian Forces” and Bashir Gemayel, President of Lebanon, was ‘run’ by the Mossad. He massacred thousands of Palestinians in Beirut refugee camps.”  [How many of those were Christians?]

The Mossad provided arms to both Christian and Muslim Militia.

A “future head of Shin Bet, then a Mossad agent, grew the curly side locks of the Ultra Orthodox and tried to penetrate their ranks.

A convicted Mossad agent established a spy agency in Montreal, Canada.

On April 14, 1917, Sykes wrote Sokolov:

My dear Mr. Sokolow,

I visited with Msgr. Pacelli and was received in audience by His Holiness.  I stressed that Zionist aims in no way clashed with Christian or Catholic desiderata in regard to the Holy Places.  The Jews only wish to establish a proof to the Non-Jewish people of the world for the capacity of Jews to produce a virtuous and simple population.


Mark Sykes

Sokolov tells Pope Benedict XV in 1917: “Our people are sage and cautious, they will not be sacrilegious or blaspheme the religions of their neighbors. I can assure Your Holiness in good conscious that we will not touch the Holy Places.”

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