Media Monopoly

This is part of Arlene’s keepsakes.  It represents something important to her, but she doesn’t say what.  Reading it, one realizes that it’s mostly fake and misleading news, but the faces are all familiar.



Kind of looks like our pal Schumer.  The article is about a budding media empire being handed to him by his father.
This is one of the funniest fakes I’ve seen yet.  The “dying” negro girl is being interviewed by the journalist as the fake narrative of Racial Unrest is pushed in 1967. LOL.


Is this staged or what?  No blurry movements because everyone is frozen while the picture is snapped.

Here’s the name “Steel” again.  They sure do like that name. The subject of the article? Globalism and the call for diversity in 1967.

Max Keizer, is that you?

These are a few random people from that issue of Newsweek, and the articles also are very revealing.  I’ll be posting some excerpts as they apply to future articles of mine.  These images point out what happens when the media is taken over by the Heathen.

A Boston Banker.
Infiltrating Eastern Europe.
The name Lang is of interest.

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