Fake Catholic Priests

Gangsters flock together in all sorts of disguises.

Two photos from Arlene’s collection.  The Priest here is in a Catholic Church but his vestments are not traditional. Like all the Freemason infiltrators of the Catholic Church, he’s a known child molester.  This one goes by the name Father Maciel.



The event depicts the christening of Arlene’s grandson Ryan, the son of Bibi/Larry.  The woman shown here is the godmother, someone from Loreauville who’s face is familiar but I can’t remember her name.
The godfather here on the left looks exactly like my family doctor who lived in Loreauville named Dr. Russel Romero.  If it is Dr. Romero, he is a lifelong family acquaintance whose children carpooled with us to attend school in New Iberia.  Strange to think of the possibility that these Freemason doctors could switch babies and who would know?  Is my sister really my sister? And if not, then what happened to the real one?  Is he even really a doctor?
Arlene’s mother and father are also attending.

Compare the face of the Nichol’s minister with the face of Father Maciel:


Father Maciel, clearly another Freemasonic Faker.
At the christening, he is not wearing Catholic vestments and he’s christening the son of a fake Jew, the grandson of the man who faked the moon landing.

Earlier images of Father Maciel, only one of many Freemasons tasked with destroying the Catholic Church.

A book by Fernando M. Gonzalez.


Looks exactly like the gangster that he is.  What other identities does he have?  How powerful is he?  Could this be Robert Mueller?


Wikipedia information:

Marcial Maciel
Marcial Maciel Degollado was a Mexican Catholic priest who founded the Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi movement, serving as general director of the legion from 1941 to 2005. Throughout most of his career, he was respected within the church as “the greatest fundraiser of the modern Roman Catholic church” and as a prolific recruiter of new seminarians. Late in his life, Maciel was revealed to have sexually abused boys and young men. After his death, it came to light that he had maintained relationships with at least two women, fathering as many as six children. He allegedly abused two of these as well.Wikipedia
Latin Church
January 3, 1941
Term ended:
January 20, 2005
Álvaro Corcuera
November 26, 1944
Birth name:
Marcial Maciel Degollado
Mar 10, 1920, Cotija, Michoacán, Mexico
Jan 30, 2008, Jacksonville, Florida, US
Roman Catholic

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