Melania Trumps

When I was living in a neighborhood called Los Yoses in Costa Rica, back in the 1990’s, I had a friend and neighbor named Eunice, a very smart woman with a kind heart and beautiful soul.  She gave me good advice and warnings about things I had not become aware of yet and she also told me where to get a good haircut.  So I was having my hair cut at this small private salon down the street and sitting next to me was a beauty queen also getting her hair done.

We were a contrast of opposites.  I didn’t care much about trying to be beautiful.  I had two children and that was my happiness. She was a professional model, tall and blonde, her native language Spanish. She really was beautiful and didn’t need to try.    We didn’t have anything in common, but she was not arrogant and we greeted each other, nothing much to say at the time.

I thought beauty queens were all supposed to be gaudy, but she wasn’t at all and I found that curious.  She was too naturally beautiful to be a beauty queen.

Then my world turned upside down, thanks to a fake friend named Lisa Abrams.  The last real friend that I remember having in Costa Rica was Eunice.

I didn’t know about being targeted at that time, but I’d say that Eunice was definitely a targeted individual. She had been harassed so much that she had had  a stroke and was disabled. This is why she warned me.

Years later in Louisiana, when all that I had left in the world was the ability to use the internet for communication and research I came across an interview with a beauty queen named Angela San Clemente who reminded me of the beauty queen in Los Yoses.  Sitting next to her was a woman who looked just like Eunice.  I learned from the interview that Angela had been framed on a minor drug offense and had been in prison for about seven years.  The person that she was with actually had the drugs but that person went free.  She was Columbian, according to the interview in Spanish.  The interview is gone and only vicious slander about her remains.

I have a couple of good friends who’ve been wrongfully imprisoned and I have the greatest respect for their ability to turn a horrible situation into something good.  These false imprisonments are the tools of the crime syndicates to destroy good people.  For example, Father Chris Terry was arrested this week, again, this time for jay walking. He’s just recovering from getting hit by a truck while riding his bicycle because a previous false charge has deprived him of his driver’s license.  Like I said before, taking someone’s driver’s license is equivalent to a death sentence in most places in America.   He never let’s it get him down.  I’m in my house prison, so I’m the lucky one, even with the leaky roof and no plumbing.

Angela, rather than feel sorry for herself like I do, in that interview, was promoting her charitable organization.  I can’t remember the name of it now.  Her website was already censored from the internet anyway, but she explained that its mission was to help mothers in prison.  She had begun a Christian ministry while she was inside, and had not forgotten about it after she was freed.

The woman next to her looked like Eunice, but Angela introduced her as her mother. They looked nothing alike.

Her story was tremendously interesting.  On the day that she was let out of prison, her ‘mother’ had traveled to get her and neither of them had money.  Angela contacted a friend of hers who she described as an engineer in America, a wealthy business man, and he wired them money.

So much of what is happening today is a mystery. The coincidences are there, but it’s nothing that I can  talk about.  I can guess who Angela San Clemente is and who her friends might be.  I can guess what the initials on Christmas stockings might be, but it’s all stuff in my head and all my acquaintances are people whose photos are in the collection from Arlene’s house.  I won’t even answer calls anymore. There’s almost no one left to trust.

But this much is certain.  America finally has a First Lady that’s a source of pride for us.  She sets a wonderful example for young girls to follow and she is evidence that Trump has good judgement.

It’s sad that Melania spent an entire month in the hospital shortly after the Macrons visit to the White House. Coincidence? The news media never mentioned it. Thank God she has recovered.

I came across this simple  tribute to her and it brought tears to my eyes so I’d like to share it. The channel has other good stuff also.

Here’s a thank you to the entire Trump team.


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