Jan Carleone Reich

I’ve been holding back on these photos and letters relating to the Reich family, because it’s very important and I needed a better connection than what I had.  The Aurbachs give me that connection.

The Clinton crime saga included the executive pardon of someone called Mark Reich who was seen getting on a plane for Europe with a trunk, but reportedly the trunk was stolen from him or left behind for some reason.  In other words, it’s not far fetched to think that the pardon may have been given in exchange for the contents of the trunk considering the following:

An old trunk was taken from my father by Robin Rich, daughter of Caroline Rich, after the death of Mr. John Walet.  There was an uproar over it but I didn’t know why.  Caroline and Robin had been stealing everything they could get their hands on already for years by that time.  This trunk was in the old Walet feed store that belonged to my father, which was next door to my father’s shop and office.  I have no details other than to say that James Edmunds knew what was in it and he had asked me if I knew and I didn’t know at that time.  James just laughed with a delighted look on his face that I’ll never forget, but of course he told me nothing. There was nothing more that I could do about it at that time, other than taking notes.

By now, I can deduce that it was a collection of the movies made by Mr. Walet.  This was the second set of movies that was stolen.  The first set were the silent films stolen from Mildred Hawk, our neighbor and friend.  I heard that a relative of hers stole those films, and I remember when my grandmother first found out about it.  She was very upset over it.

Here on the islands I came across someone called Steph Reichle from California who was very suspicious for several reasons, not just his name.  I have been alert for any connections to this Reich family.  He is probably this person in the photo below from Arlene’s collection.  The girl is Arlene’s niece, Lori the daughter of Chet/Soros.

Steph bragged about knowing two daughters of a famous mafia boss when, as teenagers, they were all on vacation at Kilauea Lodge.  The most notable physical aspect of Steph is his Schumer nose.  It’s the tip of the nose that’s very weird.  It splits into two at the end and is very pointed. Two people close to him died while he was around.  I’ve seen him in action, harassment is his specialty, and lying about people to make them look bad, and he thinks he’s funny.—-

I actually showed this photo to him and he said “yes, that’s it”.

These are the things related to Jan Reich from Arlene’s collection;

What’s noteworthy here is the similarity between Jan’s full name and the name used by my father’s second wife, Caroline Rich who now calls herself Brigitte Macron.
The photo is Ted, Jan’s son. I think he might be here on the Big Island. The person I’m thinking of told me he was adopted when he was very young. The resemblance is there.  He lives in poverty, in a storage shed shack and had no car until he ended up with Mike and Cathy’s old truck after Mike died and Cathy moved away.  He was doing yard work for Cathy Flynn and Mike Carr. He’s the one who told me about the apartment for rent there-. Amazing set of coincidences.

Fallbrook Riders has a webpage and Facebook page.

Until I learned about the Auerbach family, I couldn’t figure out the signature.  It looks like Auer, maybe Auern.  Did his own father put him out for adoption after his mother died?  Did his father also possibly murder her? I’m thinking this name must be the source of the name Ayers.


Is the name Corleone her maiden name?




Fallbrook Riders reminds me that Steph has a sister who has a horse farm and who has won awards for long distance trail riding. I have a photo from her collection from someone who signed her name Karen, who also won such a reward. Photo is posted at the end of this article.


This is supposed to be Jan, according to the notes.
Whoever made this album put special attention on Jan Reich. 



Jan and her husband, signature below.

Following photos are albums found in Arlene’s collection.  The young man looks like Habib Ladjevardi, the bald one looks familiar, possibly Jan’s husband shown above.


The album cover.  As you can see, I have a leaky roof.

The next photos are another album cover.  This is the group that does the background vocals for Dean Martin.  Jan is one of the vocalists.-


I should say that this looks like Jan.  There’s no identification.
Close up of her husband.


One of the Aurbach family from Utah.
Detail from the album. Singers are not identified.



This is the photo I was referring to that has a possible relationship to Jan. I will also add that, although this may not be the same person, Steph thought it was very funny that his sister’s farm in California is adjacent to the Cemex property.  Remember Cemex and the children in plastic sewer containers underground?  He literally laughed at the thought of a machine doing corings as if searching for minerals, when it was actually for hiding children. Freaks.

The Reichle family, according to Steph, had a bar in Reichle, Montana that he admitted was a whore house.  His grandfather was a doctor who he finally admitted was actually an abortionist.  He was bragging that his grandfather would give him cigars wrapped in $100 bills so that he could bring it to the police chief who was a customer.

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