Victoria Road

I’m told that Bell Canyon Road was originally built by a woman whose name was Victoria, and that her house was bulldozed by someone who claimed to be her heir.

During the time of the Hawaiian monarchy, there was a crown princess named Victoria Kamamalu. It’s obvious that she is being censored.  I don’t know if this is actually her name but her photo below looks so much like Cherish, the local girl who told me about the Quinn house being haunted.


And this one also has the name Victoria. It’s reported that she died young, but it’s possible that she didn’t die young and that she had a place in California.  There’s definitely a coverup here.

The only connection between these two ladies and Victoria Road  the property has an important cave full of wall paintings that are similar to the tattoos of the unidentified Hawaiian Chief.  The cave is now controlled by NASA, ominously enough.

File:Kaiulani in San Francisco, retouched photo by J. J. Williams.jpg

Bell Canyon is in Ventura County, California, the location of the Reichle family horse farm, as Steff Reichle informed me.

Several Aurbach family members live on Bell Canyon Road, around house numbers in the teens.

Bell Canyon is a residential unincorporated community located near West Hills and the western San Fernando Valley in the Simi Hills.

Bell Canyon is a gated community in the Simi Hills with the main access through the City of Los Angeles community of West Hills and the western San Fernando Valley.

According to a 2016 study, Bell Canyon is the seventh wealthiest community in the state of California with an annual median income of $230,000. However, incomes in this area are commonly upwards of millions of dollars a year.[4]



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