Inheritance Theft


The azaleas are Hawaiian leis.
A troll from the wizard of oz reminds me of Sonny Mouton.
Wax figures from Madam Tussaud’s.  Isn’t that in Arkansas
The topically excavated beetles—
Controlled by Maclen Music.


Another Mac slave trader on a horse, in the House of Lords.
A Weilley face, but which one.

The theft of personal and tribal identities is a violent form of subjugation that’s designed to lead to enslavement.  The use of multiple public identities by the Criminal Caste is the fraudulent means  of carrying out this violence, as I’m attempting to demonstrate here.


I’m showing that the Rockefeller family are the main cast of characters and that they are the Israeli European Middle Eastern and Indonesian Faker Royal families.  Wherever you find someone claiming to be Royalty, there is the CRIMINAL CLASS.

They lurk in fake elected positions and courthouses to facilitate their theft of land and resources, always putting other people in danger but never themselves. Always seated in the High Places, they use different identities for each separate corporate government, all over the world and green screens eliminate the need to actually “Be There”.

A series of interviews with “George Friedman” is on Brainbar to help me demonstrate their divisive and hypocritical strategy of switching good for evil.

This following interview with Friedman/Caffery is  on the subject of the United Nations.  This is one interview where Friedman especially looks and acts like his Bush Junior character. The last time I saw this man was at Poppy Bush’s Funeral Show.  He didn’t look so cocky towards the end, perhaps his envelope was at the podium, thereby making his tears authentic..  He corresponds to the Rockefeller that is called Nelson Aldrich, though who knows what he’s called in other countries.

The question asked-What is the UN good for.

He’s doing the snorting laugh of Bush the younger, and he’s laughing about the fact that a conglomeration of nations combined into one unit is basically a theft opportunity that never ends and accomplishes nothing because, he explains, “nobody cares.”  Snort, snort..

This description of multiculturalism shows why they promote it so much.  Something that belongs to everyone, belongs to no one.  This is where the criminals step in.  What’s going to stop them if everyone thinks that someone else is in charge.

This is why they cover up our tribal identities and replace our rich heritage with the cover of corporate government.

Just like they “topically excavated” the Beatles, they intended to topically excavate Trump and replace him with a Fake American, expecting that we wouldn’t notice the difference.


Tribal identities are based on family ties, with no infighting.  This is the ideal that God set forth and the subject of all the prophecies.  Take away these two elements and the people are soon enslaved. Each tribe was given a definite inheritance of land. In the books of Samuel and Kings, the tribe of Judah has joined with the Heathen to take the inheritance of Benjamin and Ephraim.

The inheritance of each is described as a series of territories with boundaries running East to West.  It requires a flat earth map to decipher the descriptions given by God to Ezekiel. Each territory makes a circle around the earth, and it appears that Judah was given the far Northern regions, though I’m still working on that. If so, then the important islands of Hawaii and the Mediterranean regions are in the same inheritance as much of the mainland of America, and this is the favored inheritance, in terms of growing seasons, given to Benjamin and Joseph.

This is why the invaders always come from the North in oral history and scripture.

So Stratfor’s hypocrisy is revealed clearly when you compare what Caffery says as Friedman to what he says as Bill Maher, in regards to the cultural opposition between regions of America.


What he’s pointing out are the places where regular people live, as being opposite to and oppressed by wealthy people in positions of power who call themselves “liberals”.  Liberals, Democrats, Drug Cartels, the Jewish Royals in Europe, etc. What difference does it make what they call themselves, it’s always changing.

“You have to get inside the bubble,” insisted Mr. Maher. “You call yourself the Resistance? Then fight behind enemy lines. That’s what a resistance does. That’s the difference between blowing up a tank and tweeting about it. Get out of your echo chamber and infiltrate theirs.”

That’s what he’s doing in these deceptively edited Stratfor interviews.  Pretending to be the good guy, but he’s actually infiltrating.  As Bill Maher, he can be honest about his real thoughts.

The fact that something is changeable is not a good thing.  Take the Constitution for instance. It’s obvious now how a fake majority of a fake Congress can quickly set about changing laws.  This depends upon control of the courts to punish and silently destroy law abiding, truthful people.

Control of the courts is fundamental.

We’re being ruled by the briars and the thorns, when God had already given a detailed set of laws that keep us properous and healthy.  Why reject this, I cannot understand.  It’s an excellent set of rules.  Sorry for those who have made a mission of destroying the rules that no one was complaining about.  There’s a real backlash against the constantly changing crime culture.  The destruction of it was foretold in prophecy.  Anyone who tells you that ancient scripture is for fools, is himself the fool.  This set of documents is our richest heritage, and no, it isn’t easy to understand it at all.  It takes study, one of our tribal markers. Studying is in our nature, because we are Nazirites, set apart and devoted to God’s word.

The word Nazi is a Pirate corruption of the word that describes the High Priesthood.  After we’ve rejected the High Priesthood, being told that it’s for ignorant country folk, the Pirates claim it for themselves, taking Jerusalem and building their Satanic Temple.

Notice that Arlene’s father, Charles Nichols, is shown clearly near the beginning of “A Day in the Life”, which is ‘no longer available’, when a link is posted here.  It’s still on YouTube, for now. The control freaks are in overdrive.  Maybe these faces look more recognizable now…

So when the UN makes a resolution against Nazi ideology, they know exactly what the code is.  Nazirites are Christians, anointed to the High Priesthood due to their righteousness.  Not just anyone can do that job, because God’s plan was to keep the Priesthood within one group.  The Temple description includes living quarters for the Priestly families, the family of Zachariah.

The roots of the word Nazirites and Nazi is the Notch, the Notchies, those who have a suprascapular notch on the shoulder blade, a sure peg.


How many so-called Catholic Priests actually went to seminary? How many Judges have fake identities? Who can provide proof of identity or credentials in any church, Government agency or University faculty?

Control of the Courts is fundamental.


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