”This guy with glasses is hilarious and genuine Stratfor buffoon !”

VTBbank left that comment under a fake news video.

Stratfor is what?

Stratfor had its beginnings, or I should say a stopover, in Stratford, England with the Protestant Revolution and the resulting theft of Catholic Church tithes.  The thieves were a troop of stage actors and servants pretending to be Royalty, spying, cross dressing and abusing children.  They made their money in the slave trade and piracy, but mostly they stole intellectual property.  They identify themselves as Jewish, and I published previously an article about their gradual consolidation of power in England, based on a history book written by a Jewish scholar. The problem of how to control Americans was openly discussed in Parliament.

This is what is written about Stratfor today, now that they are the recipient of tons of America’s tax dollars through government spying contracts:

“George Friedman founded Stratfor in 1996. Today, Stratfor leads the field in global forecasting and consulting, providing geopolitical analysis to individuals, organizations and governments. He left the company in 2015.

Dr. Friedman received his Bachelor’s degree from the City College of the City University of New York and holds a Ph.D. in Government…”

George Friedman is an invented character, as I’ve demonstrated.

The characters in the Boris Karloff  Thriller episode called “The Guilty Men” are not invented.  The characters are based on real people, namely the Dudney/Rockefeller family.  Harry Gantz is the main bad guy in the episode and this is certainly a portrayal of Hugh Breaux, the brother of Roy Beaux/Al Capone, as I remember the relationship. If you look carefully you’ll see among the ‘boys’ a character that looks like Roy and one who looks like Lucky Luciano.

This Thriller episode is probably the record of a real event, only it didn’t happen in Brooklyn.  The French accents were so thick in South Louisiana that some of the actors were assigned Italian identities to camouflage the real accents.  This movie is different from the other episodes, but it’s essential in understanding how mind control and illegal drugs caught a foothold in America. There’s much detail here.

This is how spying and illegitimate leadership go hand in hand.


What we’re dealing with today are the progeny of this group of guilty men, the owners and employees of Stratfor.  The actor playing Gantz the Gangster has captured the Breaux personality perfectly.  You might even notice how similar his speech and manners are to his niece Whoopi Goldberg/Royce.

Here she is in a very strange recent guest appearance on The View, which I would only watch to see Royce squirm. Something definitely scared her while she was away.  I wonder what was scared out of her.  Her investments in certain defense industry businesses may not be doing well lately, but that’s not what’s making her squirm.  She has plenty of money still. She’s talking about death, this time her own.



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