I just discovered that insider gmail has been sending my important notifications to the trash folder.  I apologize for not answering comments that were stuck there, but I’m getting to them one by one.  My stats show less than ten readers per article, many as low as four, so I wasn’t expecting comments.

My phone is so hacked right now I’m unable to finish my articles and fix minor errors.

Here’s one excellent comment that was waiting approval, on the pertinent subject of gang-stalking:


“Gang-stalking is an operation that is contracted by state and private citizens alike that are in the service of the system not because of that reason (to stalk) but for individually different reasons in each case.

Drug dealers, prostitutes and pushers for example are paying money to grease the wheels. The military, etc are getting promotions to make a blind eye etc.

So gangstalking is as I said an illegal public humiliation of the victims that has as objective to maintain order and cooperation among the groups of people that serve the system and obviously to be used against dangerous people or for psy ops.

Of course I suspect that the main reason for gangstalking is the policing of the gangstalkers themselves and all the others are secondary because they suppose that from them a real danger might occur and not from the gangstalked which really seem unimportant. (system is the status quo).


Where there is crime there must be justice.

Corporate Law certainly applies to the Corporate Government of the United States of America, and this is worth looking at.  As Individuals, stock holders or unwilling enslaved stock, we should consider approaching our situation through lawsuits and awards for damages.

The following is copied from the law firm KSF as an example only, NOT a recommendation to hire this law firm.  F may be for the disinformation journalist known as Gordon Duff, who is said to actually be a Foti, pronounced Foe-tee, probably from St. Martinville, La.

I don’t know of any law firm that isn’t part of the Inside Network, so I’d keep my distance.  Just read what they do for other Insiders and consider the possibilities for ourselves after the justice system is cleared of them.


Areas of Practice


KSF prosecutes on behalf of investors wronged by corporations who issue false and misleading statements about the company’s financial condition.


KSF prosecutes shareholder derivative suits in state and federal courts when corporate boards breach their fiduciary duties owed to the company.

KSF represents institutional and individual clients in lawsuits where shareholders are deprived of fair value when shares are bought by companies for below market valuations.

KSF (Kahn, Swift and Foti) has vast experience litigating class as well as individual actions to recover damages for clients who are the victims of unfair, fraudulent and deceptive acts and practices.”

End Quote


I would like to see a team of lawyers and advocates appointed by the President, whose job is to represent people and families, companies and groups such as individual Catholic Church Parish Councils for example, who’ve been ripped off by the false justice system.  I use the example of the Catholic Church because there is no justice in forcing Catholics to pay for crimes committed by these fake priests.  It is the criminals who should pay, and they should have to provide both proof of identity and proofs that they attended Catholic seminary and were legally ordained.

There’s also the massive purchase of worthless bank stock by the Corporate entity that we call government, with expectations that Americans will pay for it, or only the interest because it’s added to the tab. This is a massive theft that must be addressed.

It isn’t right that all the effort of government  should go to giant corporations which Americans are seldom invested in.  The life of America is in Free Enterprise.

The sooner people get their property returned, the sooner the economy will improve, because then profits will stay in America.

A good place to start is by returning all proceeds from extorted mineral rights, patents and entertainment royalties to the rightful owners.  The sale of mineral rights separated from property ownership should be declared as fraudulent as the land sales themselves.

This alone will cut off much of the funds now being used to produce fake identities, fake government, fake history, fake military, fake wars, etc.

Because America’s corporate government, namely the Rockefeller Trust, is guilty of systemic crimes against Americans by fraudulently promoting equality under the law, without intention to actually provide that equal justice, this reformed court system, and a realignment of law and law enforcement is fundamental.  Not an easy task, but necessary.

I’m looking forward to seeing an independent court for presentation of cases.  This will help to make physical danger from the criminals in uniform a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, continuing our process of discovery and tracking down the stolen estates….

Arnold Palmer was an opera singer,  Ezio Pinza. I’m seeing that the identity thieves use variations of the name Pinza as a code word. The once independent Principality of Pinsky is located in Ukraine. Ezio was the name of the ruling family.  The LaRouche name was most prevalent in Ontario,  Canada around 1911.


While he was a stage opera performer, he used the ‘Mario Lanza’ identity in film. Amazing talent.

The uniform he’s wearing matches the uniforms of the fake Beatles on Sargent Pepper.  I believe that this is a message, one of many.


By the time I knew him, he was retired from opera, and he was a Catholic Priest in Loreauville.  My grandmother, Nita, told us he was Canadian, named Father Vincent LaRouche, a Lasalette Priest. He and my grandmother were still in love, and chaste. To think they had been married with children…not so very strange if you ever saw them together offstage.  She told me he had been an opera singer but imagine having no YouTube to check this out back then.  But where were all the albums?  It was the friend of my fake grandfather Sully, she was the one who took them. My grandmother said that she’d come in when no one else was home.  I don’t know her name, it was never spoken. She had a grown son living with her and Papa Sully Sr. spent his time at her house in New Iberia.

This may not be a case of memory erasure because my grandmother remembered the the information she shared with me. But future victims of memory erasure returned home to a house that has been wiped clean of everything. What’s left behind gets stolen bit by bit.  So albums and books, photos and letters are gone.  This is the job of the professional identity thieves and their gang stalking accomplices. I understand how this works because everything that matters to me gets stolen, especially recording equipment, documents and photos,

The important thing is that we all loved Father LaRouche, and spent great times with him.  The Church was a happy place to be and everyone went to Catechism or Catholic School.  The mass was still in Latin, the Priest facing the Tabernacle, his back to the people. The full choir sang, and the Church was used some nights for filming classic stories such as Anthony and Cleopatra. The women wore long veils to Church, and I was looking forward to being old enough to wear one of my own.

Then everything in the Church was changed.


It makes sense to me that Pinza was actually my grandfather, rather than Sully Berard, but those are details. As my true grandparents, Martin and Pinza let’s call them, theirs is a beautiful love story that overcomes mind control and memory erasure. The Pinza-Martin-Shirley Temple movies are a testament to how beautiful family life was before being destroyed by gangsters in government.

Knowing the name of the victims helps to decode gangster signals. The Criminal Caste show pride in their own crimes and the crimes of their ancestors by using the victim’s name or their own ancestral gang name.

They also refer to the titles of Nobility that they have fraudulently obtained in Europe and other countries.

This practice of iniquity as a cultural norm, this innate violent hatred of law, this mockery of innocence and honor, this penchant for capturing and selling slaves, these are all tribal markers of the Khazar.  They love setting their victims up for genocide, all the while claiming to be the victims and people wrongly believe that these are the Israelites. This is the first identity theft on which all others are based. This is why they put so much effort into throwing the blame for slavery onto the very group that ended slavery, the  Roman Catholic Church, worldwide.

A direct path to discovering who stole the identities is to study who is now using the fake identities.  There’s a also a direct correlation with child trafficking rings.

Identity thieves make a living  claiming to be the family of the stolen identity.  They use the stage name, and seek publicity and profit under the false identity.  This all amounts to a confession of guilt, once they are recognized.  The population of dispossessed, powerless and talented people whose heritage has been stolen can be easily exploited for their innate, inherited skills.  These are the Monarch Slaves, as I’ve written in previous articles

Curt Weill’s photo is shown with a link to the genealogy of Mario Pinza, as if he actually was Pinza, but he’s obviously not. Photo below is Curt Weill, though certainly he has other names.

This is from a blogger claiming to give the history of Mario Pinza, but it’s really about a book about Curt and Lenya.

____Curt Weill___, a department store was not glamorous enough._
This is Lenya/Lena now, according to the blogger.


This photo of Feinstein comes to mind when I see Lenya, Lena or Gypsy Rose Louise will eventually lead us to camera lenses and a company started by Mike Todd, who’s listed as a husband of Gypsy Rose Lee.  Mike Todd was a liar so we really don’t know,  though he may also be Otto Preminger, also listed as father of her son, Eric Lee Preminger.

This was Lena then, in a tacky pose suggesting a strip teaser.  Is this Gypsy Rose Lee?  I think she is.  She had one son named Eric, with Otto Preminger, so it’s possible that Otto Preminger is the other name for Curt Weill.



Mike Todd pretended to have been married to Elizabeth Taylor by using a lookalike, who was probably Gypsy Rose Lee whose name was actually Louise Hovick.  He had many other scams besides that one.

Mike Todd started a company, called Todd-AO.  Reading between the many inconsistencies in the story, it looks to me like they were using bootleg copies of films made by others and showing them on their own networks ever since the silent films.  Otherwise they were trying to film the projected films and this wasn’t working out.  It begins to appear that a second hidden camera inside another camera was developed to make illegal copies of movies, as they were being produced, and that the word “Insiders” is precisely about that inside camera.  They started out with stolen damaged films, and Progressed from there.

Recall the article on Stratford and how the so-called Shakespeare  plays were copyrighted by submitting the discarded stage notes to the complicit patent office, a Piracy invention in itself.  Pirates love patents officials and officers, offices and councils, Parliaments and dialogues, blah, blah, blah collecting their checks for no work, doing what doesn’t profit anyone.

But a camera within a camera results in the demolition of the people who are good at production of movies, and so here we are.

A very inconsistent story about Mike Todd and the lies at the foundation of Hollywood as a movie production center…

Safari – Mar 25, 2019 at 3:26 AM

This Todd person had plenty of money behind him.  The real mission was to create a camera with another camera inside, “only one hole”, and then with control of sound mixing, bootleg films could be distributed worldwide.

The trunk of films that was stolen from Mr. Walet’s Feed Store would have been proof of who actually made the films.  That’s what made them valuable as a blackmail or extortion tool.



Curt Weill looks nothing like Mario Pinza, but he does look like the husband of Jan Reich, Arlene’s friend.  Aurbach is his name, judging by the accumulated evidence.

What matters most is having the ability to cash the checks of the stolen identity,  the real person left unaware.  When the thieves also own the banks, and the mental hospitals and prisons, this fraud is super easy to pull off.

And for an example of how they throw in lies to divide us, the historian claiming that Weill was Pinza, also claims that the musical South Pacific had a song about racism when it actually did not.  Here’s the comments section:


shoreacres on October 23, 2012 at 7:08 pm
Despite the fact that Bali Hai, Some Enchanted Evening, Happy Talk and so on still are rattling around in my head, much of what you say here wasn’t familiar. I finally realized that I learned the songs from my folks’ “South Pacific” LP. I’ve never seen the show. I couldn’t have told you a thing about the plot, and I don’t remember the song with the line, “You have to be carefully taught…to hate all the people your relatives hate”. Now, I wonder if it might have been excluded from the album. Perhaps I simply was too young to pick up on it.

In any case, it’s true that the teaching of hatred – or at least the engendering of fear – continues apace.Sometimes it’s clearly a matter of race, sometimes not. In either case, I’m worrying about it much more than I ever have.

charlespaolino on October 23, 2012 at 7:43 pm
“You’ve got to be taught” is on the album, but it’s a short song with a simple orchestration. Really, it’s part of the dialogue between Cable and De Becque in that scene.

jack Bruce on October 26, 2012 at 2:08 pm
Mitzi is Nellie

[The author’s Reply]
charlespaolino on October 26, 2012 at 2:14 pm
Mitzi Gaynor was a major talent. Of course, Mary Martin was disappointed at being passed over for the movie role, and that also happened to her with “The Sound of Music.

——————End Quote—————

Their lies are standard.  The claim that Mary Martin was “disappointed” for not getting a role is stupid and unprofessional for one reason:

1. Where’s the evidence for that? Is this a mind reader blog?

The author eventually admitted that the racist line is not part of the song, but that it was dialogue.  I doubt it, but I’ll check.

Their own racism is projected onto the people they envy and hate the most.

From Curt Weill, we go to Gus Weill because the name, appearance, profession, social circle and generation are the same, and there are more dots even than these.


Gus Weill, Sr. allegedly deceased, is called “the Father of Public Relations” by His adoring fans.

Straight from Wikipedia:

“Gus Weill, Sr. (March 12, 1933 – April 13, 2018), was an American author living in New York City who is a former public relations specialist originally from Lafayette, Louisiana.”

———-End Quote———-

His specialty was getting fake identities into office. With James Carville, who could possibly be his son, who got fakers Dave Treen/Caffery and Bill Clinton/Soros elected.  Carville then started getting Muslim candidates into office in places where the Kashoggi oil pipelines were planned. Now the same methods are used to get Muslims in office here in America.

Weill and Carville didn’t actually get people ELECTED, they got them into office, thereby demonstrating to all the world a system for stealing elections by delivering large voting blocks of outlaw organizations.

I first heard about Gus Weill when I had a small advertising and public relations consulting partnership with Randy Whatley/BiBi.  We called it Cypress Media Group.

Randy Whatley now calls himself Bibi Netanyahu, but either way he learned his political campaigning lessons from these two corruption masters.

Weill calls Obama a “good Christian.”


Weill passed the baton of electoral corruption to James Carville, the political campaign consultant for candidate for president of Afghanistan named Ghani.  It’s standard corrupt practice to run several candidates and have them deliver their votes to the front runner.  In other words, Carville could have also been working for the winner Kharzi.

——-Wikipedia Quote——-

“Many Afghans hate these powerbrokers in the Afghan government, angered that they evaded accountability for their human rights abuses in the nineties and regained power and land through private militias funded by the millions of dollars they were paid by the CIA in the 2001 U.S. invasion.[42][45][46][50][51]

Analysts have suggested that part of Karzai’s strategy was to make deals with warlord allies to deliver large blocs of votes in return for key positions and influence in his new government or other significant promises.[25][26][44][51][52][53][54]

In the immediate aftermath of the election, analysts and diplomats suggested that Karzai’s alliances with strongmen… had paid off, delivering him large numbers of votes in the north. Fahim delivered Tajik votes for Karzai, Khalili brought Hazara support, and Dostum delivered Uzbek votes.[25][26][54][55][56][57]

————End Quote———-



The Insiders


What does OP mean?

Watch Thriller Episode 30, A Good Imagination, at :12 you’ll hear that OP for a book seller means

Out of Print:

The actor is the same face I keep seeing everywhere, could be Otto Preminger, could be Smitty Landry..   He’s called Edward Andrews here, playing Logan the Bookseller and jolly serial murderer.  The private eye, a shady dude, asks Mr. Logan for the book, “The Insiders”.  Are they speaking coded language?

In this Thriller Episode, the name of this alleged book is actually, “The Insiders and Others”, Logan tells the fake customer and it was published by JP Morgan Stern, Klein Press, 1939.  But there’s no such book.


JP Morgan was also a creditor of Knight Oil Tools who was paid off in the bankruptcy.  JP Morgan financed the destruction of the trolley system in America’s major cities, as well as the destruction of all forms of public transportation.  That’s why having the power to deny or grant driver’s licenses is actually enough to decide who lives and who doesn’t.

Still on the subject of Insiders:

Sargent Pepper

Here are some closeups from the album:

The patches on the fake Beatles Clown colored military coats:


Ontario Police:  Canada is possessed by the British Crown, They have  the same initials as the infamous Orleans Parish Prison.  Who controls that prison?

We will also have to look closely at the Rockefeller monopoly on transportation, which ties into this.

“The General Motors streetcar Conspiracy refers to convictions of General Motors (GM) and other companies for monopolizing the sale of buses and supplies to National City Lines (NCL) and its subsidiaries, and to alleregations that this was part of a deliberate plot to purchase and dismantle streetcar systems in many cities in the United States as an attempt to monopolize surface transportation.

Between 1938 and 1950, National City Lines and its subsidiaries, American City Lines and Pacific City Lines—with investment from GM, Firestone Tire, Standard Oil of California through a subsidiary, Federal Engineering, Phillips Petroleum, and Mack Trucks—gained control of additional transit systems in about 25 cities.[3] Systems affected included St. Louis, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Oakland, San Diego…NCL often converted streetcars to bus operations.

Most companies involved were convicted in 1949 of conspiracy to monopolize interstate commerce in the sale of buses, fuel, and supplies to NCL subsidiaries, but were acquitted of conspiring to monopolize the transit industry.”

Obviously the Rockefeller Trust was  putting together a monopoly and have succeeded thanks to that acquittal.

That combination of keywords and hints left in Episode 30 makes it clear enough to me that the underlying theme is the gradual destruction of American achievement by Jewish Insiders and their helping friends.

Edward Andrews is also Ed McMahon, and who else?

Look up the YouTube interview entitled

“Joan Rivers in Conversation With Henry Bushkin About the Dark Side of Johnny Carson”…

and you’ll see how the head of the Rockefeller Trust called himself Johnny Carson, then he plays an author named ‘Bushkin’ who has written a biography about Carson, his other false identity.

The interviewer, someone who acts and sounds like a younger Nancy Pelosi, but famous as Joan Rivers, was married to the Johnny Carson character, but actually was married to the man who somewhat controls the Rockefeller Trust, the man she’s interviewing.

His marriages and divorces can help us decipher photos, and ‘Joan Rivers’ discusses those in the interview.  

I’m thinking that he was the first husband of Arlene, Lawrence Hargrave on Arlene’s hospital bill, thereby making him Bibi’s father and also helping to explain a lot of other stuff.  



Wikipedia has more on James Carville.




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