A Day in the Life: Part 2


The  “topically excavated” Beatles are associated with the British Invasion, though it was an American Band.

The term “topically excavated” is their way of saying that the real Beatles were replaced by Fakers.

I found the term on a jazz album in Arlene’s collection of CIA mediocre musicians. This album is evidence that the entire Beatles’ output at that point had been copyrighted in the name of the British Crime/Crown, a roving landless trust fund.

Who controls that trust fund is who can wreak havoc upon humanity.

Read these notes on the album and notice the blatant theft from Sargent Pepper.  This is likely the result of the camera within the camera, so that it could all be immediately copyrighted by complicit patent agencies.

“This, you see, was before the Beatles topical excavation”. This is the term they use to refer to the destruction and suffering of almost everything and everyone we love.


There’s an admission of guilt written all over these notes.  The above notes that the film “Day in the Life”, was banned by the BBC.  It’s still censored by YouTube, not allowing a close examination of the individual frames, by fast forwarding through the incriminating faces, like the Aurbachs.



To say that whoever made this album had never heard the Beatle’ Sgt Pepper is to suggest that they had only images stolen at that point.  However it may just be a blatant lie.


Mp British invaders escure Mar 2, 2019 at 9:24 AM 2

The British Invasion is a Pedofile Pirate Invasion of fakers.  They use the names  Knight, Earl, Roy and King to indicate their British status.  The word Edomite in the Bible scripture actually means an imitation or double identity.

Brandon skippy knight- Mar 2, 2019 at 1:10 PM

After stealing our music and films, they murder and subjugate our best people, steal our identities and our homes and businesses, our heritage and our children. And this is their war against us.  They honor their warriors as in the following example. The fake Dean Martin’s daughter is laughing in front of the stolen photos of the real Dean Martin and his wife, my mother, as Lucille Ball.  She gets support from her co-conspirators at: Cite des arts- Apr 1, 2019 at 6:27 PM

Dm Lucille Ball photo Mar 2, 2019 at 9:49 AM

How fortunate that I was able to view the world of the fakers through the Instagram accounts of this group of professional thieves and Cohn men.

The point of all this is to get to the day when I don’t have to hear or read about women’s equality, immigrants, Russian collusion, and queers.  The narrative is tedious and boring, the plot is cliche, the resolution of the plot never arrives.  Who wants to watch the same play over and over, only the costumes change and it always ends where the bad guys are winning?  When the audience has all walked out, after throwing rotten vegetables at the vulgar and talentless players, we’ll be free to get back to where we left off as a nation. And we’ll never see these Pirate faces again.

The following photo is Robert Storch, who in real life is a subject of the British Crown.  As one of them, he holds a high position in one of America’s countless spy agencies.  He doesn’t have a US Passport for his identity that I know. He is trying to get one though.  A friend of friends, I only know him as Chaz. He left for New Zealand a few months back to work on some film project because that’s his profession. A UK passport includes New Zealand.  Power Rangers Mystic Force is where his monster character can be seen. The in-costume photo that he showed me had his face painted green so I could see it was him. He didn’t have a mask. He’s actually a nice guy on the surface. However, like all of these players, when it comes to giving up their jobs and privileges, they’d rather let innocent people die and suffer, even to the point of total destruction of everything. They assume that the destruction won’t affect them.  I believe that the Great Destruction will only affect the Players.

Robert Storch-Chaz Power Rangers green monster – Mar 19, 2019 at 9:58 AM

Lately Q has been suggesting that Anons apply for a job with a spy agency.  I for one cannot do this because I hate spy agencies and would like to see them all abolished.  Only the military should have analysts and that is enough.  No more Pirate family career criminals getting fat paychecks for nothing. Just shut it down. Secrecy is a thing of the past. A 15 year old kid can hack into anything now, thank God for that.





Oh by the way, I’ve decided that the shorter man next to Arlene must be Sonny Mouton. Notice that her close friendship with these two powerful Pirates didn’t protect either her or her parents. It was an alliance with snakes. The point is that Lord Aberdeen passed the Puppet masters powers onto the next generations and these are they.

It was Lord Aberdeen who was holding the Puppet strings of the drugged King George III. The confiscation of weapons is a strategy recorded in the Bible scriptures. Any group cowardly enough to voluntarily hand their weapons over to the enemy deserves to be enslaved.

Here’s a document from the time of George III, around the time of America’s Fake Revolution. It demands surrender of all arms.



The printer is George Eyre, which is, once again, Auer. This is also very likely another pseudonym for Lord Aberdeen whose only protection was in maintaining  his false identity.



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