A Day in the Life: Part 3


The music people involved in the West Coast Clown Invasion.

The next images below are of the jazz album in Arlene’s collection, “A Day in the Life”, by Wes Montgomery, a coded name.

Wes Montgomery:

The significance of this name “Montgomery” goes back to a Knight named Montgomery who “accidentally” killed a “King” in a friendly joust back in 1559.  Not actually a King, Henry’s actions were attempts to take what wasn’t rightfully his, using mercenaries hired with borrowed money.  The ‘accident ‘ was nothing more than Pirate infighting. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

So-called “king” Henry  is described this way:  “Bringing only a small army of mercenaries, probably paid for with borrowed money, Henry was supported in the north and east of England by the forces of Ranulf of Chester and Hugh Bigod, and had hopes of a military victory.[53]”

This excerpt is copied from Wikipedia, which is also full of lies about this failed usurper and his mother Catherine de Medici who was actually a Borgia usurper.  The events around Catherine form the basis of the eventual Pirate Protestant takeover of Christian Europe.  The name Wes (West) Montgomery is all about usurpation of Catholic territory using mercenaries and Pirate backing.  This is also called Protestantism.

The names Hugh, Bigod (Bigot of later Canadian and American history ) and Chester are definitely Pirate Jewish code names still used today.

Henry was not a legitimate king and his dominion never took hold.

“In the long run, the death of King Henry II destabilized the European balance of power. After his death, the ensuing religious wars and internal strife provided an opportunity for France’s mortal enemy, [Jewish crypto] Catholic Spain, [struggling to be] the foremost power in Europe in those days, to conceive, plan, and finally launch its Armada against [so-called] Protestant England.  [England was not Protestant yet at that time. The armada was actually a Jewish attack against Catholic trade and against Catholics in the Netherlands.](8)”

“The defeat of the supposedly “Invincible Armada” heralded the end of the “Siglo de Oro” for Spain and the beginning of the [Illegitimate Protestant] “Century of Genius” for England, Holland, France, and Germany.(5,8).”

In reality, this “Century of Genius” was the destruction of Christendom and the dispossession of Catholic Europeans by the Jewish powers who financed the usurpers. The use of mercenaries and patents was their method of taking possession of the intellectual property rights of the community, making it illegal to produce anything privately in the home.  From this point forward, the development of the Jewish owned factory system begins in earnest as a particularly sinister lifestyle.

A true king exists by blood, by holding of legitimate inherited land titles with the right and power over the military and collection of taxes on trade as well as the carrying on the traditional functions of the Roman  Catholic system.  A true king never needs to hire foreign mercenaries.

The wife of Henry II was a Borgia. These are the illegitimate rulers in Florence. She was the niece of Pope Leo in Rome, Italy who was also an usurper.  When Pope Leo died, Catherine was more an orphan than ever.

It’s comical the way Catherine de Medici is always portrayed as a villain, so you know she did something against the Pirates.   In reality she was a moderate and an orphan with no income and no real power. She helped two princes escape, who might have been either her grandsons or other family of Francis I, who are claimed to have died.  I will post the reference for this when I find it in my notes and focus on those events.    She was trying to ally her family with the family of Francis I by marriage of her children.  She supported the Catholic Church and had grown up in a convent, but she was never in control of anything.

The alleged existence of a so-called mistress of Henry II, (son of Francis I) called Dianne de Poitier is also an invention.  She was actually his aunt,  if he was the son of the true King Francois I, and her name was not Dianne.  Dianne is a Pirate name that is based on the “god of wine”, Dionysius.  True Catholics never used this name.

The following link describes the jousting injuries in detail. The genealogy shows that he was part of the Pirate Jewish usurpation of Europe’s ruling class, calling themselves Catholics, but far from it.  Some aspects of the genealogy are wrong, for example, Mary Queen of Scots did not marry Lord Darnley and so James I was not her son.  The truth is that Mary left a replacement for herself who was fake and this was discovered after the beheading when the red wig fell off.

Francis’  son Henry II – Apr 10, 2019 at 10:12 AM 

These events are important and complicated, and are encoded in the album’s title and author.

Where is West?

The name “West” is also a code word.

By dividing our flat maps in the Pacific rather than the Atlantic, the Progressive mapmaker helps to create confusion about the location of Biblical tribes, places and inheritance markers.

The Pirate secret societies themselves know the truth about these locations, and they keep it inside the Rockefeller supported Mormon Church.  For example, the Mormons believe that the Euphrates is actually the Mississippi River, and in this they are probably correct.

The purpose for hiding this is to hide the ancient inheritance boundaries, a big no-no in God’s eyes. This is the subject of the prophetic warnings to Judah.  Jerusalem was the inheritance of Benjamin, not Judah or David. A careful reading of Kings and Chronicles makes this clear, though no Biblical scholars that I’m aware of talks about this usurpation of tribal territory.

A division of the map in the Atlantic would visually reunite Russia with America, and the true location of East and West would be obvious.

The Appalachian Mountain Range and the Atlantic Ocean would divide East and West, under this scenario. Thus, the Atlantic Coast would be West, the Mississippi River basin would be East.

Either way, America’s West is always California, which is West of the Mississippi.

The beginnings of a CIA invasion of West Coast music production is revealed in Arlene’s album collection.


The first sentence is about the banning of the Beatle’s music video, “A Day in the Life”, by the BBC on the grounds that it is socially destructive.  This is because the faces of the traitors to America are shown in the film, but only if you can slow it down enough to examine it frame by frame.  That says much about what they fear, and that the social system they don’t want destroyed is their own “Socialism” which is the dispossession of everyone’s property so that Pirates control everything.
This musician has a now famous face as a comedian. It’s the same guy in the bodybuilding magazine.
To call it a coincidence that both albums have a song entitled “Eleanor Rigby”, is a bit much.


The Beatles ‘Topical Excavation’ means that the underlying strata remained.  The real Beatles continue to write the songs, but the fakers perform, or so it appears.

The next set of photos is of a good friend of Arlene who ice skated with her, and later judged skating tournaments.  Her name is Patty Staunton, and the more I look at her, the more she looks like Nancy Pelosi, but she would likely not even still be alive now.  Perhaps she’s a relative, perhaps Pelosi really is that old,  but I also found Patty Staunton mentioned at the end of the following article:

Patty Staunton-Schneider ice skating memoir-Squaw Valley ca Mar 23, 2019 at 11:40 AM

The next question is, who taught all these girls how to skate. There’s one photo of him in the above link, but he’s not identified. He looks like the young Arnold Palmer/Ezio Pinza. Since he’s probably from Eastern European Ukraine, of course he would know how to ice skate.


Patty Staunton

Patty Staunton
This man is associated with the Ice Follies.
Looks like Wes Montgomery on the right. These are the only two Mr. America magazines that she has.
Arlene and Myrna Nichols.
Myrna and Arlene Nichols.
Arlene Nichols and Patty Staunton at the ice rink.
Next generation, these are Myrna’s two daughters, also known as Bill and Hillary.


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