Trolley Clanging

The monopoly now held by traitors in government may never be broken even after America is in the same state of rubble as Syria. The same people who destroyed Syria are sent here by the Jews to destroy us, and where is our defense?.  The flaw in a Democracy is that a political party can be created whose goal is to destroy the democracy, and the people in it, using the democratic process to do so.  All that’s required is the ability and willingness to lie, cheat and steal until there’s nothing left.  Idiots enjoy this kind of work.

This is now happening in Israel, where Arab parties are forming a coalition to destroy Jewish Israel. It’s difficult to say whether Netanyahu actually won, or if it’s a big setup.

Political parties whose goal is the destruction of the nation and the people in it have already done their work in the Parliaments of every formerly Christian government in Europe and the world.  Observe the new U.S. Congressional  Collection of People with Unpronounceable Names  and Incomprehensible Speeches, and you’ll see what I mean.  Never mind Pelosi and Schumer, this next generation of foreign born illegals is certain of their power to destroy us immediately, with no delay.  And then what?  That’s the part that idiots cannot comprehend.

Is destruction it’s own reward for idiots?

The history of GM, General Motors, proves it to be a traitorous organization repeatedly.  And yet they continue to be wooed by the Government Welfare Queens who are collecting multiple salaries in our traitorous and useless government. Here’s one example:

In April 1974, Los Angeles mayor Tom Bradley testified in court, saying that GM—through its subsidiaries “scrapped the Pacific Electric and Los Angeles streetcar systems leaving the electric train system totally destroyed.”[56]

At these hearings, San Francisco mayor and antitrust attorney Joseph Alioto testified that “General Motors and the automobile industry generally exhibit a kind of monopoly evil”, adding that GM “has carried on a deliberate concerted action with the oil companies and tire companies…for the purpose of destroying a vital form of competition; namely, electric rapid transit”.

It’s important to know about the Rockefeller Family Trust and what it owns.  It’s important to know that the fuel of this low IQ monopoly control of everything is precisely the taxes that we pay.  Tolerance of this leads to destruction of the good life for all except a certain inbred and psychotic family.

Corporations are perfect hiding places for the enemy, and those corporations are getting about 100% of Americans tax contributions through no-bid contracts and interest payments plus outright fraud and theft such as NASA.  The goal of course is bankruptcy and what an idiot goal that is, conceived and carried out by idiots who have no understanding.

Rather than punish the perpetrators for the crime of destroying a perfectly good public transportation system, the prosecutors in California gave it up as hopeless. What threatens these prosecutors? And what needs to change in order to force government workers to do their jobs?  Isn’t it obvious yet that we’re better off without any of these people? Do we continue to issue paychecks to those who allow our infrastructure to crumble, our heritage stolen, our experience no different from the Palestinian?  How long before Americans will face exile with “no right of return”?  The French and the British face the same fate.  It’s already happened in South Africa, only they are refused the right to leave.

The destruction of privately owned public transport is a practice run for the destruction of everything else.

The only solutions offered by the idiots in government for the destruction of the trolley system is the establishment of more idiots in government.  The new idiot officials can also be threatened into destroying America. For example, New Orleans has responded to it’s transportation problems, by establishing The New Orleans Office of Transportation.  The original destruction of the private trolley system was caused by the government so do idiots add more and more government  to continue the way of ineptitude until what day?  This is certainly the case for government run healthcare.  Who will be employed to manage our government health?  Why foreigners who are here illegally of course and guess what color skin they hate.

When foreigners took ownership of the hotels and casinos, New Orleans became a city whose only consideration is to provide tourist attractions.  The public transportation system is horrendous, the buses loud and stinky, full of advertisements from floor to ceiling, with extremely lengthy bus rides to get to work, and very long waits to get on the smelly monster.

So a new office has been created, dedicated to giving residents better transportation to jobs.  Why isn’t the old office doing that already?

An article in Politico tackles the subject, only to twist it into another cry of racism, in a city that’s been under the power of black leadership ever since the Civil War was won by the British Crown.  There’s hardly a white person at any of the many useless and irritating functions of government.  It’s just a giant monopoly and like any monopoly, there’s no reason to please anyone or do anything… because there’s no choice.

“LESS THAN A century ago, New Orleans was a paragon of urban transit, with more than 200 miles of streetcar tracks crisscrossing the city. The world-famous St. Charles streetcar has been in continuous operation since 1835. The post-World War II automobile boom saw the rest of the city’s streetcars sacrificed and replaced by buses; today, the St. Charles line is the only part of that network still running.”

Here Politico blames white people outside the city rather than point out the role of General Motors and whoever is directly responsible:

“New Orleans transit has some distinct features, like its surviving streetcars and a ferry that crosses the Mississippi River into the Algiers neighborhood. But like many cities, its system has long been fragmented, with fault lines that often follow class and race.”

The Black Powers are now demanding that taxpayers outside of New Orleans should pay for their Superior Black Power People to have the very obnoxious buses that no one ever wanted in the first place.  And if their white slaves refuse to pay up, they’re condemned here for being racist. So what. Read their logic:

“The Regional Transit Authority, established in 1979, [under a Black Mayor] was set up to include both New Orleans and the surrounding parishes, or counties—but left the decision to participate up to the parishes themselves. The surrounding parishes, mostly whiter and better-off opted out; only Orleans parish, which houses the majority-black city, [including the many wealthy and powerful black families controlling city government] opted in.”

The reason New Orleans is now majorly black is because black leaders do not care for white constituencies.  Therefore white genocide occurs in the form of people moving away to escape the violence.  This is a fact of life that I’ve faced once before in Louisiana and now again in Hawaii.  Violence against white people in America is a problem that no one is doing anything about, and it’s everywhere, starting in the public schools.  One veteran Marine tweets that war was nothing compared to the difficulties of civilian life.  What kind of system is it that finds soldiers safe and civilians in constant danger?  A system that sends its soldiers to defend our enemies , separating soldiers families to defend our enemies while our own government destroys us.  And who wants to face this truth?

The opening lyrics to the Trolley Song say:  “I went to lose a jolly hour on the trolley and lost my heart instead”.  Imagine taking a bus ride for fun. Never.

But an open air trolley ride is a pure pleasure.

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