Firefighters and Freemason Infiltration

“The international association of firefighters (IAFF), the largest union in the country endorsed Joe Biden on Monday. The union represent about 316 thousand full time firefighters across the United States.”

“Brian Kilmeade reminded Harold Schaitberger, the President of [firefighters union] IAFF, that many of those firefighters “some of whom I spoke with before this segment, are all in for President Trump, are you kicking their dues and putting in towards Joe Biden?” asked Kilmeade.”

Who can’t see the obviously vulgar connotations of the name Shaitberger, such mockery being a standard among Freemasons.

The following photos and letters from Arlene’s keepsakes demonstrate the infiltration of United State’s firefighters by international conspirators seeking to destroy America.    The problem ultimately stems from all Workers Unions being mob controlled and violent from their inception, and the fact that they seek monopoly control over all skilled labor.  This of course gives the mob bosses power to deny their perceived enemies access to this skilled labor. It also allows for the funneling of dues towards more mob candidates.

Many letters from Tom Casey (aka Tom Clancy and possibly Mike Pence and other Canadian identities) to Arlene are written while he was a firefighter with the Beverly Hills Fire Department.  Because Arlene and everyone she associated with were part of the world wide Rockefeller criminal network, the implications here are that insurance fraud in cooperation with certain firemen is a possibility.  While researching the Aurbach horse farm fire, I found a photo of Madeline Aurbach with a member of the Beverly Hills Fire Department.  Were any of those horses actually burned or was it faked in order to collect insurance? I noticed several anomalies about that fire and several ‘unaccounted for’ horses.
One of many letters showing a very close relationship between Arlene’s friends and fireman Tom.


The Beverly Hills firefighter Tom with the mother of Bibi Netanyahu and (looks like) Sonny Mouton, Louisiana politician’s politician.  Sonny Mouton was known to hire candidates to run, paying all expenses, while he maintained control of political patronage, appointing department heads and giving out contracts.
Same firefighter with a treasonous military man.


A 32nd degree Freemason pin and a firemen’s pin in Arlene’s collection.  The X pin has the same design that I used to see on a ring that James Edmunds always wore. I was told by a friend of Arlene that her father, Charles Nichols and Tom were both members of a musical ensemble called the Firehouse Five in Beverly Hills during the sixties or thereabouts.

One thought on “Firefighters and Freemason Infiltration

  1. As l read this I’m totally appalled and disgusted with the IAFF President.
    I don’t know what they had on good ole boy Harold, clearly a lot. How else would you explain voting for biden probably can’t even spell his name anymore he’s so demented and is nothing more than a PUPPET for China. My question is WTF gave you permission to throw our COLLECTIVE SUPPORT behind the DUMB-O-RATS!!!
    Lets hope Harold, your grand daughter isn’t subjected to forced abortions or any other form of birth control the CCP are known for!
    You DISGUST ME! You need to be REMOVED!
    A ONCE proud member of the IAFF…


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