Democracy and Miracles

The ideal of democracy is that everyone participates in the election of a few to make a representative government.  The reality is that discussion of the very subject of government is forbidden among the people who are represented. So the few fraudulently elected representatives are out of control. It’s taught from the youngest age that if you talk about governmental rules (they call it politics) or God (they call it religion), then you are being impolite.  It’s no wonder we’ve devolved into chaos.

I stopped voting when the government unfairly deprived me of my driver’s license and I realized what ruthlessness this government is all about.  I stopped my involvement with the church when the mob took over our church schools, hospitals and meeting places.  My church council was full of people who I know were never really Catholics.  In fact I knew certain of them to be thieves and liars in government.

The reality hit me that in neither case did I have an opportunity to appeal, despite the illusions.

To get my driver’s license back I’d have to give lots of money to the same system that killed my friend April and kidnapped her son Cameron. I’ve been terrorized by these judges and policemen and their desk sitting minions my entire life. The reality is that if I show up in court without enough cash to pay them off, then I get handcuffed and locked up.  The reality is that not one person on the planet would get me out.  My friends are all as poor as I.

So I live in a virtual prison. I’m an active thinking person who writes because all else is closed to me.   I’m banned from Facebook, my Twitter posts are locked into private mode with no way to get out of it, and I can’t even hook my computer to the internet for fear of losing all my important files due to computer viruses.  I work on a tiny IPhone that’s also hacked and nearly impossible to use at times.

This is not even getting into the unpunished murders of family and friends that I fear to even report to any authorities. Censorship and false imprisonment is just the minor stuff.  And since the subject of government is forbidden, I can’t even report the crimes to my friends and neighbors.  If I do, they laugh at me  and say, “well that didn’t happen to me so I don’t care”.  It’s an awful feeling.

If not for this blog, my isolation would be total and complete. So this blog space is a miracle.

History has never before been written in such a way as this. Links to videos as a reference?  Twitter messages going out to milllions all over the world? Yet, it’s real, even in the midst of slavery, child sacrifice, drug addiction and homelessness.  This is Progress: a world of technical innovation and the bloody sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of babies a year. Public execution and punishment of women under Sharia Law is filmed and posted on handheld devices the world over.  Babies are photographed and offered for sale through worldwide social media gateways.  The slave auctions (the word for a slave auction in Hebrew is gala) are greatly aided by the world wide web.

The Turkish/Khazar way is to infiltrate the government, and only a successful government is worth the trouble.  Roman Catholicism was a government. The separation of church and state is an absurd idea and a stupid endeavor.  Church sets the rules according to God’s guidelines as passed down to us through history and recorded in our books.  The state enforcemes those rules and there are judges in the form of local priests who can be appealed to.  This is called Civilization.  The Turkish Muslims are against this, mainly because it works so well.  They want to get their hands on all the abundance that Civilized nations produce.  The methods for such a grand theft are the same as for a small theft: secrecy, disguise and lies. The lies are to convince the judges that the criminals are actually innocent. When the judges cannot distinguish between a lie and the truth, the victim gets the punishment and the criminals get the reward.

The criminals get away with murder and treason with the support of the vast democratic community who self censors, and closes their ears to anyone who’s been victimized by the government.  The idea is that so long as it hasn’t affected me, then it’s not my problem. This is why I hate democracy without religious guidance.

If we had a real Catholic king and priesthood with a tribal based governmental system, then there would be someone who would listen, someone who knew my father, my grandparents, my dead brothers, my mother.  But in this democracy no one knows who I am. I’ve been told that my identity doesn’t count because I have no “credibility”. Insiders have stolen my true identity. Because I’m unknown, then that makes me a liar, according to an insider that I know.  Only famous people are allowed to speak and they can lie with impunity.

This is what democracy without Roman Catholic religion does to people.  I just don’t get why this is supposed to be so great when everyone knows about the hacked voting machines.

Ever since Catholics were prohibited from serving in government (the Act of Settlement in Great Britain), this situation has developed and become entrenched.  The only Catholics in office are fake ones. And the most evil of the officials claiming to be Catholic are actually just Satanists.

Now Trump is on the scene and a return to law and order is possible and well on its way.  Meanwhile though, I still can’t get to church and there’s no real authentic Holy Mass offered anyplace because the Holy Priesthood no longer exists. The Jewish mafia controls my Church, occupies the buildings that were built and paid for by Catholic Kings and their families and the fakers dish out our money to pay legal judgements for their crimes.  There’s no justice in this at all.

This all sounds so hopeless, and it would be except for miracles, which have certainly happened already.  Here are a few:

1. I discovered Arlene’s keepsakes.

2.   I recognized the faces in Arlene’s photos.

3. The real estate agent for Arlene’s house didn’t succeed in running me over with his truck or poisoning me to death.

4. I still have a house despite several attempts at making me homeless.

5. I didn’t get hurt at all after being attacked by a mob at Hookena Beach.

6. Trump won the election.

7. Rod Rosenstein resigns.

Those are big miracles.

The miracle of this blog space can’t be ignored either.  I know how to do promotions but I do nothing to promote this website.  I don’t care how many people read it because it’s so much fun for me to make it.  The ability to so easily search, copy and paste images is something that previous publishers would certainly be amazed at. I remember how difficult it was back in 1977 when I first practiced graphic design on the Mt. Carmel yearbook.

On the other hand, the successful isolation and targeted harassment of certain people in the midst of the community is equally amazing.  That a tribe of people exists who have developed the skills and abilities to torment people and yet play the victim can’t be denied.  They’re called The Mob because mobbing is their only tactic.  They’re neither smart nor talented, but have no problem jailing or killing smart and talented people to create “equality”.

The only people who understand this are their isolated victims and the families of the secretly assassinated.  But God loves you and me and has compassion on us, thus the blog space!

The criminals are in every government agency in the world.  The Chinese government is the biggest criminal enterprise on the planet and they literally cannot stop their expansion into more crimes in more places. Their alliance with other criminal governments is a real danger to the rest of us.  It’s not a question of nationality, it’s a question of criminality.  The crime network includes our neighbors, friends and family, even if it’s only the censorship of conversation, because conversations can lead to awareness and awareness can lead to solutions.




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