Makrone Moqrani Macron

Slim is named for the Sultan Selim,


the Turkish Slave Trading Families of North Africa named Maqroni


Within the alliance of factions that oppose Christianity are several opposing factions.

Turks, Muslims and Jews have their own heroes and I find among them the names Macron, Slim, Abdalla, and Hadj.

Français : Généalogie de Mokrani, Royaume Ait Abbas, Kabylie du XVI ème au XIX ème siècle.
Date 14 September 2011
Source Histoire de l’insurrection de 1871 en Algérie-Louis Rinn-Imprimerie Jourdan, Alger, 1871-671 pages-Cote : 8-LK8-1555, à la Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Author Louis Rinn-Imprimerie Jourdan, Alger01725AD8-02AE-4BB1-9860-7A071FAFF2C7

The Turkish Sultan Selim Kahn


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