Buying and Selling

“Consumer” is not a nice name, but that’s what the economists call us.

From Strong’s Bible Concordance the word “consume” is associated with something burning or rotten “as a rotten thing consumeth” Job 13:28.

The true consumers are those sucking up tax dollars fraudulently and increasingly.   The American people are actually the producers. If anyone is burning through wealth and abundance, it’s the bureaucracy, especially the dual citizen treasonous element within it and the criminal element that controls it.

I’ve spent some time listening to an interview with the man who publishes shadow statistics.

Shadow Statistics are labor and trade statistics using a truer formula that had been changed in 1994 to hide American buying and selling trends, and dollar devaluation.

Please understand that dollar devaluation is planned theft by the central banks. Inflation is theft on a grand scale, and it’s equivalent to clipping gold coins.  It’s designed as part of the Central bank system to enable them to eventually own everything by continually distressing and taking advantage of  the  real wealth producers.

To hide the effects of this continual distress, the statistics are fiddled.

This is done by removing from the calculation the categories with highest inflation, for example, the effects of the cost of fuel on inflation.  Also removed from the calculation of unemployment is the ever increasing number of people who’ve given up applying for jobs, but who would like to have one nonetheless.

Shadow Statistics Summary is that  true unemployment is actually estimated at 21% in the United States.  This is disastrous in many nations, but for people who are self reliant and innovative, there’s no such thing as unemployment.

New ways, better ways of living are found that may never be measured by the people who call us consumers. I myself no longer pay utility bills because I’ve invested in a solar system. That wasn’t easy to accomplish because there’s no support and only censorship of information about how to do it.  This could change with a proper plan, and I worked on that but my business development plan threatened the government bureaucracies.  They could see that if this plan caught on, their jobs would be obsolete and tax collections would be controlled by the tax payers.

High GDP explained:

The reason behind the high GDP this quarter is that the trade deficit decreased.  Why did that happen?  Have we started enough industry domestically to affect the trade deficit yet?  No.

The trade deficit decreased because there was a drop in “consumer” spending.  That means we stopped buying the imports that have monopolized our stores and destroyed our industry.   This actually needs to happen, so it’s good news but not for the reasons given by reporters.  It’s good news because if we just boycott imports, it’ll help  bankrupt our mortal enemies and save our grandchildren from certain enslavement.

So it’s called “consumer spending”, but the reality is that what dropped was producer spending.  You and I have stopped buying things from the people who are in the system. We are the producers because we produce money through hard work and ingenuity.  We don’t steal it, we make it. Without the money that we earn, the system collapses.  Household income has dropped overall for Americans who don’t steal.  This is a “Consumer Distress Signal”.

Consumer Distress Signals are better understood if you call them more correctly the Producer Distress Signals.  When we can’t invest in our small endeavors to produce the money to buy products that are imported, then the imports don’t get bought. The fact that only imports are available to us is due to treasonous groups infiltrated into government.  Pirate  is still a good name for them. They destroy the producers through enslavement and theft, and this leads to economic collapse.  It’s a pattern repeating through history. The pattern repeats when someone arrives to redeem the slaves and destroy the enslavers. The Messiah.


Quote from Shadow Statistics:

“Mounting Consumer Distress, Collapsing Goods Consumption

…despite the happy headline GDP growth, circumstances reflected deteriorating consumer liquidity conditions and mounting consumer financial stress.

Where consumers drive 72%/73% of GDP activity, consider that they only accounted for 22% of 1q2019 GDP growth, down from 68% of the GDP growth in 4q2018.

Healthy GDP growth does not last long without the support of a financially healthy consumer.”


Financially healthy producers are what’s needed, and the only way for that to happen is to simultaneously incubate new businesses and capture the available tax cash flow so that the new businesses have customers.

This can be done through the Charter School system, and I’ve written a detailed plan on how to set this up.  I’ll explain it in the next post. Long ago I called it Healing Home.

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