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This is a repost of post of an important article from a few years ago.  The identity of the family who stole the identities of the Frank Sinatra family matches up with the family of Carlos Slim Helou and Sir Julian Saloman.





Fake Cardinal Dinardo is a member of the British Turkish Jewish Saloman/Salman/Selim families.
This face belongs to a former Louisiana Governor, a rapist named Harvey Weinstein and Mr. Carlos Slim Helou.
These are the two sons of Joe Biden.  One of them is El Chapo.




Beau Biden and his wife.


The wife visited Puntarenas Free Zone in Costa Rica as the wife  of my boss there, Ricardo Villafranca.  Her money financed a hotel in Costa Rica called Punta Islita.

Prison for Posting Evidence of Federal Crimes on YouTube?

Exposing the sale of baby body parts has resulted in a Racketeering Lawsuit against owners of a YouTube channel who posted the evidence. You read that correctly, ‘YouTuber’ Daleiden has been sued by the National Abortion Federation (“NAF”) for alleged violations of the federal racketeering (“RICO”) law because of his internet postings of videotapes and research exposing Planned Parenthood’s and other abortionists’ involvement in trafficking body parts of aborted babies as well as other violations of federal law.

This includes evidence that partial birth abortions are still being used to harvest “intact fetal cadavers,” which command premium market prices.

Amici filings reveal the identity of those who wish to see You Tube posters in prison. Those who wish to imprison people who present evidence of crimes to the public using their You Tube channels include an alliance of state attorney generals, a coalition of U.S. Congressmen. The abortion industry is very much focused on Texas and Louisiana where a Catholic population is concentrated.

I wouldn’t have known this if not for Father Terry

Father Terry is expert on the doings of the Texas branch of the world-wide criminal organization operating within government and church. He has been exposing the false identity of ‘Michael Voris’ a YouTube celebrity pretending to be Catholic, and the mind-control issue that enables these imposters. He’s exposed the false identities of many politicians and Catholic activists, as well as the players in the abortion and child-sex-slave-trafficking business in Texas.

Father Christopher Terry has something very important to say about our responsibility to tell all the truth that we know and to hold nothing back. He begins by speaking of imposter Catholics on the internet, specifically a character named Michael Voris who has been exposed thanks to Father Terry’s research. His advice to me concerns whether I should adopt a child who is in a San Antonio foster home. He tells me not to adopt this particular child and not to even meet with the employees of the Texas Child Protective Services, especially if I’m alone. This is actually good advice, because we’re dealing with a very unusual case, well worth reading to the end.

Father Terry writes:

“Voris is a victim of mind control. But don’t worry about him, I have outed him as such. My responsibility is the Salvation of Souls. Like a Prophet of Old, my job is to simply and publicly tell the truth. If I do not do so, then God holds me responsible at the Final Judgement. [There is a scriptural reference in the Bible that states clearly our responsibility to speak the truth and to correct our wayward brothers and sisters].

If I say it truthfully in love, then the Truth is Charity [and courage]. St. Thomas says Fraternal Correction is the greatest part of Charity, as Christ did in confronting the Babylonian Talmudic Jews. If I have spoken the truth then I have done my service to God. I do not bear responsibility for Truth being listened too and taken to heart, since that is the job of the Holy Spirit,. If it is rejected, that is possession by the Devil.

The Michael Voris Deception is a lie about everything. Even the most ardent Voris church fanatic will have to concede that Voris for example never worked at Fox or won four Emmys from 1992-1996. Voris might as well say he was homerun batting champion those years in the NBL. But Voris’ “Noble Lie” That Benedict resigned for age and health reasons and is now “Pope Emeritus” setting up the anti-Pope-Chaos-Frank in tandem with Voris’ Deception of silence on the Consecration of Russia and cover up of the Vatican Illuminati murder of Fr. Gruner will hopefully be discredited along with the mind control false identity Illuminati double-agent Voris.

Anti Christs are from within the Church-from Cardinal Franny Spellman to Yiddish Jew Popes like John Paul II and Benedict. Satan comes to you dressed as an angel in light, and to this poor boy as well.

I am not telling you to do anything. But here is what I counsel. Do not meet with these people, especially alone. They can say and do anything to you including murder you. And they do that all the time. Murder is their answer to everything. Wait until this person becomes 18 and see if you can lure him away with goodness and love…. What fatherless boy does not want a father. But Satan murders them with their love. You will be doing no one any good, yourself and the boy, if you meet with evil people. It is impossible for such evil people to do any good because Satan is malicious. St. Thomas says Satan, since he was created an Archangel, could do good even after his fall, but Satan does not do good because he is malicious.

So pray the rosary every day and ask Mary through her Immaculate heart to free the boy from the lies of Satan. Only Mary can help you!

Deus Providebit!

Father Christopher Terry and a group of concerned Catholics have been keeping vigil on crimes by imposters, people using false identities, within the Catholic Church and Texas State Government. I’m adding information about New Orleans, and funny how the name Lopez keeps popping up.

I discovered a famous imposter in the process of trying to adopt the son of my good friend, now deceased, so I wrote to Father Terry concerning false identities and mind control victims.

Father Terry,

I hope you don’t mind my sharing this with you, but this false identity issue is affecting me big time right now. I’ve been dealing with the Texas Child Protective Services trying to adopt the 17 year old son of a deceased friend of mine.

I’ll keep this brief: I just discovered that my deceased friend, who went by April or Priscilla Rankin, is actually Nancy Sinatra, the daughter of Frank Sinatra, the man who made many enemies by producing the movie called the Manchurian Candidate. I could write a book with all the evidence, but Frank Sinatra’s grandson is stuck in a foster home in San Antonio. They are refusing now to let me speak to him.

There’s more to it, and of course it would take a bit of doing to physically prove all this, and I’m asking you, a total stranger, to take my word, but I think you are familiar enough with this to not question my sanity simply for reporting this. What do you think?

I’ve been holding back on publishing this subject because my blog is being monitored by Texas Child Protective Services while I make a bid for adopting this boy. The man who claims to be his father, and who prevented me from adopting him right after his mother’s death, is named Chris Lopez, a New Orleans businessman known to be very wealthy.

What wealthy man has the clout to put his son into a tax-payer funded foster home and also prevent a potential adoptive family from speaking to him, much less adopting him? Not only is this unethical, it’s also illegal. I knew a little bit about Lopez from the boy’s mother. This is something I just found out though:

A mentally-retarded boy under the influence of drugs in Metairie, La. was charged with the brutal butchery of his mother. The court date was 1999. The Louisiana Court document records that there were two ‘boys’ involved, old enough to drive, one named Chris Lopez. Both Lopez and his accomplice Julio Pena were never charged or even held under suspicion. The son of the victim was charged for committing a crime under the influence of drugs, even though he himself was also a victim of stabbing with a knife in the groin.

Someone by the name of Chris Lopez was identified by April as her one-time business partner in the New Orleans Courtyard Hotel, and she claimed he was the father of her son.

I tried to adopt April’s son three years ago because she made me promise to look after him shortly before she died. She told me often that April was not her real name, but I asked her not to tell me any secrets since I’m not good at keeping them.

According to her, Chris Lopez had stolen her interest in this New Orleans hotel property by having her sign documents while drugged. According to her, and he corroborates, she sold her right to collect child support for $35,000, resulting in her leaving his child to the taxpayers to support for the past 1o years. She lost custody of her son in Texas due to the after-effect of those drugs. She told me she has no recollection of how she came to be in Texas. I can testify that she had conflicting memories of her distant past. The Hotel in question is owned by a consortium based in Brooklyn, New York.

The alleged theft of her hotel property and the alleged drugging and loss of custody were all accomplished during the confusion of the Hurricane Katrina evacuation. Chris Lopez, who claims to be the father of her son, still lives in New Orleans and I’ve spoken to his sister, Tara who is deathly afraid of him, and she warned me three years ago to just do as he says and forget the adoption.

My concern is that the estate of Frank Sinatra is being used to fund ISIS terrorists. Wikipedia, notorious disinformation site, claims that Sinatra himself delivered bags of cash to terrorists while he was in Israel decades ago. This is beyond ridiculous on so many levels I won’t bother to refute it, but it does give me a clue as to what is being done with his money now. There were some who hated Sinatra for making the movie ‘Manchurian Candidate’, and this is clear when reading the FBI Freedom of Information Act files on Sinatra which contains newspaper clippings of the time. Sinatra was a big supporter of Israel, and yet these same people appear to be his enemies.

Sinatra’s estate includes music rights to songs that are so valuable as to not have a price. Sinatra helped create and promote The Beatles, Elvis, his daughter Nancy, and many other top musicians, writers and film producers. He also owned the gambling casinos where these artists performed, and an office building in Los Angeles.

Father Terry wrote to me:

“I have no reason to doubt your veracity. There is a story about the Texas Child Protective Services abuses and a civil suit against false identity Gov. Abbott at Houston Press.Com.. I read this, and having done so, I have no questions about the veracity of your story. Please read this story yourself.

What is happening to you, in your case, is happening to every child in the system without exception. If I can help you in anyway, please let me know. The TCPS is abduction reserve for Fr. Maciel/JPII’s Sinaloa Federation Cartel/ as well as Tilman Fertitta’s legacy Free State Galveston child sex slaving internet pornography and casino syndicate of which Cardinal Dinardo and CC, CRS, former. Gov. Perry, former AG Abbott, now Gov. who has never convicted anyone of Child Sex Slaving, are all campaign financed members of Tilman’s syndicate as well as the Barak/ Clinton/Bush/Carlos Slim Helu SFC.

Dinardo like Wuerl- a Fr. Maciel SFC and Pittsburg Zapalla Mafia associate- like Ted Cruz- to make his bones with the Fertitta Syndicate in 2006 was publicly silent through 2016 as local Bishop about the sale of an Archdiocesan owned Bank Property (Sterling Bank) used to money launder Fr. Maciel SFC proceeds since 1989 through the Archdiocese of Galveston Houston Chase Bank Account/Texas Commerce Bank, by the Catholic CEO John Bidgewater to Cecil Richards and Planned Parenthood to become the largest late-term out-patient abortion clinic in the Western World just a minute away from Dinardo’s newly paid for Exxon/Chase interfaith co-Cathedral.

Behind the scenes Dinardo orchestrated the sale to make his bones in the Fertitta Syndicate by providing logistics support for child sex slaving by promoting abortion, condoms, and STD treatment via the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Clinic I-45- also the national center of Planned Parenthood’s baby part sales. Dinardo has said not a word about this or anything every about Planned Parenthood.

Voris as an Illuminati double agent opus dei Manchurian Candidate is very destructive and satanic, he must be exposed relentlessly until like Cruz, he quits.

Deus Providebit!

I appeal to the public to simply look up the person who calls herself Nancy Sinatra today and compare her photos to the younger Nancy. Are they the same height? Do they have the same mannerisms, facial bio-metrics, and especially skin and hair type? You will find that they don’t. This fake Nancy looks much more like Mia Farrow in terms of skin and hair type, as well as mannerism. The real Nancy was very feminine and had a dainty way of walking. She had very cute and lovable mannerisms. She wasn’t famous for nothing. If you want to know how an inheritance scam works, it’s all portrayed for you in an early Nancy Sinatra movie called “The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini”. This movie was not produced by her father, but several of her cousins appear in the cast. I recognize them because they all run in the same circles in New Orleans.

Christopher Terry, May 7 (4 days ago) to me:

Do you know Carlos Marcelo?

I wrote:

Not personally. [My first husband knew him.] I’ve been told that he was actually a low level errand boy. Someone is lending their power to Chris Lopez. A wealthy father is not supposed to be able abandon their child to a foster home, essentially dumping his responsibility on the tax payer. It’s not legal.

Lopez is the name of the crypto-Jewish family that built Touro “Catholic” Church in downtown New Orleans, which has a giant Star of David stained-glass window. They had been kicked out long ago, but they snuck back in to N.O. to force the slave trade on people who had outlawed it.

I warned the boy not to accept any food or drink from him! The mafia in New Orleans is actually Jewish, not Italian. [They go to Jesuit High School and pretend to be Catholic.] Carlos Marcellos is a distraction from the fact that the mafia has Jewish roots.

Suzanne Broussard

May 9 (2 days ago)
to Cameron

This email is from a Catholic priest that is investigating Child Protective Services. I told him about Chris Lopez and this is what he sent me:

Message forwarded to the minor child of my friend April/Nancy in which Father Terry explains the history of the Lopez family and their connection to the slave trade:

Father Terry to me:

Thank you so much for that!

What a crucial piece you provide in regard to the Lopez family in New Orleans. I am so grateful to you for this crucial piece. Thank you! Carlos was just a killer. It was Meyer Lansky and I bet the Lopez family in N.O. that put the JFK assassination together for the Rothschild and Ben Gurion. Carlos, like Carlos Jr. the grandson, is a straight up killer, he was no criminal mastermind like Lansky, or Marrano Fr. Maciel and the Sinaloa Federation Cartel that with the Marrano “Samuel Bush” Bushes took out Carlos in 1984 after working with him to murder JFK.

Aaron Lopez a Portuguese Marrano in Portsmouth Rhode Island established in conjunction with the Rothschild the Atlantic African Slave trade in tandem with rum from the Caribbean, firearms, and beads made in Portsmouths. Until the 1980’s when the Rothschilds shipped it over to China with everything else, Portsmouth was the world’s leading designing and manufacturer of costume jewelry. The Dutch Marrano’s of New Amsterdam (New York) in 1660, though not colonial citizens used their financial muscle to legalize slavery in every colony.

New York was the first and greatest slave trading port in the Americas right up to the Civil War and even a bit beyond. Lopez established the first two Free Mason Lodges in the Colonies in 1750’s in Rhode Island.

Lopez would sell Indians rum (Lopez established the first rum distillery in North America) and guns and costume jewelry for furs. This caused war between the colonists and indians- the Jews are always causing wars. All wars are banker’s war-This allowed the Jews to take Indian land through “speculation” via English Pirates like G. Washington.

When selling Rum to Indians became illegal, Lopez switched to African slave trade- promoting war among the tribes in Africa, in the same way as he did in America with the Indians. Slaves were taken as prisoners of war in exchange for rum and guns.

Susan, I am so grateful for this information, thank you.

Deus Providebit!

Also, I sent you an updated list of 15 lies and cover ups making up the Michael Voris Deception. They are self evident lies. So please when you can, expose Michael Voris on you blog. I have no doubts Voris Opus Dei propaganda machine will not survive this revelation and is already showing strong signs of clashing and burning (in Hell). But I would appreciate for the sake of salvation of souls being mislead by Opus Dei, that you expose Voris when you have a moment to do so.

On Friday, May 6, 2016 7:17 PM, Suzanne Broussard

Father Terry,

I suspect that stealing inheritances is an on-going scam. I’m a victim of it myself. They may be putting children in foster homes and giving the inheritance to look-alikes, or otherwise stealing a person’s identity in order to get royalties or collect rents.

Also notice that Chris’ accomplice is named Julio Pena. This is almost the same name as the woman who tried to have Frank Sinatra arrested when they were young, and it seems she had a child for Frank. Her last name is said to be De La Penta, very much like Pena. It is this De La Penta’s later children and grandchildren that could have provided the look-alikes for the Sinatra scam. Her photo as a young mother looks very much like the (now old) woman that is claiming to be the first wife of Frank. It is Frank’s first wife Nancy, Sr. who is the grandmother of the boy I’m trying to adopt.

frankebrothrs.png The three sons of Antoinette Franck De La Penta, from an article on-line. The middle one looks much like Sinatra’s son, Frank, Jr.
Also, two weeks ago it was easy to find this court case involving Chris Lopez, but when I just did a search it didn’t show up.

At the end of this article is the original that I found on line, cut and pasted, complete with grammatical and spelling errors.

– See more at:

My experience with inheritance fraud in New Orleans results from my father’s mistake of hiring the international law firm Jones-Walker and thinking that one of the Professional Snakes that they employ was actually his friend. From an early age I was exposed to this fraud, so I am an eye-witness to how they infiltrated my family and ripped it apart. While in New Orleans, I was informed by a knowledgeable person that my father’s lawyer, a man by the name of Marcel Hebert, was well-known among the Jews as a ‘Rain Maker’. This is someone who pretends to be friends with his client, all the while milking the client and his family for every penny possible. I can tell you personally that these lawyers steal from life-long friends with great gusto. They laughed in my face after having brain-washed my father so thoroughly to hate his own family, turning him into the lonely victim of all the paid drug-addicts and ex-cons they surrounded him with.

Towards the end of his life, my father would only go to the Hebert house for holidays. He wouldn’t be with his own family. He appointed his lawyer’s son, Marc as executor of his estate and that was the end of that. Marc Hebert, the executor, was someone I used to babysit when we were younger and I had to correct and punish him because he was so evil even as child. He and his father laughed in my face at the funeral. Though I must admit that Marcelle Hebert the old man complained to me of suffering excruciating physical pain in the days after the funeral.

The evidence of my father having been murdered was hushed quickly, since I was left penniless and powerless. The witnesses refused to speak to me again after first informing me of all the many suspicious circumstances around his death. What held them back? All the money that my father had loaned out to people was now owed to one of the Snakes. Witnesses would have lost their homes and businesses if those notes had been called. The borrowing of money is the best way to make cowards of ourselves.

Father Terry’s basic research on Michael Voris should be done with every single person running for office or already in office, as well as members of the Catholic clergy and Texas Child Protective Services as well.
On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 9:48 AM,
Christopher Terry
I wrote the current blog on Voris exposing him as a Opus Dei
Dutch Murrano Illuminati Vatican Manchurian Candidate
propaganda ploy.

I completely stand behind my latest blog on the Voris Deception, as well as one
I wrote on The Michael Voris Deception and the Murder of Fr.
Nicklaus Gruner that I wrote right after the Vatican
Illuminati murdered Fr. Gruner what 8 months ago now.

As always I am ashamed of enthusiastically telling Catholics as
a priest and religious to listen to Michael Voris before
vetting him as the Stanton Island Catholic Blog did back in

There are so many similarities between Voris, Barak Obama, and Ted Cruz
and their False Identities, Francis’ false identity as
Pope. I am sure this is all Illuminati espionage via Double
Agent, thus False Identity, as False Flag to destroy
Christendom and the Papacy.

Just to read through this list
will immediately convince even the most devout church of
Voris dupe that they have been had by an Opus Dei propaganda
media Manchurian Candidate.

Here is a copy of my email correspondence with Texas Child Protective Services over the past month or so, and finally a refusal on my part to allow them on my property due to the fact they give addictive drugs to minors, and that their word cannot be trusted:

This correspondence was going fine until I asked Cameron to go to the library and do some research. After he did that, things went downhill.

Baird,Mary E (DFPS) via

Mary E. Baird
Apr 7
to me

“He is eager to talk to you and interested in Hawaii. But when he tried the number I gave him, it did not go through. His email is You can email him as a way to get to know you. I looked you up and found the Acadian information. You are quite the historian. I too find the role of the Catholic Church in the history books usually inaccurate when written by Protestants.”

Suzanne Broussard
Apr 30 (11 days ago)

to Mary

I’m wondering why I haven’t heard back from anyone, including Cameron.

Baird,Mary E (DFPS) via
May 2 (9 days ago)

to me

I got a call from him that he hasn’t been able to reach you by phone. Did you have a change of numbers? We are planning on a trip to see you in June. We are also working on other family relationships and trying to develop a family tree. We can’t start anything until you actually interact with Cameron and see how you all get along. He does have problem behaviors that are an issue.

Suzanne Broussard
May 3 (8 days ago)

to Mary

He had been calling me at 337-xxx-xxxx and I’ve tested it so it’s working. He can also leave a message at 337-xxx, or he can email me. I have a lot to talk to him about, and I miss his calls. Thanks for letting me know, but I don’t understand why his phone calls aren’t getting through. Hopefully we’ll figure this out.

Suzanne Broussard <>
May 3 (8 days ago)

to Cameron

Hi Cameron,
Mary told me that you were calling me and the call wasn’t getting through. I also sent you a few emails and haven’t heard back from you. I don’t have a phone number for you, so here is my contact information that I just sent to Mary:

Baird,Mary E (DFPS) via
May 4 (7 days ago)

to TWalker, Misty, Rosendo, me

His guardian ad litem does not favor this contact at this time. We are still in the process of gathering data about his family and have learned that Chris Lopez paid a lot of money in child support to Cameron’s mother for a time which helped support her and her mother and may have provided her with the means to get the tummy tuck which resulted in a pain killer addiction and issues with alcohol.

Chris is not responsible for her addiction but what she did with the money is. We want to do a lot more exploration of family history and am trying to get into conversation with Tara Foto for background information to develop a genogram on the father’s side of the family. Your theories and stories are muddying the issues at the moment though your references check out, and we are still planning on a visit in June if the arrangements can be made.

Please let me know where you will be staying so we can visit. There are also some restrictions on his phone calls as he is being required to turn in his phone before bed as he was up in the middle of the night messing with it and disturbing others in the room. We are going to lay out all we find out for him later in the month and decide where to head for permanency.

His Aunt, a relative, has expressed an interest in his living with her and being a permanent contact for him which would be a lot closer for his education in Texas than Hawaii. He knows you care about him, and that is a good thing. Cameron has an active imagination and a love of intrigue, but the realities are what he has to learn to understand and face about the past so he can move toward the future. Your conversations are confusing him so I am not encouraging contact at this time. It is not a reflection on you but a necessity so we can give him facts about the past and not theories.
From: Suzanne Broussard
Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2016 1:23 PM
To: Baird,Mary E (DFPS)
Subject: Re: Cameron

Suzanne Broussard <>
May 4 (7 days ago)

to Mary, TWalker, Misty, Rosendo, bcc: Cameron

You’re saying that you were already doing an investigation into his family history before I contacted you? I’m not sure what that has to do with my adopting him. Since our contact was so limited, and so abruptly halted, many questions and misconceptions were left hanging, and I was hoping to be able to clear that up and learn more about him.

Suzanne Broussard

Baird,Mary E (DFPS) via
May 4 (7 days ago)

to me

I will certainly let you know when it is arranged. I plan to come with him and get a rental in Lafayette.

From: Suzanne Broussard
Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2016 6:51 PM
To: Baird,Mary E (DFPS)
Cc: Trisha Walker; Misty Tiller; Rodriguez,Rosendo F (DFPS)
Subject: Re: Cameron

Suzanne Broussard <>
May 4 (7 days ago)

to Mary

He’s forbidden to speak with me until you arrive in Lafayette? Isn’t that kind of strange?

Baird,Mary E (DFPS) via
May 4 (7 days ago)

to me

Not necessarily

Sent from Mary’s iPhone

Suzanne Broussard
May 6 (5 days ago)

to Cameron

Between you and I Cameron, this doesn’t surprise me at all. Now you know.
The good news is that you’ll soon be 18 and we’ll be able to talk more about everything. I barely had a chance to talk to you before the big Shut Down, and there’s a lot left hanging. I’ll see you in New Orleans hopefully this summer.

Hang in there and be courageous and most of all, be smart.

Remember that your mother loved you more than anything and talked to me about you many times. She not only talked but she was very distressed about losing you. I felt very sorry for her and you too, so I send you her love. I’m hopeful that we’ll get to the truth of all this real soon.

My Final Letter to Texas Child Protective Services written and sent today:

6:19 PM (0 minutes ago)

to: “Baird,Mary E (DFPS)” <>,
“Trisha Walker (” <>,
Misty Tiller <>,
“Rodriguez,Rosendo F (DFPS)” <>


Are you aware that Texas Child Protective Services is generally known as a notorious kidnapping operation? I’ve met many of your victims, adults now and it’s a sad situation. The irony of having to be inspected and approved by such a heartless operation in order to adopt a child is just too much. This is a situation that cries out for complete honesty and here it is.

After inspecting your operation, I’ve decided that I don’t want anyone from Texas Child Protective Services to come near my house or my person. I am horrified that since I’ve tried to adopt this child you’ve decided to increase his medications and deny him access to speak to me. This is in direct contradiction to your earlier words to me that we should take some time to talk and get to know each other. I don’t trust any of you now and I don’t feel safe meeting with you or anyone from your office in any location.

Of course I still would like to get Cameron to a safe environment. I am totally and completely against any kind of drug use, I asked him not to take drugs, he promised me he wouldn’t, and now you give him the drugs? And you want to set yourselves up as judge of me? The child needs to be rescued from you actually. I am aware that he was taken from his grandmother for climbing a tree in the back yard.

I will be putting out an appeal for a good family to adopt him. It took your operation about one week to flip the script and turn me into the bad guy with Cameron. You’ve already undermined my authority with him by telling him that I’m ‘crazy’, and you’re allowing Chris Lopez to tell him lies about his mother even though both I and his sister informed you that he basically threatened our lives if either of us adopt him.

Why are you defending Chris Lopez, a man who claims to be his father yet has left him in a foster home for 11 years? That is not even legal to do. You haven’t even done a paternity test on him, yet you give him priority over me, and you expect the taxpayer to foot the bill for this shady business.

How long before you’d come up with some excuse to put me in jail? You’ve already told Cameron that I’m crazy, even though you admit in your correspondence that all of my references checked out. Do you do this to everyone who tries to adopt a child? Am I just trying to be approved by a bunch of criminals?

I am appealing to the general public to watch out for Cameron Rankin in a San Antonio foster home, and to be aware of his situation. Our correspondence is now public. It’s time for Texas Child Protective Services to be scrutinized and criticized the way you’ve been doing to others for generations now.

The public needs to know what kind of drugs and in what quantity you are giving this minor. They need to know how addictive those drugs are and what kind of horror a person has to go through to get off of them. Do you people ever think about such things?

Now I’ve done my duty of warning you and speaking the hard truth. Maybe you’ll repent and do the right thing, or maybe someone will try to get revenge on me, I put us both in God’s protection. As of now I wash my hands of your operation and hopefully soon I will never have to deal with this kind of disrespect from a government agency ever again. Cameron will be 18 soon. I and others now will be watching out for him, as I promised his mother I would do.

Suzanne Broussard

sent to Public Employee Mary Baird, Texas Child Protective Services

CVS Specialist IV

2538 Castroville Road

San Antonio, TX 78237

Phone: 210-431-5612

Cell: 210-410-1795

FAX: 512-934-9641

aprilcropped This is April.

Full Text of Court Case Summary:

Court of Appeal of Louisiana,Fifth Circuit.

STATE of Louisiana v. Joseph J. REVADER.

No. 98-KA-1268.

Decided: May 19, 1999

Panel composed of Judges SOL GOTHARD, JAMES L. CANNELLA and THOMAS F. DALEY. Sandra C. Jenkins, Louisiana Appellate Project, New Orleans, Louisiana, Attorney for Appellant Joseph Revader. Paul D. Connick, Jr., District Attorney, 24th Judicial District, Parish of Jefferson, Rebecca J. Becker, Counsel of record on appeal, Terry Boudreaux, Michael Scott Futrell, James F. Scott, III, Assistant District Attorneys, Gretna, Louisiana, Attorneys for Appellee State of Louisiana.

Defendant, Joseph J. Revader, appeals from his conviction of second degree murder and his sentence to life imprisonment at hard labor without benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence.   For the reasons which follow, we affirm and remand.

On February 17, 1998, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office received a telephone call from a woman in Florida, requesting that an officer check on her mother, Blanche White.   The woman stated that she had not been able to contact her mother for a couple of days and that her brother, Joseph Revader, who lived with their mother, had been making excuses about why their mother could not come to the phone.   In response to the telephone call, Officer Joseph Ventola was dispatched to apartment # 301 at 2200 Severn Avenue, Metairie, where Blanche White resided.   The officer knocked on the door.   The defendant responded and allowed Officer Ventola inside.   The officer inquired as to the whereabouts of  Blanche White and was told by defendant that she was in Boutte, Louisiana, visiting relatives.   Defendant seemed calm and Officer Ventola noted that there were two other boys in the apartment watching television.   The officer and defendant went to the kitchen to telephone defendant’s sister, who had made the police contact.   The defendant explained to his sister that their mother was in Boutte.   Officer Ventola testified that he spoke with the woman and, although she stated that she had telephoned all of her mother’s relatives and friends in Boutte and could not locate her mother, she seemed satisfied with her brother’s explanation.   Officer Ventola stated that, as a result of the conversation, he got the impression that there might have been a problem between Blanche White and her daughter and that she might have been in the apartment simply refusing to speak with her daughter.   Therefore, he asked the defendant if he could look around the apartment.   The defendant agreed and permitted the officer to go into the bedroom.   The officer stated that he took a few steps into the bedroom, did not see anyone, did not see anything suspicious and then left the apartment.

After Officer Ventola left the apartment, the defendant became very nervous and confessed to his two friends, Chris Lopez and Julio Pena, that he had killed his mother.   He showed the boys two knives and some bloody clothing that was in a bag in the hall closet.   Defendant then brought the boys into the bedroom, moved some weight equipment and lifted up a throw rug, exposing bloody carpet.   Defendant then lifted the mattress and the boys saw a part of a human body.   Thereafter, defendant asked the boys to drive him across the river.   The boys drove the defendant across the river by some railroad tracks, as defendant requested.   The boys returned to Metairie, to Chris Lopez’s apartment, which was near defendant’s, and telephoned the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office  to report the homicide.

Officer Jody Fruchtnicht responded to the call and interviewed the two boys.   They told him that the defendant had told them that he had killed his mother and that they had seen the bloody clothing, knives and the body, hidden under the bed in the bedroom.   Because they were afraid of being implicated, the boys told the officer that they had left the defendant at the apartment, instead of telling him that they had driven him across the river.

Officer Fruchtnicht then went to defendant’s apartment and knocked on the door.   When no one answered, he tried the knob.   The door was unlocked, so he went inside of the apartment.   He looked around the apartment for defendant.   When the officer entered the bedroom, he immediately noticed that the room was covered with blankets and sheets.   He pulled back part of a sheet and noticed a red substance on the floor which he believed to be blood.   The officer then lifted the mattress on the bed and observed a large, rolled up rug.   Unrolling part of the rug, the officer smelled a rancid odor and observed a part of the victim’s body.   Officer Fruchtnicht then secured the area and the apartment and notified his headquarters of what he had found.

The investigation was then turned over to the detective bureau.   Officer Don English was next on the scene.   After speaking with Officer Fruchtnicht, Officer English entered the apartment with crime scene technicians.   The bedroom was photographed as found and at various stages of the investigation as the body was discovered and unwrapped.   The officer also searched the hall closet and found a Macy’s bag containing a white bloodstained bathrobe, two knives, an empty bottle of a cleaning agent and a bottle of white liquid paper.   A bloodstained pair of men’s jockey shorts was found in the closet along with a pair  of white socks with what appeared to be liquid paper on them.   After speaking to the two boys, Officer English obtained an arrest warrant for the defendant.

Two days later, on February 19, 1997, Officer Lauren Chaisson, employed by the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office, stopped the defendant as he was walking down P. Thibodeaux Lane in Thibodeaux, Louisiana.   Officer Chaisson had been sent there in response to a suspicious person call and the defendant met the description given of the suspect.   Defendant told the officer that he had no identification.   The officer then conducted a pat down search and discovered a wallet and a large amount of cash.   The wallet contained a credit card issued to Blanche White.   Defendant told the officer that the credit card had been loaned to him.   The officer checked with her dispatcher for any outstanding warrants.   Next, Officer Mark Matranga arrived on the scene and Officer Chaisson told him what had transpired.   The dispatcher informed the officers that nothing showed up on the defendant.   The officers asked the defendant if his mother or a relative could come and pick him up.   Defendant told Officer Matranga that his mother was dead.   The officers decided further inquiry should be made concerning defendant.   They handcuffed defendant to make further inquiry.

Officer Dennis Thornton of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office received information that defendant had been picked up in Lafourche Parish.   He and Officer English went to Lafourche Parish to arrest the defendant and bring him back to Jefferson Parish.   Defendant waived his rights, after being informed of them and made two separate statements to the officers.   In his first statement, he denied killing his mother, stating that he had nothing to do with it and only learned of his mother’s death from seeing it reported on television.   In his second statement, defendant admitted that he killed his mother by stabbing her and  hitting her with a dumbbell.

On April 3, 1997, the Jefferson Parish Grand Jury indicted the defendant on one count of second degree murder, in violation of La. R.S. 14:30.1. The defendant was 17 at the time the crime was committed.   On April 4, 1997, at arraignment, the defendant pled not guilty.

On May 2, 1997, the defendant requested appointment of a sanity commission to determine whether he was competent to stand trial.   On June 12, 1997, a sanity hearing was held and, at its conclusion, the trial judge found that the defendant was competent to stand trial.

On August 29, 1997, the defendant withdrew his former plea of not guilty and entered a plea of not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity.   A jury trial was held from May 11 through 14, 1998.   The jury found the defendant guilty as charged.   Written polling of the jury reflected that 10 of the 12 jurors concurred in the result.   On May 29, 1998, the trial judge sentenced the defendant to serve life imprisonment at hard labor, without benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence.   Following sentencing, the defendant filed a motion for an appeal, which the trial judge granted.

On appeal defendant assigns two errors.


By this assignment of error defendant argues that trial counsel was ineffective for failing to file a pretrial motion to suppress the evidence:  a bloody bathrobe, two knives, a pair of bloodstained men’s jockey shorts, a bottle of cleaning agent and a bottle of liquid paper, all seized at the defendant’s apartment.

The State argues that, contrary to defendant’s assertions, trial counsel did  file a motion to suppress the physical evidence, but abandoned it at the hearing on the motion.   The State also argues that the defense has failed to show how trial counsel’s conduct was deficient or that the deficient performance prejudiced the defense so as to deprive the defendant of a fair trial.

Generally, the issue of ineffective assistance of counsel is a matter more properly addressed by an application for post-conviction relief where an evidentiary hearing may be conducted.  State v. Cousan, 94-2503 (La.11/25/96), 684 So.2d 382;  State v. Pendelton, 96,367 ( La.App. 5th Cir. 5/28/97), 696 So.2d 144, writ denied, 97-1714 (La.12/19/97), 706 So.2d 450.   Where the issue is raised on appeal and the record discloses sufficient evidence to rule on the merits, the reviewing court may address its merits in the interest of judicial economy.  Cousan, supra;  Pendelton, supra.   However, where the issue is linked to counsel’s choices for trial strategy, an evaluation of the claim of ineffectiveness can best be made after an evidentiary hearing.  State v. Zapata, 97-1230 ( La.App. 5th Cir. 5/27/98), 713 So.2d 1152, writ denied, 98-1766 (La.11/06/98), 727 So.2d 443.

A defendant is entitled to effective assistance of counsel under the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I, § 13 of the Louisiana Constitution of 1974.   In assessing a claim of ineffectiveness, a two-pronged test is employed.   The defendant must show (1) that his counsel’s performance was deficient, that is, that counsel made errors so serious that counsel was not functioning as the “counsel guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment” and (2) that the deficient performance prejudiced the defense, that is, that the errors were so serious as to deprive petitioner of a fair trial.   Strickland v. Washington, 466 U.S. 668, 104 S.Ct. 2052, 80 L.Ed.2d 674 (1984);  State v. Brooks, 94-2438  La.10/16/95), 661 So.2d 1333.

The record in this case indicates, contrary to the defense assertions on appeal, that trial counsel did not fail to file a pretrial motion to suppress the physical evidence.   Such a motion was filed, combined with a motion to suppress the confession.   However, at the hearing on the motion, the district attorney stated:

The state also understands that there are no other suppression issues that the defense wishes to raise, except for the statements that we spoke of in chambers before voir dire.   Is that correct?

Whereupon defense counsel answered:

That’s correct, your Honor.

Thus, rather that failing to assert the motion to suppress the physical evidence, the record indicates that trial counsel withdrew the motion or waived it.   We find that these actions fall into the category of trial strategy by defense counsel and, as such, under State v. Zapata, supra, are best considered by post-conviction application with an evidentiary hearing.

We are bolstered in this view by considering the record in its entirety.   Defendant pled not guilty by reason of insanity.   His defense was not that he did not commit the crime, but that he committed it because of mental infirmity due to mental illness and past aggressive acts committed on him by the victim.   Based on this defense, trial counsel could have decided that the physical evidence in question, the bathrobe, two knives, boxer shorts, cleaning agent and liquid paper, strengthened this defense rather than hindered it.1  Any prejudice suffered by defendant as a result of the admission of this evidence is not readily apparent.

Therefore, we find that the issue of trial counsel’s ineffectiveness, based on the record before us, is better left to post conviction review where a hearing can be conducted and a record for review prepared.


By this assignment of error defendant argues that the trial court erred in finding him competent to stand trial.   More specifically, defendant argues that the trial court ruled on his competency under the greater standard of clear and convincing evidence, when the defendant was only required to prove his incompetence by a preponderance of the evidence.

Defendant argues that La.C.Cr.P. art.   648(A), which provides that the defendant’s incompetency must be proven by clear and convincing evidence, has been determined to be unconstitutional, relying on Cooper v. Oklahoma, 517 U.S. 348, 116 S.Ct. 1373, 134 L.Ed.2d 498 (1996).   Defendant further relies on the Louisiana Supreme Court decision in State v. Frank, 96-1136 (La.10/4/96), 679 So.2d 1365, which held:

The Supreme Court’s decision in Cooper v. Oklahoma, 517 U.S. 348, 116 S.Ct. 1373, 134 L.Ed.2d 498 (1996) makes clear that La.C.Cr.P. art.   648(A), as amended by 1990 La.Acts. No. 755, violates the Due Process Clause to the extent that it requires the defendant in a criminal prosecution to prove his incompetency to stand trial by clear and convincing evidence.  Cooper has returned Louisiana to this Court’s jurisprudential rule that a criminal defendant need prove his incapacity to proceed only by a clear preponderance of the evidence.  State v. Brooks, 541 So.2d 801, 805 (La.1989);  State v. Machon, 410 So.2d 1065, 1067 (La.1982).

Thus, defendant argues that the trial courts use of La.C.Cr.P. art.   648(A) to judge his incompetency for trial was reversible error.

Defendant would be correct in his argument if it were borne out by the  record.   Use of the clear and convincing standard by the trial court in determining defendant incompetency to stand trial would be error.   The problem with defendant’s argument in this case is that there is absolutely no showing in the record that the trial court relied on the wrong standard in deciding whether defendant had met his burden of showing that he was incompetent to stand trial.

Following the hearing and submission by both sides of the matter for decision, the trial court stated:

Okay. Well, based on the testimony of the doctors, the court finds that Mr. Revader does have the capacity to understand the proceedings against him and has the ability to assist in his defense and meets all of the requisite criteria.   Consequently, the court will set this matter for trial.

Therefore, we find no record evidence to support defendant’s claim herein that the trial court used the wrong standard in deciding whether he was competent to stand trial.   The regularity of judicial proceedings is presumed unless rebutted by evidence.  La. R.S. 15:432.

Moreover, in reviewing the record on appeal, we find ample evidence to support a finding that the defendant failed to show, by a preponderance of the evidence, that he was incompetent to stand trial.

Dr. Barbara McDermott, a clinical psychologist, was appointed by the trial court to conduct a mental status examination of defendant.   Upon stipulation of both parties, Dr. McDermott was accepted by the trial court as an expert in the fields of psychology and forensic evaluations.   In addition to a two and one-half hour interview with defendant, Dr. McDermott reviewed defendant’s prior medical history, psychiatric history, family history, substance abuse history and legal history.   She testified that, in her opinion, defendant (1) was able to  understand the nature of the charge against him, (2) understands the seriousness of that charge, (3) understands the defenses that are available to him, (4) is able to distinguish between a guilty plea and a not guilty plea and the consequences of each, (5) is aware of his legal rights, (6) understands the possible verdicts that could be rendered against him, (7) is able to recall and relate facts pertaining to the crime with which he is charged and his actions concerning the crime, (8) is able to assist counsel in locating and examining witnesses, (9) will be able to maintain a consistent defense with his attorney, (10) will be able to make simple decisions in response to well-explained alternatives, (11) is capable of testifying at his trial and (12) is capable of undergoing the stress of the trial without problem.   She concluded that, in her opinion, defendant was able to understand the proceedings and to assist in his defense.

In cross examination it was brought out that defendant lacked some mental capacity because he had failed in school and was in special education classes.   It was also brought out that defendant had received psychiatric treatment briefly in the past and had been prescribed antidepressants, although he was not taking them at the time of the interview or at the time of the homicide.   It was also brought out that his mother physically abused him.   The defense presented no witnesses.   Thus, there was no rebuttal of Dr. McDermott’s findings.

Accordingly, we find no evidence that the trial judge applied the wrong standard in making his determination regarding defendant’s competency to stand trial and, further, we find that, based on the record before us, defendant has not proven his incompetency to stand trial by a preponderance of the evidence.

This assignment of error has no merit.


We have reviewed this case for errors patent and find that the trial court erred in failing to properly advise the defendant of the prescriptive period for post conviction relief as set out in La.C.Cr.P. art. 930.8.

In the present case the trial judge informed the defendant that he had “three years from today’s date in which to file any post conviction relief.”   Defendant should have been advised that he had three years following the finality of the judgment of conviction and sentence.  La.C.Cr.P. art. 930.8;  State v. Carter, 96-358 (La.App. 5th Cir. 11/26/96), 685 So.2d 346.

Therefore, we instruct the trial court to send appropriate written notice to defendant of the correct statement of the law regarding the prescriptive period for post conviction relief and to file written proof in the record that defendant received the notice.   See State v. Kershaw, 94-141 (La.App. 5th Cir. 9/14/94), 643 So.2d 1289.

Accordingly, for the reasons set out above, defendant’s conviction of second degree murder and his sentence to life imprisonment at hard labor without benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence are affirmed.   The case is remanded to the district court to provide proof in the record of defendant’s receipt of appropriate notice, under La.C.Cr.P. art. 930.8, of the prescriptive period for post conviction relief.



1.  The facts that there was blood on defendant’s boxer shorts indicating that he had stabbed himself in the groin and that he tried to hide the blood splatters on the beige wall with white liquid paper, could have supported the defense theory of the case.

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