Anti American Propaganda, Treason and Patent Theft Report

It’s a shame that Trump’s effort to end child sex slavery and drug trafficking is condemned in the treasonous media, even on supposedly US military websites.

America is wrongly criticized for using its “strong arm” to stop a world wide criminal enterprise that threatens every single one of us.

Everyone has been affected by illegal drugs, over-prescribed opium, abduction of children by child protective services, IRS confiscation abuse and illegality, medical malpractice, sinful laws against cannabis, to name a few results of Gangster Monopoly of everything.

“Bending to the will of the United States”, as it’s called by the criminals in media, is necessary in our attempt to save humanity from total destruction, and this is not a bad thing.

The theft of American inventions by the British Crown Pirates is at the root of the threatened world destruction.  Theft of inventions for military use and spying began in Elizabethan England.

At first it impoverished families and forced them from their homes in Christian Europe. This fact is behind the story of the slave girl named Miller or Mueller who was white and purchased by a black man named Porter.

The court case that I read in the Louisiana Historical Quarterly revealed that she had been traveling from Germany to America with her father and that the father died along the way.  She was left alone and sold. When her family in America found her, Porter bribed the New Orleans judge who ruled that she should remain enslaved to the negro who then brought her to San  Francisco.

This is the kind of thing that happened after criminalization of the home production of everything necessary to human health and well-being.  People simply ran out of money to buy things that they could have made at home, then they lost their homes and had to leave their country.

Theft of America’s inventions has the same results, and it now makes total censorship possible and easily done.

Unlike America’s strong arm campaign against slavery, internet censorship is a bad thing.  Here’s an online place to report censorship, established by the Trump Administration.

The problem of censorship of conservatives is now a national emergency, declared by Trump:






Full stories:

Trump Declares National Emergency For Information and Communication Technology

This next link is a very important report linking Mueller to continual treason against America together with a top level British Crown family who has various names and genders, one of which is a female named Sambai.  Please share.

Citizens Release Treason Report

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