When Outlaws Establish Democracy

In a homogeneous society, in other words, in a tribal society that follows its own laws, voting and majority rule might have worked.  However, the subversive agents are expert at manipulating people into rebellions, and they infiltrate every thing.  What they really don’t do well is just about anything productive and positive.  The power and genius of outlaw gangs is all geared towards destruction.  After they succeed in their takeover, the chaos and destruction is total.  Nothing good is ever created by Satanists.

A report appeared in the last few days, which is a continuation of the Aurbach report that led me to Gus Weill and the democratic elections in the regions controlled by the Taliban.

Their strategy, according to accusations, was to organize the votes of various outlaw gangs in order to get their own outlaw government into position.

Since these politicians are elected by outlaw gangs, they in turn support these criminals and even have incentive then to create more criminal groups in order to get their votes.

I personally know about the various strategies used by political campaigns to harness the votes of groups looking for their own advantage at the expense of everyone else. It’s a method of making the rest of us pay for our opponents’ vote buying.  This procedure makes democracy dysfunctional.  Another way needs to be found, now that our government and population is largely composed of people who despise those of us whose roots in America go so deep as to not be discovered.

KABUL (Reuters) – Afghanistan’s parliament descended into chaos on Sunday when lawmakers brawled over the appointment of a new speaker, an inauspicious start to the assembly which was sitting for the first time since chaotic elections last year…(continued)


The British Crown is no different from Obama, Holder, Clinton, Biden’s, Kerry, Bushes, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and the Selim family. They are being removed as I write.  Their war against law and order is an ancient war.  They want slavery, child brides and a large supply of human body parts and blood at reasonable prices.  
Notice that the woman on the right, identified earlier as an Aurbach, resembles Samantha Powers.  This photo is from the 1980’s I think.
Gus Weill is the author of this book.  His admirers call him the “father of Public Relations”.
Gus Weill [Willis] with two of his grandchildren who luckily did not get thrown into the melting pot and eaten, like so many unfortunate innocent children.
Tacky then, tacky now.
Some comments have questioned whether this is a woman or a man. She calls herself Samantha Powers, cute code name.



“…Results of last October’s parliamentary election were only finalized earlier this month after repeated technical and organizational problems and widespread accusations of fraud.”

This incident “underscored the turmoil in Afghan politics”.

The report states that presidential elections take place in the shadow of talks between U.S. diplomats and the Taliban.  One of these two groups is the outlaw and judging by the record on poppy production, I’d say it’s not the Taliban.

A worldwide criminal organization, which is actually the British Crown if you think about it, utilizes embassies around the world as their office buildings, and US Military as their criminal enforcement army.

I’ve monitored the messages sent out on Twitter by Embassies all over the world, and they are all war mongering against America.  The Israelis send out anti Christian messages constantly.  Embassies everywhere send out subtle and constant messages blaming America for everything, whether allied with us officially or not.  This needs to be stopped immediately, or else shut down the embassies.

Announcements of a new phase of the Trump strategy have been appearing.  This is the time of the Offensive.  Great.


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