5G Should

It pains me to listen to the FCC…

FCC Commissioner touts merger of T-Mobile, Sprint as boost to America’s 5G rollout

…talking as if wireless 5G would give us CONSUMERS more choices.  I’m beginning to be very suspicious of people who call us ‘consumers’.

The huge painful irony is that they proceed with this while censorship of the subject is in full force. No choice as to whether this marvelous 5G is or is not blasted all around us.  Not a single public discussion about it.  Though even with that mythological discussion we can be certain that only the stupidest of opinions would prevail.

Censorship protects the Stupid.

First of all, use of fiber optic cables buried under ground has not been  presented as an option for delivery of 5G.

Why does it have to be wireless? Precisely because it’s easy to hack?  And because of what else those delivery towers can deliver in terms of crowd control, pinpointed targeting of homes, advanced mind control?  Of course.

Second, we all know that the FCC has not made “consumer choice” a concern, ever since the Bushes gutted the protection that was the reason for its existence in the beginning.  That protection once prevented monopoly ownership and foreign ownership of America’s media.  Undoing these regulations was the death knell for America, the most treasonous action ever allowed here, amongst so much treason in government.

Now our mortal enemies own all of our media outlets and they control the fcc  —.




FCC Commissioner touts merger of T-Mobile, Sprint as boost to America’s 5G rollout

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