Make up Artist Guilt

White House Spokesperson Kelly Anne Conway pointed out that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi treats her like “a makeup artist”.

Here’s the context:

When she was finished I said, respectfully, ‘Madam Speaker, would you like to address some of the specifics the president talked about,’” Conway recounted in an interview on Fox News.

According to Conway, Pelosi shot back: “I don’t — I talk to the president, I don’t talk to staff.”

Conway said she shrugged off the interaction.

“Because let’s face it, she is the sixth-most rich member of Congress, she treats everybody like they’re her staff,” she claimed. “She treats me like I’m either her maid or her driver or her pilot or her makeup artist and I’m not.”

Arlene’s mastery was in making up men to look like women, and this facilitated the destruction of our lives and hers.  Makeup artists are at the root of our problems.  What would all these career criminals do without them? What would happen if no makeup artist could be found one day?  Wouldn’t we all love to see this crew with no makeup!

Makeup restrictionists have already begun by socially outlawing the use of “blackface”.  The problem begins then, at what point does the darker makeup actually become “black face”.  Would we need government inspectors to determine this?  Would a blonde person made up to look like an olive skinned Mediterranean person be breaking the socially enforced ban on black face?  Notice that all of these new social rules require government inspectors for enforcement?

Kamala Harris is especially good at inventing new reasons for government inspectors to be in our business.  Here’s what I have to say about that:


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