Pelosi and Censorship

There was a press conference on May 22, 2019 where Nancy Pelosi was standing alongside Schumer and many others.  I watched it right before falling asleep Wednesday night Pacific time.

I’ve spent a long time searching and my search term included the complete date. The search results are censored. YouTube gives me a shaded screen and prevents me from even entering precise search terms.  Today I see a big media promotion of another press conference where she’s standing alone at the podium and wearing bright pink.

So what happened, what are they hiding? I’ll tell you what I saw.

If anyone thinks today’s pink suit press conference was bad, I can tell you it was a huge improvement over the 5/22/19 event.  She looked so shocked and weak, rambling incoherently and I actually felt sorry for her.  Then I fell asleep and thought about it first thing this morning.  I can only find a small portion of it on C-span YouTube channel, but that’s when YouTube prevents further searching.

These crooks are completely dependent upon censorship.


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