Feeding the Enemy

When you read or hear people say that “We buy a lot more China products than they buy from us,” remember that what they buy from us is food and energy.  What we buy from them is symbolized by the plastic turd:

“Find great deals on eBay for plastic turd. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay Logo”

In other words, we either don’t need it or we once made it better ourselves in America.  Who’s decision was it anyway to move all manufacturing to countries with no oil and gas, and insufficient food for the people?

Even before the imminent food shortages in China and all Asia, there is the unavoidable history of communist economies always going bust after a long decline.  Add to that inevitability this Zerohedge report:

“Last, and certainly not least, is what we said back in January represented a “tectonic shift” in China’s economy, when we observed that this year, for the first time in history, China’s current account deficit will turn negative meaning that China will henceforth need financing from the rest of the world, and specifically the US. Which is why, as we said five months ago, it is not Beijing that has leverage over the US, but rather the US whose ability – and desire – to allocate capital to China could mean all the difference for China’s economic growth, or lack thereof.”

Full report link: https://so-l.ru/news/y/2019_05_06_why_trump_has_all_the_leverage_in_china

I  watch cloud formations on the Pacific rim daily and the past few months have seen a huge increase.  Some of that is going to the Midwest and has prevented Spring planting of wheat.  Large quantities of wheat reserves in America held back from the previous year’s low prices were immediately sold to China at below market prices, just when the prices should logically have risen.  But high water was preventing both loading of grain and delivery of fertilizer at a crucial time.

At the same time as the midwestern flooding, an epidemic of  swine disease was reported from China.  What poetic justice in that the name of this plague is African Swine Fever, considering that the Chinese have considered Africa to be their own. ever since they’ve had our stolen profits available to pay the mercenaries.

“China is the first Asian country to have detected African swine fever. The epidemic has already spread to other parts of Asia, including Vietnam.

Lai Shiow-suey, a Taiwanese veterinary expert, told Radio Free Asia in an interview on Dec. 27 that African swine fever virus is “a pig’s HIV” and it is very difficult to wipe out…

The virus is still present in 17 European countries as of today.

Currently, there are no effective vaccines or treatments for African swine fever. The virus can survive in frozen pork for 1,000 days. The epidemic is highly contagious and has a high mortality rate

Lai believes the swine fever may plague China for dozens of years or about 100 years.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released data on April 17 which shows that the swine fever epidemic may cause China’s pig production to drop from 710 million last year to about 200 million this year.”

Here’s a full report at the Epoch Times from April, a month ago:


The prophecies warning of famine should be taken seriously by those who refuse to humble themselves before God Almighty.

From Wikipedia:

“In the early 20th century, reform-minded officials and intellectuals attacked all religions as “superstitious”, and since 1949, China has been governed by the Communist Party of China, an atheist institution that prohibits party members from practicing religion while in office. In the culmination of a series of atheistic and anti-religious campaigns already underway since the late 19th century, the Cultural Revolution against old habits, ideas, customs and culture, lasting from 1966 to 1976, destroyed or forced them underground.[4][5]”

As a way to punish America, the Chinese Communist government- owned businesses have issued a prohibition against purchasing American products and traveling to America.  Because of their social grading system, the threat that people  will lose their jobs for disobeying is real.  The system has been tested and has successfully denied people the right to use public transportation including airplanes.  This total control of the law abiding majority by a small minority of professional criminals is prettied up by pretending that it’s only about payment of overdue fines, according to this report from Fortune:

“In addition to restricting travel and hurting job prospects, the  government also uses its social credit system to limit access to education.”


China  sounds like a fun place doesn’t it?

The Justice Department has released news of indictment of a few jihadis on our soil planning our destruction.   The irony of one of these reports is that the Jihadi was happy to plan the destruction of the country that was kind enough and also able to take him in and educate him.  The real story, I suspect, is about who put these young men up to it, who encouraged and trained them secretly, and by this, I mean  the mentor, or “handler”.  I suspect a certain ally of America just might be instigating all these attacks against us.  Nothing new about these ‘allies’ always claiming to be the victims, always on the offensive, always slithering in the grass, grinning, always spreading disinformation to throw people off.

A Chinese Jihadi suspect named Xie, among other illegal acts,  “posted on Instagram his desire to blow up the Israeli Embassy in New York, and the need for “someone … to get a truck filled with explosives and blow up the Coachella event.”

More than one indictment is of immigrants who were part of the overall Islamic jihad against America.  The punishment for planning to bomb cities is around 20 years maximum, which of course is usually lower.  These light sentences are regulated by our treasonous Congress.  Even Julian Assange, whose actions resulted in possible deaths, is only facing maximum 25 years, though the multiple offenses could make that longer.  His charges are revealed here:



Assange “published on WikiLeaks classified documents that contained the unredacted names of human sources who provided information to United States forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to U.S. State Department diplomats around the world. These human sources included local Afghans and Iraqis, journalists, religious leaders, human rights advocates, and political dissidents from repressive regimes.”

In other words, he put some good people in big danger, and whoever poses that danger first cleared the Wikileaks files of everything that would incriminate themselves.  What allies of ours are not found anywhere on Wikileaks?

From the DOJ:

“Assange is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison on each count except for conspiracy to commit computer intrusion, for which he faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison. Actual sentences for federal crimes are typically less than the maximum penalties. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after taking into account the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.”


There are people serving longer prison terms for marijuana possession.   Now those marijuana laws need to go and victims of that cannabis prohibition law need to be compensated as soon as possible.  That should make plenty of prison space for traffickers, traitors, terrorists, and criminal hackers.

I found this interesting video of exactly how a large snake slowly approaches and then very, very slowly wraps itself around and suffocated its victim.  It reminds me of our own need for help sometimes. Ayoung boy approaches and rescues the little piglet.  You’ll come across other videos of people rescuing animals, and animals expecting the people to do so.  We are obviously an important part of God’s plan.





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