The French Vote Against Macron, plus Lincoln’s Fake Sideburns, God is Our Father and Steemit Scam

Marine Lepin’s win at the EU referendum marginalizes French President Macron.  80% of French voters rejected Emmanuel Macron.

The name Macron is from Strong’s 4376 Hebrew: Makar’

Definition: To sell a daughter into slavery or marriage, to sell oneself into slavery.  It is related to Strong’s Hebrew word 4364, Makmor, a dark hunter’s  net.  Word 4379, mekerahe, is the closest to Macron and it means “a pit”.   Throughout Hebrew, the word ‘pit’ indicates a trap to catch slaves.

On the other hand, I’ve seen slave children called by the code name “the Pins”.

God help us.


A report from Spain:

Treaties are the latest weapon being used by globalists to empty State treasuries and enslave nations.  Rigged judicial system is the key. Based on a treaty signed by previous government leadership, Spain is locked into a rigged  arbitrage system that consistently forces Spanish government to pay out enormous amounts of money to international corporations.  The number of lawsuits and payouts is rising exponentially, effectively commandering the Treasury.  Report: Tratados, las nuevas luchas pro soberanía


The Fatherless Epidemic can be cured when we know God is our only true father. It’s not in our power to bring back fathers and brothers already gone, but we can accept God’s invitation to be his children.The Future of America’s Young Men without fathers doesn’t have to be bleak.

My previous article on use of the Charter School system as a community and business incubator could provide a way to bring fatherless children together with brilliant minds in their neighborhoods.  Let’s focus on preparing our children for a productive Christian adulthood.  The future doesn’t have to be bleak for anyone. God created each of us for a purpose, and he doesn’t make mistakes. via @YouTube


Abraham Lincoln’s Fake Sideburns:

When I went to the website of the National Archives to find this photo, my iPhone restricted access.  This same man, different name and without the fake sideburns, is pictured in the Dudney book, previously published on this blog.




Blockchain technology is an interesting development.  It exists ideally as a method for eliminating central clearinghouses for online transfer of cash.  It allows random people to do the job of posting the transfer to the ledger, in return for a reward.  Those people looking for the rewards are called miners.  The miners are rewarded with digital currency that is then converted into bitcoin and then into the paper currency of choice.

I was trying out a platform called Steemit when I realized that it is a scam. At best it’s pure gambling on the success of someone else’s work.  At worst it’s a Ponzi scheme. The dream of every idiot is to have intelligent people enslaved.  This is an example.  Steemit  is not proper use of blockchain technology.  It’s just another way to steal the proceeds of someone else’s intellectual property and hard work.

An explanation of the scam reveals that the insiders gave themselves the advantage before the initial public offering.  Steemit’s most recent buyers purchased a failing company who’s only assets were this unfair advantage.

“What people need to keep in mind is that it is only the Steem created from the 21 blocks that makes it to the content creators (and even partially as some goes to curators) while the majority of additional coins (about 90%) is mostly going to those insiders that unfairly mined during that fist month.”


STEEMIT Started as a SCAM and Only Got Worse

The new owners of Steemit that I found online were all Hindu and very young, but they’ve put some white men in front. I’m still looking for their photos again, seems to be gone,

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