American Soldiers in Prison for Killing The Enemy

When Enemies Infiltrate The Military

The story is on Breitbart, and Trump has intervened.  There could be a good reason for allowing the trial to take place rather than give immediate pardons.  Some cases could be staged incidents by infiltrators that were designed to make Americans look bad,  In the case of Eddie Gallagher, it’s a false accusation and worse.  It’s being revealed that there are many cases aimed at a small number of frontline soldiers.

We’re informed that 1% of our military actually fights the enemy.  Of the rest of it, what percentage is the enemy?  Do these percentages apply to all government agencies?  Would this level of infiltration be possible without mass immigration?


”It happens over time when you’re in an 18-year war in Afghanistan, a 16-year war in Iraq, here’s what happens,” Rep. Hunter said on Breitbart News radio. “You got about one percent of the U.S. military is actually out fighting. The other 99 percent are back here behind the gates safe and sound.

That means the people that run the military right now, mostly Obama guys because the people that are in power now were put into power by him four years ago, six year ago, eight years ago, those guys are now more political—those admirals and generals—and run by the lawyers and bureaucrats, than politicians are.

That’s what’s happened.”



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