Grupo Saret and Communist Costa Rica

Costa Rica is set to become the first country where China will place legalized slave colonies outside of its own Communist territory. Along with Puntarenas on the West Coast, East Coast Ports of Limón and Guanacaste are also being considered as possible locations for Communist ports of colonization.

The first step was to pass NAFTA, which destroyed all protections for domestic labor and production.  The movement of goods that are duty free also allows for the movement of outlaw commerce which has enriched mob bosses, allowing them to become owners of essential goods and services worldwide.  Grupo Saret was active in supporting NAFTA with CINDE (Costa Rican Economic Development Authorities) while I worked there.

The next step was for government agency CINDE to promote the tourism industry, which allowed international mob owners of hotels to bully the people and restrict access to the best places.

After the establishment of several industrial park free trade zones in Costa Rica, a drug epidemic ensued.  An invasion of illegal immigrants from Nicaragua took over the streets, making the city unsafe,  The crowds of illegals forced up the cost of living without contributing to a healthy economy.  Theft became out of control. The voting became scewed away from conservative traditional native Catholic Costa Ricans and so the elected representatives came to be as outlaw as those who voted for them.  Not that everything was perfect before, but I do remember that it was a fine place to live, with sensible laws and law abiding people during the 1980’s.  I watched it go under.

Tratado of Esclavitude

The name of the original treaty is Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) in Spanish.  It’s has turned out to be a treaty for the free commerce of drugs. The plans for enslavement by Communist China is disguised as “free trade”.

NAFTA established industrial park sized free trade zones.  What’s different is that the treaty signed in 2011 establishes free trade zones the size of entire provinces and regions, always expanding, where Chinese Communist owned companies build company towns and pay no taxes.  How’s that for Progress? The Costa Ricans get to pay for it all.

“Before any agreement on the zone can be reached, it must be approved by Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly.” I’m sure that won’t be a problem for the spyful Chinese Communist Party.

Xi Whiz, What Big Eyes You Have Grandma!

Grupo Saret Helps Open Pacific Coast Ports to Drug Smuggling From Asian Communist Nations

Costa Rica’s Progressive Sale to China by Its Traitors in Government:  Recent Timeline

“June 2007 — China and Costa Rica established diplomatic relations

November 2008 — Chinese President Hu Jintao visited Costa Rica and announced with Costa Rican President Oscar Arias the launch of China-Costa Rica free trade negotiations.

2010 — The first draft of the free trade agreement was created.

October 2011 — the Tratado de Libre, Free Trade Agreement was accepted by both the Chinese Communist Party and the Costa Rican Representatives of the people.

2015: The Development Bank of China, on a fact finding mission, decided that Puntarenas, on the Pacific side, is an ideal location to colonize because of its proximity to Caldera Port.

The Chinese fact-finding mission to Costa Rica in 2015 coincided with President Solis’ push for the purchase of bonds by the Chinese government.

A bond is an instrument of slavery, remember that.  What binds us? Bonds bind is to whoever owns them. Whoever owns the bonds also owns the slaves.  Slavery and bonds go together.

The sale of bonds by a President enables another four years of spending which further weakens the economy, preparing the ground for the Chinese Bond Holders to take control.

2016 – Costa Rica’s Banco Popular announced the listing of 195 bank-owned properties at prices up to 60 percent off from their appraised value, 100% financing. Convenient, just on time for the arrival of the new Chinese owners.


Port Facilitation

Grupo Saret website:

“Puerto Caldera began operations as a port under state administration in the year 1981. It was managed by the Costa Rican Institute of Pacific Ports, INCOP.

This Port is an essential part in the country’s development strategy since it is the main point of import and export of the Pacific coast of the Republic of Costa Rica.

In 2001, the Government of Costa Rica invited the private sector to participate in the process of modernization of port management in Costa Rica. The Costa Rican Institute of Pacific Ports, published in the Official Gazette No. 68 of 5 April 2001, the International Public Tender No. 01-2001-INCOP for the Award of Public Services Management Terminal Puerto Caldera.

As part of the concession companies, SOCIEDAD REGIONAL DE BUENAVENTURA PORT S. A., PACIFIC CORPORATION BRISAS S. A., GRAIN LOGISTICS S. A., and COMERCIALIZADORA R and S, S. A. under the guise of a consortium called “PORT OF CALDERA CONSORTIUM II” presented a formal offer to participate in the International Public Bidding N º 01-2001-INCOP, on August 30th, 2001. The Board of the Agreements INCOP No. 4 of Session No. 3049, held at the date November 14, 2001 and No. 2 in its meeting No. 3087 on May 21, 2002, awarded this tender to PORT CONSORTIUM CALDERA II.

SARET was responsible for structuring the equity for the concession companies.

Additionally, SARET structured the debt financing to facilitate the much required dredging of the Port.

With the participation of two directors on the board, SARET maintains a very active participation in the administration of the port terminal.

SARET holds 21% of the equity of the Port Concession companies.”


President Solis has an interview from 2015 when he was traveling the world looking for people who would buy Costa Rica from him.  He was urgent, with only four years to act, the sooner he sells, the sooner he can start having fun.  Here’s a sample of the comments in English regarding Solis’ claim, like Obama’s, to be “scandal free”, which is really saying that censorship of news in Costa Rica is total, so that no scandals are reported.

Reply regarding scandals in Costa Rica:

4 years ago
First start with the last two Presidents who are very Crooked and Stupid, then go to Congress and all of them being over paid with stupid benefits, then CAJA [social security insurance agency] with business leaving because of high payments, then ICE [utilities] over priced electricity, over priced gasoline, Recope [State owned Oil Refinery] paying people who are not even working, Etc, Need any more Mr Solis?”

People don’t even have enough awareness to object to what this man Solis is doing.

“Solis  was not speaking to you or me in this interview, but to potential foreign investors. Do you really want him to say, “Costa Rica is riddled with corruption, our economy is sinking fast, the government is in gridlock, and nobody even likes me much anymore”?

Honestly, folks, Solís is out there with a smile and shoeshine trying to sell the country on our behalf.”

As if selling his country is a good thing.  People are very brainwashed and misinformed, which is very sad.

This last commenter believes that United States companies will be in his country, so he is either a Commy troll or else he doesn’t even realize that the treaty is with the Chinese Communist Party, saying, “The US companies don’t really care about corruption, deteriorating infrastructure, inefficiency…they are just looking for a cheaper work force and lower labor costs.”  Not a bad word though about China.  Like I said, total control of the news.  These comments could be paid trolls whose job is to misinform.

So I hope I’ve demonstrated the magnitude of meaning behind Grupo Saret.  Even if Miguel Ramirez is not Bill Priestap, and especially his wife.

Also, the reports from El Chapo’s trial say that a key witness was Juan Carlos Ramirez,  who had been continually attacked by his cell mates.   He testified that he had been very loyal to Guzman Loera, El Chapo, but that all he received in return was to be targeted for murder in prison, to keep him from talking.

I wish I could remember all of the Ramirez brother’s names, but some can be found online.  I remember one called Julian. Grupo Saret is a well known company in Costa Rica.  I never met them, as far as I know, but they are respected.

Here is a letter from 2010 from the CAJA to Grupo Saret about not paying their share of employees social security owed. The letter is addressed to Juan Bautista Ramirez Steller, President of Grupo Saret, which the online document indicates has several similar company names.


Estimado Señor Juan Bautista Ramírez Steller, mucho gusto de saludarlo.

Como Presidente del Grupo Corporativo Saret, de la manera más atenta lo insto a que ponga a derecho sus representadas con los adeudos que tienen con la Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social por concepto de cuotas obrero patronales a la fecha.

Found at google groups, pdf here:


News article sources:

China Plans Free Trade Zone in Puntarenas









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