Saret Mora Lawsuit

I have nothing against the Ramirez family or Grupo Saret.  They treated me well there, but it was clear to me back in the 1990’s that there were inside people trying to undermine the company.  I’m disappointed to learn that they’ve betrayed the good people of Costa Rica by allowing Communist China into their precious land.  This affects the entire continent.

My previous post had an excerpt from a 2010 google groups posting.

Here is the full thread, in Spanish,  interesting because it reveals the gangster lawyer tactics of Saret.

The following pdf thread begins with a call for the Ramirez brothers to pay a debt.  Everyone knows that Saret and Ramirez brothers are the same thing. The debt is owed because the money they deducted from employee pay for  social security accounts had not been forwarded to the CAJA.  The thread describes the usual penalty for this crime, because it’s actually theft.  Normally the business is promptly taped up by authorities and no one enters until the money is paid. However, the Ramirez brothers were able to simply start up another company and continue to win government contracts, leaving years of debt with the CAJA.

The scandal didn’t actually begin until Saret lawyers filed a lawsuit against the person who originally asked the question in an email copied to a long list of names.

As one correspondent suggested, why not just pay the money they owe or correct the record if it’s already paid?  The lawyer answered that the lawsuit is for suggesting that Saret would open new businesses for public contracts, leaving the old businesses in default of payment.  Well that’s exactly what they did and anyone can see this.

Saret mora lawsuit – May 27, 2019 at 3:24 PM

By the full name of the president of Saret we know that he is related to the Stuller family.  So if Matt Stuller is Paul Manafort, which I think he is, then his role in the attempted coup against America begins to show links to China.  The most likely scenario is that Carlos Slim has some Chinese blood in him, the Chinese branch of Pirates. Look closely at his eyes. No crease in the eyelid.

Censorship kicks in at this point and so I cannot upload visuals, but the pdf is worth reading if you can handle the Spanish. It’s all formal professional correspondence, not many slang words.







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