US Media Controlled by House of Saud, Including Twitter

My last post was severely interfered with, the subject being 5-G technology.  I completely lost control of my iPhone keyboard, which refused to give me capital letters for FCC or allow me to complete the title which I left at “5g Should”.  My phone begins to type nonsense on its own. “5-Xi” should be looked at carefully.  This censorship while I’m typing about it underlines … Continue reading US Media Controlled by House of Saud, Including Twitter

5G Should

It pains me to listen to the FCC… FCC Commissioner touts merger of T-Mobile, Sprint as boost to America’s 5G rollout …talking as if wireless 5G would give us CONSUMERS more choices.  I’m beginning to be very suspicious of people who call us ‘consumers’. The huge painful irony is that they proceed with this while censorship of the subject is in full force. No choice … Continue reading 5G Should

Progressive Danger

List of participants at the May 22 Conference sponsored by the Center For Progressive Ideas includes both Adam Schiff and John Podesta. The explanation for this conference includes a full out lie: “In the 2018 midterm elections, the American people made it clear that they support bold, progressive ideas and diverse new leadership to better represent all Americans at our highest levels of government…” … Continue reading Progressive Danger

Make up Artist Guilt

White House Spokesperson Kelly Anne Conway pointed out that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi treats her like “a makeup artist”. Here’s the context: When she was finished I said, respectfully, ‘Madam Speaker, would you like to address some of the specifics the president talked about,’” Conway recounted in an interview on Fox News. According to Conway, Pelosi shot back: “I don’t — I talk to the … Continue reading Make up Artist Guilt

Pelosi and Censorship

There was a press conference on May 22, 2019 where Nancy Pelosi was standing alongside Schumer and many others.  I watched it right before falling asleep Wednesday night Pacific time. I’ve spent a long time searching and my search term included the complete date. The search results are censored. YouTube gives me a shaded screen and prevents me from even entering precise search terms.  Today … Continue reading Pelosi and Censorship