Zahedi-Haddad Iran

Several days of researching and what I conclude is:

Haddad, one of the surnames (his mother) of Julian, the father of Carlos and Julian Jr. Slim Helou is the same name as Zahedi.

General Fazllolah Zahedi in Iran was the same person as Kermit Roosevelt, Jr..

The Haddad-Zahedi line of research reveals the truth about what’s happening to our Christian culture.  I’ll expand this in the next few posts, but Zahedi is the family of Selim II, called Selim the Sot, and Selim the Blonde.  He inherited control of Constantinople by killing the rest of his family.  This occurred after the Turks took over Constantinople in the 1500’s AD.  These are the people that Al’Idrisi describes as lunatics who had destroyed the beautiful land of Anatolia.  Many writers described the trashing of Constantinople by the Turks.  We’re watching them now trashing the entire world.


The Zahedi family in Louisiana is Mahfouz, Ackal, Elias, Boustany, Saloman/Slim, Caffery, some Landry, Saloom, and Abdalla.  The obituaries reveal many more. This is the family of Sarah Netanyahu, which includes Guillory [Rick Guillory as General Mike Flynn perhaps] and Ducote for example, though these people are in every nation.

This is the true “hammer” spy agency which operates to instigate wars continually.  The word ‘mafia’ is actually a correct pronunciation of Mahfouz.

Within this clan are factions, but historically they have always joined together to destroy Christianity.  Then they feast on the carcass of what they destroy.  Then they proceed to in-fight, generally speaking.

This mob performs devious operations to give themselves the advantage over the law abiding.  These are the people who have always run the slavery business, stealing inheritances and making a mockery of civilization by pretending to kingship.

King Faud of Egypt is part of this clan which calls itself the Qajar Dynasty. (the Kazhraj) These are the people whose culture applauds the breaking of laws because they think it’s clever to arrange the system to allow them to get away with it.

Let’s focus on Iran.

When Iran was Persia, it was protected by Russia.

What’s hidden are the identities of the people who were in charge of Persia before the British took control, but I’m hoping that we can find something about them.

This is the main person involved in the British takeover of Persia and several other key places around the world:

Kermit Roosevelt, Jr. was tasked with overthrowing governments using progressive subversive methods.  He planted false stories in the media, hired hoodlums to start rumors, riots, destruction and chaos. This was done with the blessings of MI6 and CIA.  Coincidentally, the CIA was created just when this man needed a job.
Fazlollahe Zahedi was around for many overthrows of the Iranian government, each one resulting in greater control of Iran by the British.  He always managed to appear innocent.  The one time he was arrested was supposedly in 1950. Somewhere else it says he became a Senator in 1950.  This was also while he went to “Palestine” for “internment” for a few years, also in 1950.  He returned to an appointment in Iranian government later.  This could be Senator Patrick Caffery.    He is named as the one hoarding grain in Iran, the classic method for creating havoc and Revolution in a society.  This method was also used by the Rashid/Rothschild  bankers in France to take control of that nation after their revolution.  After the Rashid gain control, they flip the  historical narrative to make their victims appear guilty. This is the pattern throughout history.

The Royal Russian Cossack Brigades protected Persia up until the time that Zahedi became part it in the early 1900’s.

Then the Cossack Brigade entered a phase where it was described as untrained and undisciplined, no longer commanded by competent people and therefore useless to Persia…though very useful to the Turks in British government.FB0E3B99-B923-4E71-923A-7E570454EE74

Russia was already in the hands of the same treacherous families when Persia was attacked by British-backed subversives and traitors in Persian government.

To be continued…


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