Mangiante Slim

Arlene’s niece is the little girl shown below with Chet and Myrna.  She appears to be Simona Mangiante, now the wife of George Papadop, as we’re told.

It seems from these 1997-8 photos that the two children are grandchildren of Myrna and Chet Chatterton/Slim, therefore they are the great grandchildren of Carlos Slim Helou, according to my theory.

Mangiante is the young girl.

The occasion for taking these photos was the wedding of the daughter of Myrna and Chet in 1997.

Here are a few more photos taken at the same time.

  The one on the the far left who looks like John McCain is appearing here as Dr. Bourgeois, but it’s McCain also.


Chet’s daughter Lisa, with Myrna.
The two faces in the center are obviously Chelsea Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein.  It’s the other two faces that I can say with certainty are two brothers from St. Martinville, La.  On the far left is Pat Martin, a pharmacist in St. Martinville.  On the far right is Dr. Barry Martin, a medical doctor who was practicing in Denver, Colorado last I knew.  They are the sons of the late Dr. Murphy Martin.  Pat is heavily involved in the fake history of the Acadian Memorial in St. Martinville.
The man standing looks a lot like Michael Cohen, so they might be the same, so this would be Vic Breaux, or else they are cousins who look alike. The woman is a daughter or niece of Al Capone. I knew her as Jonny Breaux, but here she’s appearing as Mrs. Bourgeois.
The wedding of Chet’s daughter Lori, right.  1997


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