Crime Family Arrests Imperative

“The actions of one family are responsible for the death of millions of innocent people. They are still in power to this day using fake names, and the bloodline just passes down the baton to the next generation…”

These are words of Ed Chiarini, DallasGoldbug at Well Aware  He’s identified the same family fakers that I have, and he’s very censored. I just happen to know some of these fakers personally, but his research was fundamental to mine. I tried to communicate with him once but he was very rude.  It’s sad the way people are to each other.

He was one of the first to point out the obvious fakery around Kermit Roosevelt.  Years ago I was introduced to this early fake plane crash photo by Dallas Goldbug:

Expand the photo to see the body laid out perfectly on the ground.  Who has the mentality to devote their lives to fakery for the sake of creating world war and destruction?  Inbred criminals, that’s who.

Kermit Roosevelt’s subversive destruction of Persia is called by the CIA:

“the first U.S.-sponsored subversion of a government outside the Soviet orbit.”

What about inside the Soviet Orbit? In fact, subversion is what created the Soviet Orbit. It also created corporate government in America.  Blaming America is part of the subversion. It’s the part that protects the guilty.

In both cases, Russia and Persia were better off, infinity better off, before the arrival of secret agents.

In fact, the same mafia family created the Federal Reserve Bank.  Without mafia family subversion, paid with our bonds, life could be good for us.  Don’t believe that they’ve been in control for thousands of years.  This level of criminality is not sustainable.  If not for their feasting on the carcass of Catholic Civilization, they could not have continued even three generations.

After the chaos caused by Kermit in Persia, his family was happy to have the next generation learn his techniques in private CIA journals.  Of course we paid for the publishing of those private journals, as we pay the salaries of all the CIA.

Kermit Roosevelt has been identified as Adolph Hitler, using facial biometrics for Kermit and his relatives.  Ed Chiarini has revealed many identities proving that the Nazis such as Dr. Mengele were the same international Jewish “leaders” that still control governments all over the world.  This includes healthcare.  Think about that.


Here’s what Dallas Goldbug has to say on the subjects of subversion and false identity in government:



“When you understand what they are doing and have done you will see that although the wars are real and people die, the reasons why we go to war are not genuine and the leaders of each side are related to one another.

These families are the owners of all the raw materials manufacturers that are needed to produce the killing machines as well as they own the Big Oil and Gas production companies needed to fuel them. Sustaining a war as long as possible is their objective. The longer the war the bigger their families profit. This is why they always push for war. You must understand that.

In addition to that side of the event, they also own the publishing industry as well. So they are creating the history of the world then profiting by publishing the books written about the events. Since they write the scripts for the theater of war you can understand why it’s important for them to use their family members to fill the roles of those historical figures. The profit is unimaginable. But at the end of the day, it’s the peasants who die for their lie. They (the family member actors) are recorded as heroes in the history books while the men and women who are the real heroes lay dead on the battlefield.”


DallasGoldbug’s research on Civil War false identities here:

Civil War





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  1. Dallas Goldbug/Ed Chiarini is also a multi-role player, has a couple other youtube channels under other names like David Weiss..that’s why he was nasty when you reached out prolly

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