Hollywood Actor Gives A Tribute to Our Lady


Jim Caviezel’s experience is that of the High Priesthood.  He willingly accepted suffering for the sake of redemption.  He gives a good explanation of the process and the miraculous results.

We are redeemed through both Christ and His Mother Mary.  They redeem us through sharing in our suffering, by taking the pain upon themselves and thereby freeing us.  This is the symbology of Jesus with Mary his mother at the foot of the cross.

The possibility is real that Simon never gave the cross back to Jesus on the way to Mount Cavalry.  This doesn’t mean that Jesus and Mary hadn’t already suffered much from Herod and the people who fell for his tricks.  It was Simon the fake High Priest who was specifically guilty for having made a league with Herod to usurp the High Priesthood.  All Simon had to do was give his daughter to Herod in marriage.  This deal was a trick to establish Herod himself as the High Priest, using Simon’s daughter for bloodline legitimacy.

Simon didn’t see this coming though.  Thus Herod used Simon to help in his coup against the true High Priest, John the Baptist. Once Herod didn’t need Simon anymore, he was better off without him because Simon knew too much about the crimes of Herod.

This is the problem with having gangster associates: they’ll kill you.

The apocryphal scriptures have  an interesting history of how Herod and his wife suffered severe karmic consequences later, and they knew that their own guilt was the cause for their suffering.  This is how the history of that period is written today:

Hasmonean dynasty
Mariamne, (born c. 57—died 29 BC), Jewish princess, a popular heroine in Jewish tradition whose marriage (37 BC) to the Judean king Herod the Great united his family with the deposed Hasmonean royal family (Maccabees) and helped legitimize his position. At the instigation of his sister Salome and Mariamne’s mother, Alexandra, however, Herod had her put to death for adultery. Later, he also executed her two sons, Alexander and Aristobulus.”

So it’s clear that Herod was running amok.  When I read about Jesus in the New Testament and add other historical accounts, I see that Jesus was preparing the way for war against Herod and his minions.   He was gathering intelligence and putting together a special operations strategy that involved his own fake death, which had the advantage of revealing to him both traitors and the faithful.  He said he would return and he did, as Julia’s Caesar, with an army of soldiers to put the kibosh on Herod.   Mary’s family name includes Illia, for the islands.  Remember the island of Hawaii, because I’m making a case that Jesus was here at one time, and in China.  But for now, it’s important to understand the source for the name Julia, as I’ve come to understand it.  One of the reasons why the family of Jesus became beloved by the people was because they brought a shipload of grain to Jerusalem during the famine that happened while Herod was in power.

These historical events repeat themselves in uncanny ways.

When Trump placed high tariffs on America’s grain, he foiled the Chinese plan to starve Americans by buying up our own grain and sending it all to China.

Good move on Trump’s part.  As it stands today, the Chinese people may be completely dependent on the kindness of Trump and the Americans for their food this year.  They’re getting hit on all fronts with diseases that affect their food production, especially pork.  But even in the best of times, the Chinese have to import food on order to have enough.

Targeted Individuals

I wanted this to be a separate article but the censorship is kicking in right now and it’s better to just get this published.

In closing, on the subject of being targeted by intelligence agencies, I’d like to recommend the videos and message of Dr. Katherine Horton, who has done much work in exposing the secret targeting of individuals by government agencies.  Her story goes into implants, which I know very little about, and who does after all?  It looks like her investigation was infiltrated and sabotaged a year ago.

She begins to talk about it here:

The man hosting the interview is named Paul Marco,  He has a very large painting of a rose on the wall behind him.  I’ve become super aware of these symbols, so obviously I understand that sometimes a rose is just a rose.  However, in addition to the rose painting, he also looks like someone whose photo was among the Hadidi photos that I collected.  I’ve seen  signals such as the  Rose Law Firm and photos in Arlene’s collection of significant political figures taken in front of the Rose Bowl stadium and other instances of the rose due to it’s association with Josephine Bonaparte/Rose Pageur Taschier.  It’s possible of course that it’s not the same man, here’s the photo below.  He’s someone associated with the Hadidi.  I’ll be looking at him more closely.

A relative of the Hadidi found online also looks like Paul Marco.








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