Targeting the Targeters: General Mike Flynn and Family

The Mike Flynn stuff is at the end of the article.

Why was the subversive destruction of Persia by Kermit Rooosevelt called Operation Ajax?

Helou, Elias, Eli as Iollas and Helios in history.

Philostratus the Elder in the Life of Apollonius of Tyana writes that Alexander dedicated a great elephant to the Helios and named it Ajax. The elephant had gold rings around its tusks and an inscription was on them written in Greek: “Alexander the son of Zeus dedicates Ajax to the Helios” (ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ Ο ΔΙΟΣ ΤΟΝ ΑΙΑΝΤΑ ΤΩΙ ΗΛΙΩΙ).[121]

How does “Alanta” get translated into Ajax?

Perhaps this is the actual source for the name Ajax:

The name Rao is from the wife of Alexander, Roxana, which is actually Raoxshna.  That’s kind of like Ajax.

Rao is a name used by one of the Mifsud spies.

Diodorus, Plutarch, Arrian and Justin mention that Alexander was poisoned. Plutarch dismissed it. The several accounts were that Antipater arranged for Alexander to be poisoned by his son Iollas, who was Alexander’s wine-pourer. It took about 12 days for the poison to result in death.

Iollas is a form of the name Helou. When the term Hellenist is used, it’s a code word for the Turkish Jewish tribe of mixed races.  The word Kaaba is from Chub/cube which is the Arabya, or mixed races.  Poison, amulets and charms, sorcery and witchcraft are all historically associated with the Turkish tribes, in addition to the digging of pits to catch slaves.  One technique that they are noted for, is the mimicking of familiar voices.  They would call for help sounding like family or friend, to lure people away and capture them.  The use of drugs to capture people into slavery is also noted throughout the word definitions in Latin, Greek and Hebrew.

From Wikipedia:

“…twelve days passed between the start of his illness and his death; such long-acting poisons were probably not available.[146] However, in a 2003 BBC documentary investigating the death of Alexander, Leo Schep from the New Zealand National Poisons Centre proposed that the plant white hellebore (Veratrum album), which was known in antiquity, may have been used to poison Alexander.[147][148][149]


In a 2014 manuscript in the journal Clinical Toxicology, Schep suggested Alexander’s wine was spiked with Veratrum album, and that this would produce poisoning symptoms that match the course of events described in the Alexander Romance.[150] Veratrum album poisoning can have a prolonged course and it was suggested that if Alexander was poisoned, Veratrum album offers the most plausible cause.[150][151]

Meaning of the Name

From the Latin ‘vere’ meaning truthful, plus ‘ater’ meaning malicious, poisonous,  spelled Petere, as in ‘salt peter’.

Album means white but the word was used for slaves who were brought to Rome for sale.

This sounds like the “date-rape” drug.  It’s like a truth syrum, and then the victims have no memory of what they said, like for example, where the treasure is hidden.

Another poisoning explanation put forward in 2010 proposed that the circumstances of his death were compatible with poisoning by water of the river Styx (modern-day Mavroneri in Arcadia, Greece) that contained calicheamicin, a dangerous compound produced by bacteria.

The name Eli is prominent in the Dudney Trail genealogy book of bastard royal lineage in America.

Once again, I’d like to cut and paste to create a new article at this point.  However, the censorship kicks in and the cut/paste function does not work.

I never let these criminals get me angry.  Instead, I’ll go with the flow and let the subject of Alexander the Great morph into General Mike Flynn.

Now is the time to talk about being targeted by these Royal Bastards.  This is a message for all targeted people. By being targeted, we are in a unique position to help the good guys locate the criminal network.

General Mike Flynn

For example, General Michael Flynn, whenever I see his photograph my blood boils because he looks exactly like the man who, with his family, set upon my daughter and I.  Pretending to be friends but with the goal of undermining my authority, they destroyed my friendship with my own daughter.  Finally my daughter split with them after these so-called friends called child protective services twice for some petty nonsense.  This is how these criminals operate.

The problem is that they did not use the name Flynn, they went by the name Guillory.   Therefore I understand that this leaves doubt. It certainly does in my mind.  But I’ll overcome my own doubts because there’s no harm done if I’m wrong.  These people are my enemies either way.

This is where he lived:

305 Woodvale – Jun 11, 2019 at 8:21 AM

2/25/1991 Sold $60,000

He was living there alone during the 1990’s last time I was around there.  His divorced wife lives here.

nWife Sharon and daughter Ally (divorced wife)- Jun 11, 2019 at 8:20 AM

She lived with their daughter Ally last time I was there and our daughters were friends from school. It’s been about ten years since I’ve seen any of them.  The daughter somewhat resembles, and very much has the exact same super obnoxious personality and first name as Alexandra Ocasio Cortez.  The ex-wife somewhat resembles Kelly Anne Conway, and has similar personality and speech mannerisms.

But Flynn does look exactly like Rick Guillory.  There are many people named Rick, Sharon and Ally Guillory, which is why it’s a very good thing to have known a little bit about them.

The only way to identify them is to have been their victim.

By the grace of God, we escaped the family of Rick, Sharon and Ally  Guillory.  The last time I saw Rick, and the only time I ever actually sat down and spoke to him, was at a little dinner party.  That’s what I thought it was going to be anyway. Unfortunately, I was grilled by Rick on the most brutal, professional way, in which he put major pressure on me to say something bad about my boyfriend.  He actually was trying to break up my relationship, and there was nothing nice about the pressure he put on me to get me to say what he wanted me to say.   They want me to be utterly alone in the world.   I don’t know why these people go through so much effort to destroy my life.

He spoke a lot about doing work for the oil company Anadarko, who he said he was working for, which appears on Wikileaks emails related to the Willis and the oil pipeline that they so desperately wanted built.

So perhaps it’s just another coincidence that these people all look alike and have the same personalities.

If not..

If it’s not a coincidence, then the daughter of General Mike Flynn is Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, and her mother is Kelly Anne Conway.


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