Democracy And Constitutions

Let’s be more precise in our understanding of the word “democracy”.

The idea of majority rule in a “diverse” society with no borders is absurd.  Chinese baby factories in California are the result of that system. We get plane loads full of foreigners who demand not only the right to vote but also to rule in government and tell us what racists and idiots the rest of us are. The foreigners are literally busting down the gates and their co-religionists are waiting for them with transportation, food and housing at our expense.

It’s an absurd system not just because it invites infiltration and sabotage, but also because it makes no distinction between voters.  The votes of imbeciles and enemies can easily cancel out the votes of our most brilliant minds.  The imbeciles and enemies will rule, and this is what we have today, and worse if we get rid of the electoral college.

The problem is that a Constitution can be constantly changed.  It’s a never ending and losing battle to maintain stability.

God’s law does not change.

The Electoral College is the remnant of the only system that ever endured over millenia.  It’s a system where the final decisions are made by known community leaders, born locally and respected.  The land was their inheritance.  But now with so many hostile immigrants, they will eventually control the Electoral College also.

The Elders Judge

Voting within a family doesn’t even make sense. The father’s vote would be cancelled out by the children.

The only system that has ever held up over time was feudalism, which is why the globalists don’t like it and teach us that “it’s Bad, don’t even go there”.

Going back to the Greeks, we find that the entire system was exactly like the ancient Romans.   Both were based on feudal economies whereby the most competent and proven Soldiers were provided with land to develop along border territory.  The borders would expand as the families grew.

Feud is Food, and that’s what came first. Everything else was to protect and nurture the ‘Foodal System”.

With our present system, any foreign entity can purchase all of our agricultural land and then starve us out, as we can plainly see happening.

So let’s look closely at the old system before we use the words “democracy” and “constitution”.

The important thing was to be in charge of the calendar. This means that the timing of planting, harvesting and selling was guided by experts.  The Elders of hereditary families who had legal title to territories were actually called Curites in Rome. They knew astronomy, farming  and trade, minting, communications and marketing.  They were responsible for declaring war, knowing  military strategy and providing training for soldiers for the protection and support of the best people.  They cared for the Temple just as the descendants of Malchizadec, the Holy Priesthood.

The Curates were in charge because they were the legal inheritors of the territory.  They inherited due to the competence of their ancestors in keeping the place and people safe.  Their job was to Keep an Eye Out , because they Cared. The original inheritance is recorded in Biblical scriptures.

The Ionians correspond exactly to the 10 Northern tribes of Israel.  These are the people who did not follow King David.  The scriptures inform us of this fact.  It’s our job to figure out what happened to the other ten tribes that weren’t Judah and Simon.

The other ten tribes are the Ionians, as far as I conclude at this point.  I also conclude that the original location of the Greek Islands was not in the Mediterranean, but across, on the American side of the Atlantic Ocean.  They definitely traded between the two places.

The scriptures tell us of the two mountains of Israel.  I figure that these are the Appalachians and the Sierras, and that there was a large sea where the desert West is today, the Reed Sea. There was also a large flat agricultural area in between the mountains, much as today.  The great Mississippi River has had several names over time.

This entire area was called Aphi (possibly Ephesus in the New Testament) and it was also the Estruscan land, precursor to the Romans.

It’s not necessary to know where the Greeks were except that it does shed light on who we are.  To be taught a history where we are all accused of having stolen land from ourselves is just not sustainable.  At some point, someone somewhere needs to actually study the facts.

So I keep the location in mind as I read about Ionia.  My goal is to learn about their system of government which worked because the system allowed for smaller groups of people to organize and make their will known by sending the message up the established chain of command.

Under our system, little nobodies like myself are given no voice, no chance of appeal for fairness.

Curates, called Priests today, held hereditary responsibilities to judge the people and manage the system and prepare the next generation of judges and managers.

Notice that the system imposes barriers to entry.  If you’re not a member of the tribe, you don’t participate.  Mixing up of tribes creates rivalries, as we can see today.  Those rivalries get nasty and violent, like Alexander did in his time.

“As Ionians, the Athenians had a system of ten tribes, so that ten was an important number.  For instance, there were 10 generals leading the 10 regiments, the 10 sets of public arbitrators, the 10 treasurers of the Delian league…

“This decimal ordering extended to the creation of a supplementary calendar with ten months. Each year, each tribe contributed 50 members to the council of 500 (boule), which played an important role in the administration of the city. For one tenth of the year, each tribal fifty was on duty, with a third of them in the council chamber at all times as an executive committee for the state. Their period of office was known as a ‘prytany’ or state month.”

See Wikipedia for references.  So much of what they publish is false, so I pick out what is plausible and backed up by good reference.

We are accustomed to being taught by Progressives that “unification” and “centralization” is a wonderful goal to strive for.  This is false.  Centralized rule is called “The State”.

This is what happened when The State was created in Persia by foreigners working through British government. The State is always a foreign entity, I conclude.  It wants to usurp tribal, local, and family authorities.

From a Propaganda article on the subject of Iranian military…
“Reliance on tribal levies meant that Iranian rulers were often hostage to the whims of chiefs who would often choose to ignore a ruler’s request for troops.”

This sentence twists the truth. It’s really saying that the tribal leaders protected their young men from being drafted into wars for foreigner’s benefit.

“At times they would only provide the manpower demanded if they received a tangible reward in return. And these men were unreliable mercenaries.”

But of course.

“In the later Safavid [Turkish] period, the tribal levies that had brought Ismail to power became a semi- regular military organization that removed a weak ruler, Shah Mohammed, in 1587 and replaced him with his son Abbas.”

So it’s plain to see that this thing called The State is a troublemaker. It’s even named for Satan himself. The foreign controlled State will decide for us who stays and who goes.

A league is what Jesus called for. A league of City States…The kingdom belongs to God.

Rule by a changeable constitution is not working, especially now that our ranks are so thoroughly infiltrated.  It’s time to weed out the lazy and institute a system of rewards for the hardworking and productive.  And soon.


Con State Tuition

Tuition, by definition, the power to make decisions for imbeciles and minors.

So because we think this is a wonderful state of things, we defend our admission of imbecility under the Constitution.

Having handed over our power, the foreigners create laws that are in direct opposition to God’s laws.  Then they tell us that it’s good because God’s name is on the ungodly piece of paper.  This is simply delusional.

The Ten Commandments are the basics of civilization.  When the Constitution is used to justify the destruction of civilization, then you know there’s a problem with it, don’t you?


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