B2 Non immigrant Visas For Spies Issued by Tony Rodham

Who issued the B2 non immigrant visas?

The answer is:


Hillary’s brother Tony did it.

From Chalet Report, talking about one of many spies sent to the Trump Campaign, this one is called Goldstone:

“Friday, 3 June 2016, Goldstone did the bidding of a message that came to him at least thrice-removed—a Deep State handprint if there ever was one—and sent a bombastic, overblown email to Donald Trump Jr., beseeching him to take a meeting with a dear, dear friend of a friend of a friend’s friend, claiming that this appeal was on behalf of “The Crown prosecutor of Russia”—which title doesn’t exist. In fact, it was for a meeting with a Russian lawyer named Natalia Veselnitskaya. Natalia somehow had been granted a special “B1/B2 non-immigrant visa” just days before by our own State Department, who works hand in glove with the CIA. And no one—no one—within our government or without, will answer questions about how and why she was granted this visa.”

NWAonline.com has an article from 2015 about testimony before Congress concerning issuance of B2 Visas for friends of influential Democrats.

Homeland Security #2 Is Grilled On VISA Cases is the title of the article.  I can’t post links.

I must share with my readers the fact that the ‘cut and paste’ function has been disabled on my iPhone.

I would like to show you who was accused of using his position in Homeland Security to help high level Democrats.  The accused is named Alejandro Mayorkas.  Then I would post a photo of Carter Page next to him and see if they really might be the same person, because it appears so.

But I can’t.

Amazing this Turkish skill of turning what works into what doesn’t work.




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