Taking a look at the most intelligent versions of the anti-Trump narrative, I found what looked like a good argument on the surface:

The main reason that we should not trust Trump, we are told, is because he’s allegedly controlled by the Mossad and Netanyahu.

I would take this as a reason to eliminate the Mossad and Netanyahu, but that part is excluded from the anti-Trump narrative.

We are given much evidence as to the Mossad control of Trump, however, I don’t need more evidence of Mossad control of America.  The US Liberty alone makes that clear enough. The immigrant invasion of America while we pay for Israeli  walls underline the fact. We are supposed to accept this as a  given that cannot be changed, as the anti-Trump propagandists make clear.

But wait a minute.  If all of our politicians, banks and businesses are controlled by the Mossad, then isn’t it the Mossad that needs to be gotten rid of, rather than Trump?

And if the Mossad/14 Eyes can use horrendous illegal means to destroy everything and everyone that is Christian, then isn’t turnabout fair play in this case?

I think that our military has some interest in putting an end to what the Anti-Trumpets think is perfectly normal and okay.  What military, you ask?  The same one that now has 100% Jewish Generals, and Jewish gatekeepers from top to bottom?  Yes.

But like I said, turnabout is fair play.  Small groups of soldiers with determination can achieve more than the largest illegitimate force ever assembled.  That’s why God is called the Lord of Hosts.  The scriptures are full of examples of a small defensive military force overcoming a massive enemy hostile force, with Divine Help.

The scriptures also have several examples of a single, lone woman doing away with the enemy leader.     One woman, probably Saul’s sole surviving sister dropped a piece of millstone on the head of the enemy leader.  In another story,  Jael literally nailed the head of the enemy leader to the floor of her tent.  When the army arrived looking for him, she said, “There he is, take him.”


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