Facebook Patent Theft

Link here to a  report from Facebook insider revealing everything about Zuckerberg that’s been very obvious for a long time now.  It’s an interesting read for anyone tracking patent theft and treason.

While the story reveals exactly how the original patent was stolen by the inventor’s own Patent Attorney, James Chandler, it says nothing about how they kept the true inventor from filing criminal charges against the thieves.  Where are the real inventors of this technology and all stolen patents and copyrights?

The subject of mind control runs throughout this narrative.

Another curiosity is how the original inventor came to hire the ultra-powerful Chandler.  How did he have the money to pay such a politically powerful and notoriously frightening member of the Obama Administration?

It’s very likely that the original thieves of Facebook code will present to us a fake “real inventor” of Facebook to file a lawsuit against Facebook.  This would be advantageous to the Facebook criminals in several ways, allowing them to skate by with charges of creating a monopoly business, when they all are guilty of treason.

The Zuckerberg Dossier

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