Persia’s Lost Princess

A dress worn by one of the last legitimate Persian Princesses is worn in a movie called King of the Zombies, posted at the end of the article.



The story told is that the last remaining legitimate Persian Princess was offered millions of dollars to back the takeover of Persia by conferring  legitimacy upon the little boy in this photo.  She refused.  She supposedly went to Paris then, but obviously she was a threat to the Intelligence Community who arranged the situation through dirty tricks.
The Alien State Gives the Father’s Crown and Sword to His Little Boy. The father is exiled. The boy is left alone.
The boy is now a little older, but he soon dies while visiting family. The coffin is guarded and unopened. In this photo shortly before his death, the man standing right behind him is Reza Khan, who then takes over as the Pahlavi Dynasty.  His son succeeded him as Reza Pahlavi, but it’s all just the Intelligence Community at this point, passing the scepter around.  The real power was in the foreign ministry, an Intelligence Community bastion.
This is the woman whose face captured my attention.  Then I saw that her Persian name matched up with the name of the neighbor in Loreauville who I thought looked like her.  It’s a strange name which I’ll spell the way it was pronounced: Nadezh.  I knew her of course when she was much older.  It’s possible that the little boy with the military uniform and miniature sword is her nephew.
The final days of Persia is a story yet untold.


The dress in question is the one worn by the woman standing second from the left.  It’s a two tiered dress in a shimmering fabric. 


This is Nadezh again, beautiful in a black dress.



The true culture of Persia is illustrated here.  This has been wiped out by an Alien State which is run by the Intelligence Community,

Here is a list of Persian Empires, as given by Wikipedia propaganda,  going back to around 700 years before Christ.  We’ll look more closely at this in future articles.

• Median Empire
c. 678 BC
• Achaemenid Empire
550 BC
• Parthian Empire
247 BC
• Sasanian Empire
224 AD[8]
• Buyid dynasty
934 AD
• Safavid dynasty
• Pahlavi dynasty
15 December 1925
• Islamic Revolution
7 January 1978 – 11 February 1979
• Current constitution
24 October 1979
• Latest amendment
28 July 1989 “eliminated the need for the Supreme Leader (rahbar) of the country to be a marja or chosen by popular acclaim,[3]”


After tricking people into believing that a Constitution is better than the established state of things…the existence of a Constitution allows for an amendment to be made whereby the need to vote is eliminated.  Isn’t that cute?

This is what they call an ‘Islamic Revolution’ in Persia.  The same will be attempted everywhere unless something happens to stop them.

The amendment also eliminated the post of prime minister, and it created a Supreme National Security Council to make all military decisions and every other decision covering every aspect of everything.

Full psychopathic control was conferred upon them by Constitutional Ammendment allegedly voted for by 98% of Persia.

Their scope of work:

“Coordination of activities political, intelligence, social, cultural and economic fields in the relating to general policies of defense and national security.
Exploitation of materialistic and intellectual resources of the country for facing the internal and external threats.”

This describes the present State of things here in America recently.

I think we should get familiar with the Islamic Supremacy Council members.  The actual title in Farsi includes the word Sharia.


This is a list of members of Constitutional Amendment Council of Iran, appointed by Ayatollah Khomeini, who reviewed and amended the Constitution of Iran in 1989:

Abbas Ali Amid-Zanjani
Ebrahim Amini
Ahmad Azari Qomi
Asadollah Bayat
Mohammad Emami-Kashani
Hassan Habibi
Najafgholi Habibi
Hossein Hashemian
Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
Ahmad Jannati
Mehdi Karroubi
Ali Khamenei (deputy chairman)
Hadi Khamenei
Abolghasem Khazali
Mohammad Reza Mahdavi-Kani
Ali Meshkini (chairman)
Mohammad Mohammadi Gilani
Mohammad Daneshzadeh Mo’men
Mir-Hossein Mousavi
Abdolkarim Mousavi Ardebili
Mohammad Mousavi-Khoiniha
Abdollah Noori
Hassan Taheri-Khorramabadi
Mohammad Reza Tavassoli
Mohammad Yazdi

But first, an old movie called King of the Zombies.  Watch for the dress and the princess, but it’s not the princess who wears the dress.


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