Rambling Photos and Gallup Polls

I’ve become very interested in helicopters lately, and I’m feeling humbled and grateful for what looked like a rescue the other day.  But since I’m fairly ignorant on the subject of helicopters, I’ll continue on my discovery of faces.

Current events are reminding me to post a few more items from Arlene’s collection.

This is Arlene with one of the two men who were helping her to get her house built in Mark Twain subdivision on the Big Island.
The one on the right reminds me of Uncle Willee on instagram, who is also friends with the Aurbach family. He looks like Steven/Stephan (?) Bronfmam, brother of Edgar, but he plays many roles.
The house builder.
Arlene’s house under construction.
Doesn’t he look like Robert David Steele, and someone else in the Muslim world…
High technology at the time, this satellite dish enabled her to watch programs aired from the mainland.  Much of Arlene’s correspondence was about television shows and actors who she knew personally.
1989 letter gives the date more or less for the construction of Arlene’s house.  Mike Carr/Lee Harvey Oswald is on his way to meet her and help finish the house.  He has a private cabin on the Queen Elizabeth II, very pricey, but he drove an old pickup truck and camped in the woods while getting to the boat.


Long before her house in Hawaii was built, Arlene is shown here in a photo with Arlene’s skating pals.  The girl in green is Patty Staunton.


I think that this postcard is from Jan Reich.  It appears to me, from looking at her photos, that she played the role of Jackie Kennedy some of the time.  The signature ‘Jackie’ on the postcard from Singapore reminds me of that possibility.
Remember this man from the movie ‘King of the Zombies’?  It’s Louis Armstrong.  Looks like Elijah Cummings also. 
He’s become a musician, featured at the Monterey Jazz Festival with other subversive characters out to destroy our lives.
Clowns, the intelligence community training their youth.  This is Hillary and Barack, as far as I can tell considering the context.  They are members of the family of Sir Julian Salomon.
From the Scarsdale New York Reunion, almost every single one of these are parents of my classmates at Mt. Carmel Catholic girls school in New Iberia, Louisiana or some other friends parents.  The one standing in the dark dress is a boy.  I keep thinking that he’s the one who played the role of Bobby Kennedy.  This group graduated in 1957, and there are several photos of him as both boy and girl.  He’s identified as Pat Mccloud.
The back of the photo above.



The Origins of Polling

The name Gallup is synonymous with Pollsters.  George Gallup was another Progressive with an agenda for CHANGE.

From his obituary we find that he and his two sons were pampered establishment darlings.

This obituary is for one of the sons.

“George H. Gallup, Jr. b. Evanston, IL 1930. Mr. Gallup received a BA in the Department of Religion from Princeton University, Class of 1953. He has been in the field of polling fifty years, 1954 to 2004, serving in executive roles with The Gallup Poll and The Gallup Organization Founded the Princeton Religion Research Center in 1977 with Dr. Miriam Murphy, a Sister of Notre Dame.

“The purpose of this organization was to explore interfaith religion and spirituality in the US and Abroad.  [Anything “interfaith” is forbidden in Catholicism and considered heretical.  With Catholics it’s all or nothing, no changes allowed, therefore this so-called nun is not Catholic.

“Mr. Gallup has directed more than one hundred surveys on spirituality and religion. Editor of the monthly newsletter, Emerging Trends. Co-Director (with his brother, Alec), of Gallup Youth Surveys, founded in 1977. Editor of the monthly newsletter, YouthViews. Founding Chairman of The George H. Gallup International Institute, a non-profit organization started in 1988 in memory of Dr. George Gallup.”

“The mission of the Institute is to discover, test, and implement new social ideas to benefit society.

Annual Ideas For Progress seminars were convened by Mr. Gallup and his wife, Kingsley, with presentations by national leaders (representing health, education, the environment, and religion and values) to Fellows of the Institute.

Recipient of seven honorary degrees in religion, law, science and letters. A lectureship was established in Mr. Gallup’s name at Dallas Baptist University.

A frequent speaker at conferences dealing with business, religion, education, politics, social issues, and other areas. He has lectured at more than 150 college campuses.”


Gallup is a name seen throughout Arlene’s progressive approach to her early death.  Notice the name Gallup on the next few documents.


This document does not mention Gallup, but is one of several concerning a lawsuit against two men who worked for her and ripped her off.  I don’t know if it’s the same two men in the photos already shown, but the names Robert O. Woodward and James R. Collins are given.
Arlene’s father complained about Larry’s temper.  I’ve seen that myself when he was Randy Whatley, but generally he was good tempered.  This letter was written right about the same time that I ran from him with no explanation given. I had none to give, only a sense of urgency.  I’m wondering if they had planned to pin the Jon Benet Ramsey murder on me and I messed that up by walking out.  Someone was advising Larry on how to steal real estate using identity theft, and his guilty conscience caused him to explode.  Other letters had Arlene and her family talking about how Larry stole his grandmother’s real estate investments.
Cathy Flynn, my former landlady, with her brother Mike Flynn.  Mike Carr married Cathy Flynn after Arlene’s death.  All of these documents were going to be thrown out of Arlene’s house after Mike’s death, when I ended up with them. I only wanted to return them, not knowing what they were yet.  I progressively realized that Mike Carr was Lee Harvey Oswald.  The rest fell into place.
Estate of Doris Flynn.

Next is more Gallup documentation which I haven’t published because I cannot make a positive connection between Wallace Gallup and George Gallup’s children or grandchildren, one of whom is Alec.

However, here is the same family name to show possibly another member of the professional fakers club.


The note mentions Linda Rattray who is ‘Jane Curtin’ from the old Saturday Night Live cast.  She had the original of Arlene’s last will and testament.  The will included  the original Disney Cellulose artwork done by her father.


Habib Ladjevardi plays piano around 1957, but it’s really King Salman with the son of Carlos Slim Helou looking on longingly,
I’ll venture to guess that the Beach Boy standing far left is actually the son of Frank Sinatra, also known as ‘We Don’t Say His Name”, on the Q posts.  This Beach Boy album was in Arlene’s collection of Clown Music, which is to say, sponsored by the CIA.
This looks like the same group as The Beach Boys.  Arlene’s son Larry is standing far left with the dark shirt.

More to come…


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