Ghislaine Maxwell in Arlene’s Photos

The back of this photo says “Andrew & girlfriend Deanna, June 1983”. This is Ghislaine Maxwell in her Asian disguise. Looks like “Prince Andrew” maybe.


These photos show family and close friend connections around Ghislaine Maxwell.


Gizi was the first wife of Bibi, who is called Larry Nichols.
Lisa and Judy, February ‘84

In this photo, Ghislaine Maxwell is called Judy.  The one called Lisa is now known as Hillary.  Both of these girls have alternate Asian identities in these photos.

My Uncle AP Broussard was prominent in cooperating with the fake history promotion in Louisiana.



This is Lori, one of the Princess Dianna actresses. David Furnish also played the role of tranny Di.  She also now plays the role of Bill Clinton of course.


Here’s Bill Clinton/Princess Dianna with his/her children.


The one called Judy here is Ghislaine Maxwell.  She was introduced to me around 1978 as a cousin that I’d never seen before.  The daughter of my great uncle A.P. Broussard of St. Martinville, Trudy Broussard.  She arrived in St. Martinville with her sister Joan at that time.  They are the daughters of Uncle AP’s second marriage to a woman whose last name was Judice.  We went on trail rides with them but I haven’t seen them since that time.  Their half sister (as I understand the relationship) is Wanda, married to Kenny Barras in St. Martinville.  The one called Lisa in the photo is Hillary Clinton…actually granddaughter of Charles Nichols, Disney artist and BiBi’s first cousin.

Ghislaine Maxwell today:


Looks like a Tranny, could even be Epstein here with Ghislaine.


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