Kamala Harris

All of the “leaders” that are imposed upon us are mysterious.  Their backgrounds are all lies.

The people that are about to be indicted, guillotined, suicided, shot in the back, hung or whatever have children. It’s the younger ones that concern me.

Since my stats are showing that I’m not getting even one single view on anything that I publish here, I’ll consider this to be a private notebook.

I don’t have access to good photos of the family of Carlos Slim Helou, but I’ll share what I know about the relationships.

The name ‘Slim’ in Lafayette is called Saloom.  The name Rashid/Racheed is the same as Rothschild.  So you can see by this photo of an old store in Lafayette that the Rothschild Slim Helou family is established in Lafayette.

The neighborhood shown here was originally the Mouton Plantation.  It’s now in the center of Lafayette near downtown.  Cedar Deli is one block away.

This building is now bricked. The stack of bricks is shown on the street in front of the store in this old photo.  I lived one block from here before I sold and left.  It’s now part of a woman’s shelter, selling second hand children and baby items.  It’s still owned by the Saloom family, probably in a trust or foundation.  Corner of Jefferson Street and Lamar, now the Baby and Me Boutique.

I admit that I get some identities wrong, usually by confusing the generation, mistaking son for father for example, but I think I’m usually right about the family in general.

Focus on this photo below previously published here, of the Carlos Slim Helou family. The girl in the pink sweater appears to be Kamala Harris. I’m fairly sure this photo was taken at the Heyman House near University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  It’s now the Alumni Center.

The Heyman House: https://alumni.louisiana.edu/news-events/news/20190109/alumni-center-forms-multipurpose-landmark

Before it was the Alumni Center, it was the home of Maurice Heymann, a Lafayette business man yes, but everyone knows he’s The Mob, and Chase Bank.

The house was built in 1936 by Maurice Heyman and was sold in 1991 by Herbert Heyman. Maurice built the house “to reflect the region of France where his wife, Germaine Rosenthal Heymann, was born.”  Could that be Nantes?

It’s a beautiful home, not very large, and the garden is now open.  The Heymann (pronounced high-man) house was near my house so I walked through the garden almost every day. I know it well.

Just a few blocks away, I met someone who looks like Kamala managing the La Quinta Inn on Pinhook Drive a few years ago. She was a personal ‘friend’ of the owner David whose surname I don’t recall except that he lived in New Orleans and owned other hotels.  I’m fairly certain it’s the same man that I knew about through April Rankin/Nancy Sinatra. I may have met him at the Yacht Club on Lake Pontchartrain.  April took me there to meet her ex and these men were all friends of his. I have evidence that she was actually never really married to the “ex” and this was one big scam. She did a lot of things to give me information before I had any clue.  She knew the side entrance to the Yacht Club and these men apparently hung out there regularly.  I didn’t like any of them and they didn’t like me either.

So after April passed away, David was then the employer of my friend Chantae ( pronounced Shon-TAY) at the La Quinta hotel near the Oil Center.  Chantae’s grandmother had been a chef at a family club in the Oil Center for many years.

When I met Chantae’s manager, it was a woman who looks so much like Kamala.  Same exact personality too.  This manager bragged to me about all the young college boys she brings to the hotel rooms, thinking I’d be impressed with her abilities. I wasn’t.  I saw the name Chantae on one of Jeffrey Epstein’s documents, either the black book or the flight log.  That’s what made me decide to get into this detail.

Either way, see for yourself and let’s see if more photos of this pink sweater girl might show up online to help out.


I’ve seen the man standing on the far left many times in Lafayette.  Pink Sweater girl looks exactly like Kamala Harris.  I recognize the bit of brick border showing at the far right edge.

The girl standing to the right of Pink Sweater appears to be Claire Bronfman.  I have something to say about her.

For one thing, I’ve written about ‘Claire’ and her family before because they live near me here in Ocean View, Hawaii.   We call her Nancy.  When the photos of Claire Bronfman came out, I showed them to Nancy’s  ex husband who admitted it was her and told me a few days later, “there’s a lot about Nancy I realize now that I don’t know about.”  After that he wouldn’t talk about it.

She lived at the haunted house before she left a couple of years ago. Nancy was married to Lee. Like Claire Bronfman, Nancy has been in court recently and is set to serve time, but the charges, as I’m told by her ex husband, are the result of driving while intoxicated.

Her problem is a drug addiction, he told me. He places the  blame for this situation on two older men who influenced her.  One is his own father, her father in law, whose last name is Quinn, first name Leland, as I understand it.  The other is a man called Lew.  They’re both wealthy.  The haunted house here in Ocean View belongs to someone named Rick who lives in Florida and who supposedly invented the Mars rover.  I know how bogus that Mars stuff is.  Lee and Nancy were given the house to live in for free, and it’s a nice place, paid for with our tax dollars probably.

The background to the Quinn family is that an editor of the San Francisco newspaper at one time, last name Bailey, was the great grandfather of this Lee Quinn, Nancy Quinn’s husband.  This is why I was looking at photos of F. Lee Bailey.

Lee Quinn’s mother’s name is Joy. Nancy has the surname Quinnland in her family tree and the children have physical signs of inbreeding, which Lee admits is a strong possibility.

According to Lee his mother Joy was extremely abusive, she’s still alive and they don’t speak. Lee’s father actually robbed a Wells Fargo truck to raise money for a drug deal, back in the sixties or seventies, but he was caught, arrested and served time. Lee claims that his father had a college degree in anthropology and does yoga.  They aren’t speaking because Lee’s father tried to seduce Nancy, his own daughter in law, after she left Lee.

I don’t speak to Lee because he constantly steals from me, gaslighting and all.

Here’s a blurry photo of the grandparents of Leland Quinn, Nancy’s husband, now ex.  Lee stayed with them awhile after running away from his mother’s abuse.  This was in California.


Nancy Quinn recently sent her son Leland Jr. (maybe Leland the third) back to the island because child protective services would have taken him while she serves prison time.

This is the aspect that doesn’t see publicity.  Nancy’s son Leland Jr. is now back on the island and he hangs around with my grandson.  What a tough situation for a kid at fourteen. Leland Jr’s  brother, Nancy’s other son, just had a beautiful baby with the girl named Cherish that I’ve written about before.

Cherish is the Hawaiian girl who befriended me and provided me with so much information about the evidence of child sacrifice and satanic behavior which was right in front of our faces.  This was not secret among the locals and they are very unhappy about all the missing children, and old people too.

Cherish and Jesse moved out soon after I started harping on the evidence all over the house. I don’t see them anymore but they are doing fine and the photo that Leland has shows a healthy baby girl. Thankfully I already warned her not to have blind trust in doctors.

Slim/Saloom family, previous generation. I am wondering if Soros might be one of the brothers of Chet shown here, rather than Chet. Then I wonder if Chet and Prrry Segura are one and the same.  We’ll see.
El Chapo on the right, and El Chapo below.  Possibly Carlos Slim Helou far left and Joseph Mifsud center. This is an old photo, not sure the date.


Midgets with money put actors in office to do as they are told.  This is Lord Saloom midget. They’ve taken over the Catholic Church by pretending to be Catholic in South Louisiana since the early 1900’s. My great Aunt Mae married into this family, certainly not realizing that they are Jewish.

I checked the website of White Knight oil production company of Lafayette today and the photo of Schumer that I published yesterday is now gone.  I used to be able to get away with this stuff, they’re watching me closely now.

The scariest person of all is Browder so I hope he gets arrested soon.  It’s possible that Mark Zuckerberg is the son of Browder. I’m checking on that. The censorship all tracks back to Browder, and he’s suspected of stealing a 4 billion dollar IMF loan to Russia.

I also studied the face of Epstein’s financial backer named Wexler and he has to be a relative of Schumer, or Schumer himself.  They resemble each other closely if you study the details of the faces.  With enough plastic surgery, and makeup they could possibly be the same, but I’d need better photos to be certain.  Keep in mind that they are trying hard to not be recognized, which is why the photos are so low-resolution.

I also studied the face of Arnon Milcan.  I’m thinking about that one, but no conclusion except a resemblance to John Cleese.

I won’t say who this is.  Who does he look like to you?
The man named Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS could be Allison, son of this couple shown here with Hillary and Bill’s father Chet on the right.  That’s Dr. Bourgeois, a fake Doctor. His other son, Saint Patrick, told me in late 1970’s that his father  was invested in large scale growing of medical plants as a business.  I was fascinated with that but never heard more about it. SaintPatrick is the one who looks like Vince Foster and probably is. Both boys went to Catholic High in New Iberia.
This is Wexler, the money man for Epstein.  The girl on the right reminds me of Mangiante, the wife of Papadopoulos. This guy Wexler owns Victoria’s Secret and he’s all about using very young non-Jewish  girls as semi-whores to make a fortune which is then used to pay for scholarships for Jews only.



I came across this photo of Hillary, her mother Myrna and the little girl that looks like Mangiante.  It seems from the photo that Hilllary is the girl’s mother.
If you expand this photo you’ll see Mars in the distance.  Of course it isn’t really Mars, it’s Mauna Loa Volcano, but certainly suitable for hoax purposes.
Mars is fenced in.
Main Street New Iberia had Wormser’s and Abdalla’s department stores, along with Babineaux Shoe store and Bowab’s. All gone now.
This is the wife of Slim Helu.
Pink sweater Kamala?
Claire Bronfman today.  The girl to the left is Stephanie, the daughter of angry Jew lady Donna, who’s a friend of Nancy’s ex husband Lee. I met Stephanie when she was visiting Lee here on the island. Lee, however, tells me that Nancy doesn’t know Stephanie, yet here they are in the same photo.  Stephanie is identified as Claire’s lawyer, yet I was told that she’s mentally disabled.  Strange stuff.  Angry Jew Lady Donna is the one who told me that white Christians (Haoli) deserve to be beaten up by Hawaiian’s at Hookena Beach.
Slim Helu in a more recent photo. The old dude on the right looks like Mifsud/Mahfouz.
Nancy Quinn/Claire Bronfman awhile back.  She’s shown here with Slim Helu.
There’s Nancy second from left,

The next three  photos are the ruins of what was once a nice old Catholic Church at Hookena Beach.


Lee at Hookena.  He looks so much like Bill Maher that it’s hard to not hate him for it.
I was mistaken about this man I think.  He’s too young to be Miguel Ramirez, though possibly related.
Key players. One of these is dead for sure.  The others? 

I’m seeing a resemblance between this man and the one called Wally Gallup.

Tony Schwing
Tony Rodham
Glen Simpson or Allison Bourgeois 
This was F. Lee Bailey in his prime. The girl on the sofa, what’s her name again?  Isn’t that Sally Quinn?
Is this Tony Schwing/Rodham/Michael Matt?


Perry Segura has a son who looks like Brennan.  Brennan has a mother in law who looks like Nancy Pelosi.  I’m wondering about that.
The man who got Bibi into trouble.  along with with Milcan because of a helicopter ride.  We do get some cockamamie stories from the censored media. Tata Ratan, they call him, but why does he look so much like Brennan?
Arnon Milcan, enemy to America in many ways. He was given the job of destroying America.  More on that topic…later.




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