Going back to one of the first people ever I wrote about on this blog, here’s an online article about my New Iberia high school “friend”:

“Bryan Lourd is the managing director and the co-chairman of the Creative Artists Agency. He is also a talent manager and has a hand in bringing a number of stars into the limelight, most notably Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Robert De Niro and many more.

Not only is Lourd famous for his work behind the scenes in the entertainment business, but he is also known for his short-lived relationship with late actress Carrie Fisher. Although their relationship didn’t last very long, it sure did bring Lourd more in the view of the public.”


I interrupt here:

It’s well known that Bryan used Carrie and not only tossed her shortly after but I can testify personally that Bryan’s mother was slandering her in a shocking manner.  She recited what sounded like a practiced litany of Carrie’s faults to me, and I couldn’t understand why she would publicly badmouth the mother of her granddaughter.  Even if it were all true, out of consideration for Billie, she should have kept it quiet.

If anyone had recited a litany of her or Bryan’s faults, Carrie would look good in comparison. Carrie’s real identity adds another dimension but that’s another story.

It was obvious to me that she and Bryan were trying to justify removing Billie from her mother. They were trying to justify the way Bryan obviously used Carrie. I myself was used by him because, being a cheerleader for Catholic High, through me he was able to sidle up to the Catholic High athletes. At least one of those became famous through Bryan later.  He’s never once done a thing to help me out.  He laughs at me and thinks I’m a joke because of all the dirty tricks he played on me back in New Iberia.  He lived on Prioux Street, by the way.  There’s not an ounce of compassion in this  person, as his face clearly shows:

Well, after spending a good long time trying to upload Bryan’s photo from my files, neither it or the website where it’s posted will copy onto this page. I’m prevented from making a PDF file of the page also. These people absolutely depend upon censorship to push their unwanted agenda. The website is wiki, and it’s just a nasty place that I don’t recommend.

Notice how the little girl named Billie has been used to promote the rights of homosexual adulterers.

Slandering the mother Carrie resulted in little girl Billie being raised by two gay men, one of whom was guilty of adultery, the breaking up of her parents and the resulting slander.  Whether Carrie was driven to substance abuse by these selfish, evil monsters is up for conjecture.  However, at the very least, Carrie’s enemies (and therefore Billie’s enemies) are guilty of publicizing what should have been kept quiet out of concern for Billie.

Is this not scandalous even if the couple were not gay?  Add to that the subsequent character assassination of Billie’s mother and it’s clear that the biggest victim of all is Billie, and not one person involved cared about that. This is true of every child in the world who is being used brutally in order to advance the Progressive Satanic Agenda.  Every child has the fundamental human right to be with their biological mother and father.  To take away that right is to inflict daily torture on God given human nature.

Her story is censored.

The article continues:

Is Bryan Lourd Gay? Is He Married?
Bryan Lourd was previously in a relationship with Hollywood actress Carrie Fisher from 1991-1994. However, their relationship was short lived as Bryan left Carrie for another man. And that confirmed his sexuality.”

[Because she found them in her bed]

Although their relationship did not last as they’d hoped, their 3 years of togetherness gave them a bundle of joy in the form of their daughter Billie Lourd. After the death of Carrie in 2016, Bryan took full responsibility of raising their daughter and has been doing a wonderful job.

After his split with Carrie, Bryan dated Bruce Bozzi and in late 2016, finally decided to tie the knot and officially be declared “Husband and Husband.”

[The boyfriend was from Alexandria, Louisiana. This is a fake name for him.]

“Happy Family: Bryan Lourd along with his partner Bruce Bozzi, his daughter Ava as well as Bryan’s daughter Billie (Photo:

Their wedding ceremony consisted of close friends and family. Bryan and Bruce, who both have a daughter of their own from their past marriages, were also present to celebrate their fathers’ new journey in life.

How Much Is Bryan’s Net Worth?
Bryan Lourd is a talent agent operating in the Hollywood entertainment business. He is also the managing director, partner, and co-chairman of the Creative Artists Agency. Such indulgences are sure to come with a hefty chunk of change. He has been in that particular business for a long period of time.

Research gives us a possible idea about Bryan’s net worth which stands at around $35 Million. A pretty big amount of money to be associated with.

Short Bio & Wiki
Bryan Lourd was born on the 5th of November 1960 in New Iberia, Louisiana USA. His family consists of his father, mother and his brother Blaine Lourd. He stands at a decent height of 5’6”.Further details about his early days have not yet disclosed but from what information is available out there, it can be made sure that Bryan maintains a healthy relationship with his brother.”


Blaine published a history of the oil industry shortly after someone I know in Lafayette (the father of Clint Marks) lost his manuscript on the exact same subject.  Mr. Marks was very knowledgeable about the subject, having worked in the industry his entire life.

Bryan graduated in 1978 from New Iberia Senior High (NISH).  This enormous high school voted him Mr. NISH. The principal at that time was Mr. Crowson, whose daughter Cheryl Crowson was a close friend of Bryan and who looked very much like the ice skater friend of Arlene’s in this photo, who is the generation previous to the graduating class of 1978.:


“As for his education, Bryan, age 59, graduated from the USC Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism in 1982.”


While in college he worked in the mail room at the William Morris talent agency.  His career runs parallel to the creepy corruption of Hollywood.

Interesting to note the resemblance of Bryan to Arnon Mill-Con. The name Arnon is a form of Armand, and this is significant when combined with Milcan.  Sugar Mill Con Jobs and thefts of sugarcane land belonging to Armond Broussard is a subject I’m interested in.



2 thoughts on “Bryan

  1. The interesting thing is the true identity of Bryan Lourd’s husband. Studying an old photo of him, I’m thinking that he is the one I called Tootie Segura in past articles about the FBI where Tootie is identified as John Brennan. I could be wrong about that. This makes Tootie the son of the fake Queen, Myrna, known as Malou in the that family. That makes the fake Queen Elizabeth II also the mother in law of Bryan Lourd and the grandmother of Billy. It’s insane, if I’m right.


  2. Carrie wasn’t female, just MTF. Where and how did they obtain a child? Purchase or paid surrogacy Inverted people cannot reproduce naturally because they lose that ability via high doses of hormones. In Carrie’s case, sperm was frozen before inversion began. For the FTM spouse, eggs would be frozen. Could Bryan be a FTM? If not, perhaps he used donated eggs and a surrogate. Otherwise, the child has no natural relationship to him. Then they were two homos buying children.


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