Michelle Obama’s Party at Bryan’s House This Week

In response to a recent article entitled:

Michelle Obama Wows A-List Crowd at the Home of Bryan Lourd ”,

which appears on yet another website that doesn’t allow itself to be copy and pasted, this comment, which did copy and paste, sums up my thoughts exactly:

Dennis Jensen
on July 9, 2019 4:57 pm
How does Michelle Obama ‘wow’ anyone? Her skill set seems to be using taxpayer dollars to take family and friends across the entire world, staying in the most luxurious hotels and eating in the finest restaurant, then coming home to hurl insults at people with conservative values who paid much of the tab.”

Due to censorship which limits my ability to communicate this important connection, I’ll cut this article short.  Read it yourself at a website with the creepy title: Deadline.

Also, here’s the person that I think corresponds most closely to Mr. Mill-Con:

Well, once again I’m unable to retrieve a file stored on my IPhone.  This proves that the phone itself is hacked and controlled in real time to prevent me from posting the really Dangerous Information that should be investigated.

The photo that I’m prevented from uploading has already been posted.  It’s from The Beach Boys album and the person on question is the drummer.  Bryan Lourd in high school was an exact replica of that drummer, which may be why Bryan Lourd’s high school background is censored.


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