Mifsud and Ringo

I won’t caption the next five photos, just look at them.








Al Walid Bin Talal has the same name as Rashida Tlaib. Rashida is actually calling herself Lady Rothschild bin Talal.  Maybe she doesn’t care whether we know that or not. The palm tree is included in the cover of Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.  The palm tree is said online to be a symbol used by Selim II.  Of course I see it as a symbol of the secret that Arabs and Jews are the same. There’s more to this symbol concerning King David and the slaughter of the House of King Saul.  King David, by his consent and handing over to the Pagan Amor-ites, was responsible for the unjust slaughter of seven males of the family of King Saul.  After hanging them the Amorites feasted on them.  Saul’s female relative who I call his sister, kept the vultures away from the remains until help arrived to bury what was left in the family burial place. Has any archeological evidence of this burial been found? If so, it would be covered up.  Just so happens something like this exists.  All of this is encapsulated within the symbol of a palm tree, especially within a context such as a Beatles Album.

Isn’t this man the same man as Mifsud? Doesn’t the lower right photo look like an event in Mexico?  This beautiful young woman is called Soumaya Doumit online, as I’ve posted before.  The name is similar to a General of the Russian Persian military that guarded the Royal Families of Persia and maintained the peace…until Doumitsk and Reza Khan, that is.

Soumaya Doumit Mahfouz is probably the grandmother of Lee’s wife Nancy, the one also called Claire Bronfman.

From the photo posted online depicting the family of Carlos Slim Helu:


These two photos appear to be the same person as, or related to  Kamil-La Harrison. I’d say she’s the granddaughter of Mifsud.

I look forward to being able to focus in on good people instead of these tedious gangsters,

On a minor note, yesterday two things happened.  Our last Phillips screwdriver disappeared and a fist hole was punched in the sheetrock and the entire panel was cracked and falling.  Gee. I wonder who could have done that just at the time that Leland went home.

The missing screwdriver infuriated my grandson who spent an entire day searching and was extremely frustrated that he couldn’t work on his skateboard.

So I was eventually able to talk to him about gaslighting and how if you let it get you angry, you’re letting the enemy win.  Just remember, God has a plan, so if you’re prevented from doing one thing then find something else to do.  Consider it a message.  Instead of getting angry about it, focus on getting some evidence as to who did it.

But calmly.

Consider the evidence.

It would take strength and someone who’s focused on tools rather than electronics, with access though not permitted, to do what was done in my house. That’s a big combination of clues that leads me to the subject of a photo I recently published, the one who resembles Bill Maher.   As I said, he’s been walking off with my things so much that I had to forbid him from my property.  I told him both verbally and sent a text telling him to wait for Leland at the road.

Of course  his response is to sneak into my house and do even more damage.  Recall that another option would have been to return my things and stop stealing,  Do you see the mindset here and how it echoes through the power structure?

He certainly has no reason to be angry.  He’s profited immensely at my expense.  After all, this is exactly the Satanic method. Yet, I welcome his son into my house and treat him with respect as long as he does the same.

He’s here now and he gave me a sheepish look that further confirms the obvious..  So now he knows that I know that he knows.

The scripture is clear in that the son is not to be condemned for the sins of the father.  Only for his own sins is he condemned.

Maybe Soumaya Doumit was actually a good person who prayed and did good deeds.  Lots of people fell for the organ transplant idea.  Who could have predicted that it would turn into such a horrifying business and vicious murder of innocent children.

Am I desperately looking for a good person in this group?

Well, some people obviously knew and gave a clear Warning in the Boris Karloff film entitled “Innocent Bystanders”.




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