No Point In Feeling Sorry For Any Of Them

“Billie Lourd made sure that Harrison Ford felt like the “chosen one” on his 76th birthday.
In honor of the legendary Star Wars actor’s big day, Lourd — who is the daughter of Ford’s late costar, Carrie Fisher — shared a special Instagram tribute to the star, whom she referred to as her “#semispacedaddy.”

July 14, 2019

From somewhere on the Internet.

“When is a Coven not a Coven?

The Wing operates several covens around the country. That is, they called them covens until news that Hillary attended a meeting came out.

Then they switched the names of their meeting places to “spaces”.

They did call them covens, however. The New York Times remembers. The Wayback Machine dating from as late as 4 April still lists the spaces as “covens” (though because of difficulties displaying the archive, the source code of the page has to be viewed).

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