William Schwing Patout III

Since my cut and paste function isn’t working today I’ll just direct my readers to the Wikipedia entry for William Schwing Patout III.

His career finds him in both Louisiana and Hawaii running sugarcane plantations. There’s much that I could write about what I learned when I was briefly friends with the eldest son of this man.  William Patout IV is the most likely candidate for the real identity of Jeffrey Epstein.

His Mother was from Mexico, if I remember correctly but she divorced William III and remarried.  Her son, William 4 and his sisters were traumatized by this new stepfather who had a large pleasure boat.  According to the account told me by William 4, the stepfather was cruel.

On their first boating trip, the stepfather pretended that the engine wouldn’t work and that they were adrift far out at sea.  The stepfather thought that this was very funny.

Then their father also remarried and the new family ostracized William 4 and his sisters of the first family.  The M.A. Patout and Sons Sugar Mill is controlled by the second family.

This entire plantation has bad karma.  William 4 told me that it was all originally the plantation of Armand Broussard who is my ancestor.  The expansion mentioned in the Wikipedia entry was wetlands that should never have been drained.  It was this expansion that never paid off and put the mill in debt. Political influence allowed the expansion into what should have been protected wetlands.  The reason these wetlands should not be drained and planted is because they provide protection against hurricanes.

The origins of this Patout family are unknown in New Iberia.  This has been remarked often by people who I know there.

The other interesting connection is that the daughter in law of Perry Segura is a Patout and she’s the one married to the Brennan lookalike.  This Brennan lookalike son of Perry’s is an adopted son who doesn’t know who his real father is.  My guess is the man   named Hoffman whose photo I’ve published.  He was the one with the bodybuilding magazine who looks like General Carl Steiner that I wrote about.

There’s so much more to say but without the ability to cut and paste, it’s practically impossible.  Anyone can use this as a starter and follow through on connections given by Wikipedia at the end of the entry.

The Wikipedia article mentioned above gives the key, because this Patout Sugarcane farm is located exactly where the original Albania Plantation was, but no mention is made of what came before these carpetbaggers took over.







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