Lebanon and The Toxic Medical Garbage Leaking Into the Water Table

This is compostable garbage. This wouldn’t result in “shockingly high” bacteria counts in the ground water table.   Rotten food is kind of gross, but not nearly as gross as…


This photo is medical waste.  It necessarily includes tumors, cancerous growths, biopsy specimens preserved in paraffin, excrement, saliva, body parts, pus, blood and guts. You see no liner here. Hospitals pay privately owned companies to dispose of this toxic waste.  This is probably the biggest income stream of these bogus waste processors, judging by this photo reported to be Miniyeh, Lebanon.

The following quote is a gross understatement about the result of having fake composting facilities in Lebanon, paid for by Europeans who are taxed without representation.

“Local people are being poisoned by infected well water, following an EU-funded recycling project”.

The conclusion of one very long article about this is here:

“The ‘market place’ of corruption now has grown too big and too powerful and, in hand with politicians, is now wetting its lips as it eyes $300 million dollar incinerators which it wants the EU to buy, as part of a perverse cycle of funneling money into a black hole, which itself, grows exponentially, in a country breaking records for its environmental degradation; an ocean completely polluted because of sewage pumped into it, following failed EU wastewater plants, competing with a dozen recycling and compost schemes which are poisoning groundwater (used by farmers for their crops) while municipalities burn waste at night releasing toxins into the air.

And now incinerators, which will bring in millions for the elite’s coffers (and their militias) is now the new focus, despite the byproduct (ash) which has to be put into landfills known to be toxic. If the EU failed, as our investigation revealed to even conduct the simplest water tests in the region of Miniyeh, before it signed off the financing, then can we expect it to care about the horrific implications of incinerators?

Will the argument be from the Lebanese government that “the groundwater was already polluted 100 times beyond what is anywhere near to safe by compost which was toxic, so what difference will toxic ash from the incinerators make?”

On May 9th, the EU will celebrate its 40 years presence in Lebanon…”

As you read about the problem of fake waste processing, you’ll also learn about medical waste.  To fully comprehend what the “local people” are imbibing and bathing in, know the definition of

Gross Examination:

“Tissues removed from the body for diagnosis arrive in the Pathology Department and are examined by a pathologist, pathology assistant, or pathology resident. Gross examination consists of describing the specimen and placing all or parts of it into a small plastic cassette which holds the tissue while it is being processed to a paraffin block. Initially, the cassettes are placed into a fixative.”

The website that details Histology, the preservation of tissue for biopsies, which is also the creation of toxic medical waste is here:


Several companies are listed in highly corrupt and foreign controlled Los Angeles alone who offer medical waste disposal.  There are four color coded grades of the waste.


Much more than just one bogus recycling plant is involved.  Research on the subject reveals that this is ongoing, systemic organized crime.  Fake waste processing facilities were created for the sake of optics, and the full budget for the project was stolen.  I doubt that the problem is limited to Lebanon alone.

I previously described this type of fraud being practiced by ARC of Acadiana under Herring, post Katrina cleanup in New Orleans and Agrifuels under Carlos Toca.

One thing that’s emerging from the poisonous water aquifer in Lebanon and the dumping of all of Lebanon’s sewerage into the Mediterranean, is this:

The EU does not considers itself responsible for how EU money is administered once it leaves the EU coffers.

There’s no way to shorten this story of grand scale theft of Europe’s tax collections and the funneling of that money, unmonitored into the hands of Middle Eastern disaster-creating gangsters.  Disaster Relief theft is just one minor way to steal billions in aid money. The extortion of this money from Europe’s working people is nothing short of the enslavement of Europeans by the EU.  The best way to describ the European Union is illegal squatting.


Christina Lassen, EU delegation chief of Lebanon, sitting with Imad Matar.  His name means ‘To Kill’ in Spanish.  Jews pretending to be Christian often use the names Christine and Christian.

Matar and a number of experts know that the compost from the EU-funded fake facility is teaming with deadly bacteria.  None of the EU plants actually produce anything.  Miniyeh’s raw trash, after being dumped at this landfill, has been poisoning the water table in the entire region for over a decade. This is obviously medical waste, simply by looking at this photo as compared to actual composting trash in the other photo.

The full story is linked at the end of this article.

Examples of Medical Waste?
1. Anything that is soaked in blood (gloves, gauze, gowns etc.)
2. Human or animal tissues created during procedures
3. Cultures of infectious diseases/agents
4. Any waste produced in patient’s rooms with communicable diseases
5. Discarded vaccines

The  photos show lots of blue and black medical waste bags in an unlined,  open garbage dump.  Since it’s officially a composting site, regulators have allowed this.

“Medical personnel must dispose of medical waste in color-coded containers. If you put sharps into the general waste instead of the medical waste disposal containers, then all of that waste becomes contaminated. Medical waste must be stored in a secure area where the general public doesn’t have access to it.Dec 10, 2017”

The bacteria count is shocking, probably due to the many cancerous tumors that would be in those blue bags, Ebola residue and feces.   Remember that cancer is a virus that grows under the right conditions.  If medical waste is mixed with food waste, or feces, the cancer could grow. This is my own common sense conclusion.  It’s a fact that cancer cells for research are sold specifically to be grown further  and studied.  Sugar is what the cancer cells are grown in and also shipped in to keep it alive. This is why the word “alarming” is used by the reporter.


“Out of five independent water samples from wells the author personally took and handed over to the American University of Beirut’s laboratory, all were contaminated with alarmingly high levels of bacteria, which local officials in Miniyeh believe is responsible for a rise in a number of sicknesses in recent years. One of the country’s most respected eco-toxicologist, Dr. Carol Sukhn of the AUB was shocked when she saw the results of the tests. “This is incredibly high levels of bacteria in these water samples…I mean, it’s basically sewage water which these people are drinking so they are exposed to all kinds of serious illnesses as they are being poisoned and are at risk to even some forms of cancer,” she told me in November 2018.”

Martin Jay
EU Anti-fraud Officers to Probe Aid Scam in Lebanon which Diverted Cash to Hezbollah https://intpolicydigest.org/2019/07/13/eu-anti-fraud-officers-to-probe-aid-scam-in-lebanon-which-diverted-cash-to-hezbollah/





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