The Battle of Mogadishu

The names of the Muslim Drug Lords, the enemy leaders in Somalia, will not copy and paste.  This is censorship that protects the enemy, and leaves Americans without knowledge that would protect us.

This is no different than the FBI redactions that could help us to identify the enemies of America.

The names of the Somalian drug lords are in the fourth paragraph of the article linked below.

Notice the enemy leadership names include Omar Sal Had and Aidid which is Hadid again, the family of Mifsud/Mahfouz.

The American soldiers are identified in this article that doesn’t allow copy and paste of the enemy names.


This type of article is the enemy’s way of identitifying our soldiers so that the Hadid-Ilhan Omar family can assassinate them in revenge.  Soldiers should never be identified .

On this Day, October 3, 1993, Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down)


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