Genealogy Fake Book of Trudy Maxwell

The fakers used their own portraits for this historical disinformation mural in St. Martinville, La.  The central figure up front is A.P. (Antoine Preval) Broussard, who I previously understood to be the father of Joan and Trudy.  You can see that he resembles John Wayne, because they are cousins.

I’ve found a few interesting tidbits in the Fake Broussard Family Book put together by Raoul David Broussard, who’s trying to pass it off as authentic.

The Fake Book of Jean Edmond Broussard Family is the closest you’ll get to a map of the international drug cartel called the mafia.

Antoine Preval Broussard is incorrectly written as Adolph Preval Broussard, born 1931.  Amazingly incorrect, and increases the possibility that he is the infamous Robert Maxwell, or was it his father?  Anything in this book can be a lie.  It wasn’t published until just after Aunt Camille passed away, and she did the research to know that the claims of our decent from someone in Nova Scotia nicknamed Beau soleil have no evidence, and is not part of our family history.  As I pointed out long ago in other articles, the two imaginary brothers had the same nickname which means it wasn’t a nickname, it was a surname. I found a forgery in the document awhile back, which proves that this is all a lie.

This also makes me wonder if, with a change in birth date, one of these A.P. wasn’t maybe playing the role of Adolph Hitler, the caricature of the evil Christian persecuting Jewish innocence, making all Christians carry the guilt and so that Christians paying reparations is what they strive for. This    It would figure right in.

This family book was published just after the death of my Aunt Camille Broussard, and I’m sure these creeps had a hand in hers and other deaths..  Aunt Cam was the recognized and qualified authority on the family.  She was in their way and I made that worse for her.   It’s possible that the spies had images from the photocopier that I used.  They would then have her research.

For example these two pages from the Law Firm of Landry , Watkins Cousin and Bonin in New Iberia were included in her papers.

It concerns a 15,000 acre tract of land without clear title.  The land is in central North Louisiana.  It’s easy to search the exact location on line with the coordinates given.  Notice the names of the people involved, especially the law firm.  This is a two page document with closeups.


Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

While on the subject of Landry again, the woman who calls herself Rashida Tlaib is probably Dionne Landry, sister of Lawyer Benjamin Landry.  This document is from her father’s law firm.  There is another Landry family on the Broussard family tree with almost all the same names as the family of Dionne whose sister Louise looks so much like Sambei, the Mifsud associate. This duplicate family helps to confuse researchers.  Both families are fakes.

Aunt Camille suddenly came down with Alzheimer’s, and died soon after I made these copies.

When I asked her brother Loyd if I could copy some photos of my great grandparents that I know Aunt Cam had in her house, he actually refused, and laughed at me.  His wife, Anne (maiden name Granger, French Pronunciation) looked at me with alarm, and I tried to keep a polker face.  I could tell she didn’t like it anymore than I did, but the sense of danger by that time was thick.

I’ll post a few selections from the organization of criminals who mobbed my family using fake identities and the backing of the Intelligence Community.


Huawei and Noble Drilling
The book includes a copy of this old article written by Bibi Netanyahu while he was bigamously married to me as part of a Mossad mission. He didn’t give recognition to my father for bringing him up in his airplane to see the oval track that’s the subject of this article, only my father knew that the track still existed.  My father noticed that Randy only wrote about the gangster branch of the family in this article, and he was pissed.  This is the beginning the process of writing a fake history by not mentioning who owned this track.  The family named Broussard who are owners of the Carencro track are still prominent in production of fake news, from my recognition of faces that I’ve seen and knowing that they work in television and film production.  Instead of noting who owned the track, Randy throws in a banker named Kek who I never heard of and whose name sounds like Kike. George X. is a brother of the father of Joan and Trudy Broussard.  Trudy is Ghislaine Maxwell.  
The Trudy Maxwell branch of Antoine Preval Broussard family is shown here with my branch, Phaedo. The name ‘George’ is incorrect for my great grandfather Alfred (1882-1956). He was called Phaedo, French pronunciation. I suspect that the Bush clan infiltrated the branch of Laura who died young in an epidemic.
Auenson is probably code for Aurbach and/or Avery.
The Segura family is the Perry Segura family which includes Deorle Food Wholesalers.
A woman named Alice Elsie Broussard married Merle Bazer. My conclusion is that this Bazer is the same name as Pager, Pageur. It is also Bossier, as in Bossier City.  George Washington Cable has a story glorifying a man by this name, who travelled through St. Martinville on his way to North Louisiana, with two young girls, his daughters in the late 1700’s.
DiPietro is the same as the man arrested in Sicily as part of a takedown of the Gambino family by international law enforcement.  Very interesting faces in that bunch. Carol DiPietro is married to Richard Bentley, who might be Rand Paul.

By the way, did you notice this guy in the Sicily arrest?



Krift is Kraft is secret society,
Isaure Broussard is the unknown family that arrived long after the original Broussard family had been in Louisiana.  They immediately started creating problems, as my Aunt Camille detailed to me.
The name Felicia is incorrect.  It should be Tacia, Tasha, short for Anastasia, French pronunciation. This is one of their most noticeable lies because online genealogies show no birthday or death day, no evidence that she ever existed, because no Felicia ever married a Broussard.  It’s a Turkish name with a Turkish history.
Herman Walet was a relative of Frank Sinatra, a brother I think.  He’s been a transvestite since high school. Kathleen Turner today, is my guess, if still alive. Herman Munster in old days.  His daughter is an actress, Sandra Bullock I think. Much intellectual property theft occurred in this group, both creative and scientific.
Bienvenue is the Bonaparte family in St. Martinville.  Cartimiglia-Oswald looks like the branch of Lee Harvey Oswald/Mike Carr.
Curtis William Broussard is Cowboy (French pronunciation).  His daughter Susan is Sally Field.  Aunt Lois remarried a Germany. She lived across the street from the volunteer firehouse, where the Dean Martin shows were filmed, Jim McDuff lived in that house, not sure the connection, but he’s in the Beatles film ‘Day in the Life’.


My Aunt Mae, with her beautiful underbite, married Amzie Frank Haynie.  I previously called him Phil but I was mistaken.  Haynie is the family of Rasheed Saloom, the family of Joseph Mifsud/Mahfouz.

Hebert is the family of Herbert Heyman, by my estimation.

The one called Ghislaine Maxwell is known to me as Trudy Broussard, sister of Joan, married to a Michael Bulliard of the Mouton family.



One thing is certain from Aunt Camille’s research: Everyone in our authentic family had a known birthday, marriage day and death.  Everyone was connected to another family with known roots. Everyone on the actual Broussard family tree was the product of  legitimate offspring of legitimate lineage. I checked and quadruple checked on this.  I never imagined that anyone would purposely destroy this truth.

This next photo is a mural painting, whose central character is known to be A.P. Broussard, who I always thought was the father of Joan, Trudy and Wanda.






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